Manifestations of Thought For Creating Money and Success

Such a big topic this one and many people that have studied the arts of magickal manifestation will know it is not as easy a task as simply wanting something. It has to be something that you believe in and can have solid thoughts on, also it is something that one must have uttermost positive thought process attached to as well.

First of all this topic was inspired by a comment I received recently by a lady named Maureen and is a common question here on this site as well.

The question related to manifesting success and money. Two key targets that many desire in order help them in there current lives or whatever situation they are in.

Image below shows her comment.

comment on manifestations of thought

Let’s Begin

First of all let’s look at our lives, look at ourselves, then jot down the things that you have wanted over time, the small things and ask yourself, how many of them were achieved.? This is a good task to do and often one will find that many of there small goals as kids of young adult may have already been achieved. It maybe simple things, like your husband or wife being someone you always imagined in your future or the house you now live in or the pets you now own. Most of which you may be able to trace back to original thoughts before the outcome happened.

Now, have you ever heard the saying, “be careful what you wish for”..

Very common saying and it relates here, because over the years many of us have negative thoughts as well about our possible future, now write down if any of them have come true over the years.. Did you always imagine a divorce or a terrible job or struggling to get by..? Did you imagine anything else that may of happened.

This is what I would like to refer to as manifestations of thought in a nutshell, you desired something whether negative or positive and that thought sooner or later became a reality. It makes sense that whatever the mind thinks is the logical response will attract whatever it is that is more probable to the positive nature of the mind and spirit. In a way like a magnet. In another way of saying, we all attract what we think over time and what we reinforce as thought will often be the outcome of those thoughts.

Let’s look at some examples, it is not uncommon for a rich person to lose there wealth but then very quickly gain it all back..? Why you may ask..? Well because there thought attracts wealth. In fact it is almost always thrown at them by other opportunities all the time.. Now, let’s take a look at the opposite, someone that feels tired and sick and believes the world is against them. Often at times the world will give them what they want, more and more loss. This is because there mental state attracts likewise.

money manifestations

Now let’s ponder on Einstein a moment, he suggested in his last years of life that some of proven facts could in fact be wrong due to the fact that thought can often at times manipulate what results we expect to see. While this claim was discredited, he certainly was onto something with the power of the mind. He suggested that if someone did the same experiment expecting different results the results may in fact mimic your desired thought of those results. Powerful stuff really.

Okay, so back to my point, Manifestations are part of life. If you think on your current situation you can actually change it by using positive thought and positive belief in change. Then all it is is keeping yourself open to opportunities. Now, I know this sounds a little like the Aladdin story and lamp, but that story is not far from the truth of reality.. If we desire something strong enough, wish on it and believe it, it is amazing the results one can receive simply by doing this simple act.

Did you know, people have gotten jobs by not being experienced in a field just because that is there dream, everyone, not only the one that believes in there dream wants it to come true for the person. Next time you think on your dream job, walk in to where you want to work and ask to talk to the job person. ( It has to be your real dream of course, there are rules here.. ) Tell them this is your dream and what do i do to get the job. You would be surprised how often a business will choose the dreamer just cause they know it is more than a career to them. It is there passion in life.

Another reason to follow passions and dreams, the world will simply open up to give you what you desire.

dream house swimming pool

Above – Example of a dream house.. Now ask yourself, do you ever believe in that outcome..?

Now onto the Practical use of these Manifestations For Results in Our Lives

How does one do them and how does one create money or success with it as well.

  1. Rock solid belief in future change.
  2. Positive thought – Imagine this change and how it will be, smell and feel
  3. Think like a kid wishing for a new bike, think small and realistic and build up.. Manifestations of thought is a skill that one can get better and better at over time and seeing results.
  4. Help others achieve there manifestations.. The common belief here is positive thinking back onto yourself from others helps strengthen your own desires and needs.
  5. Write it down and place near where you can see, if you can draw the situation or have images and images are much more powerful. If it is money you are after then think on how you will get there, the process and write and draw it down.. And once again be realistic and then build bigger, this is a process of time.
  6. Write down responses to your positive thoughts. You will notice them over time. Recording is a process of learning and reinforcing good positive actions. Especially if you want this process to keep going on for the rest of your life.

Overall, it really is about seeing yourself where you want to go and applying positive thought to that process. The world and what many refer to as the Magick of Manifestation will do its job from there. Similar in a way to a battery, thought attracts similar attraction. ( Law of Attraction basic rules. )

Last thoughts on the matter and to make the topic clear as possible. There is nothing evil about manifesting positive outcomes, we all do it regularly however most do not realize they are creating a process of action, many just assume we live in random acts of life and if so that is okay as well. The choice is yours what you believe in the end, I have seen many acts of positive thought in my life over my years in my life, we can either choose to think that is mere chance or that thought has a major impact on this role.

To me the answer is thought is very powerful in Magick and life and creates the world we want to perceive as our reality in each of us. You need to decide for yourself how you percieve your world? Can it be improved by your own thought? Can it be improved financially or in a success way as well.

Good luck and feel free to share your thoughts below.

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