Lucid Dreaming Tips – Looking at your Hands..

Done much lucid dreaming lately..? If you have n’t then looking at your hands is one technique to use. First of all if you are unsure as to what lucid dreaming it is where you are conscious in a dream. Very similar if not the same as astral projection, lucid dreaming really has not had much scientific research done on it’s effects. Basically because science cannot see what it is happening in a lucid dream and the brain, they choose to ignore it as a possibility. However to those that experience lucid dreaming it is a different story..

Example of Lucid Dreaming..

A good example of Lucid Dreaming is in a dream and you all of a sudden realise who you are. Upon realisation you will notice visuals are less blurred in a dream and a feeling of deep relaxation running over the body.. Basically you are asleep but you know your are so you are in another level of consciousness…

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1)  When you go to sleep simply say to yourself, when i go into sleep i will look at my hands and when i see them I will know who i am… Repeat this a couple of times before sleep begins…

2)  When you manage to see your hands in a dream, your subconscious will remember who you are allowing you to slip more easy into the lucid or astral world…

3)  Once conscious in your dream, repeat a couple of times who you are and where you are from and then have a look around. You should find looking a breeze compared to in a dream state. This is because you are not dreaming.. Welcome to the world of lucid dreaming.. Enjoy…

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