Mass Alien Encounter with 62 Children

Here is an another interesting mass UFO and Alien encounter story. In Zimbabwe (Africa) 62 school children and there teacher had a UFO and Alien encounter.

Before I go any further on this topic i wanted to share that this is one of the best mass encounter UFO stories I have ever heard. This topic is almost endless and is open to discussion until the official truth is hopefully revealed like a lot of these stories have in common.

The official report states – On September 16th, 1994, teachers and school officials at the Ariel school in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, were bewildered when the school’s students, aged approximately five to twelve years old all reported seeing a strange flying object had landed on the school grounds during morning recess.

All the students described a small human like being on top of the craft who was: 3 ft. ( around 1 meter) tall with dark suit, slender neck, long black hair, large eyes and came towards the children.

“A UFO landed, a door opened and some Aliens walked out..”

The case is so remarkable because all there stories correlate in relation to each others and remarkable because a lot of the children received the same similar message. Not in words mind you, in thoughts. The message was in relation to being careful of the earth or that the earth is in danger. Very important environmental message if you ask me..?

Hard to Argue… How Can 62 Children Lie About The Alien Encounter?

What I love about this case is, it is one that cannot be argued. When 62 people all have the same experience it really does become fact, don’t you think?  Another argument to support this being a real encounter as well is that these kids have been brought up in a remote location that has not been exposed to the stories of UFOs or Aliens via media or education. Because of this where could they even get the idea to make up a story like this or even have a delusion of it..?

What do you think..?

(Video Above – Testimonies and evaluation of the Mass UFO and Alien experience in Zimbabwe)

5 thoughts on “Mass Alien Encounter with 62 Children

  1. Update on Post – A more comprehensive documentary on this Alien encounter. Truly a remarkable story and I hope many share this story across the internet. everyone needs to know this story. One of the best Alien stories in the last two decides i reckon.

  2. Interesting, though your assumptions that 62 children cannot lie in the same fashion (or all suffer from the same delusion, hallucination, what have you) is not as certain as you make it out to be. Just saying “it can’t happen” is not the same as it being proven. I’ll have to watch the videos later (blocked at work).

    Regardless, thanks for sharing this!

    • Hey Jack …Nothing like this is ever be proven however that does not mean it is not real.. Just like most religions, there is no evidence there as well, yet millions believe still.. No matter how ridiculous the religion is and we all know how many ridiculous beliefs there are out there.

      Yes, I understand you point on assumptions, however what is your assessment of the FBI case..? It seems very unlikely that 62 children to describe similar stories separately by account without flaws in the abduction.. Also if it was just a mass hallucination like you are suggesting as a possibility, why would they all see or experience similar as well..? The experiences would be more random and also the kids i am sure would of been out of it with a hallucination ( high ) and none of the accounts talked about weird symptoms that are associated with hallucinatory substances. The kids cases were all quite clear.

      Questions to ponder..?

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