Meditation for Beginners

Understanding and trying meditation especially for a beginner can be tricky.. I remember when I was younger, trying to focus on it for the first time, the mind wonders easily and losing focus can be easy.

My first experience was when I was 12 just about to enter year 7 in High School. I would read books on the subject and finally decided to ask my dad about it. My dad meditated often and so did my mum yet at that age most parents will avoid the subject as they do not feel it may be appropriate for the their kids at that age. I continued to describe why I was really interested and my dad finally gave in and passed on a basic technique for me (and also bought me some top notch books to read). This started me on my own meditation journey.

Now that I have been their myself, I will pass onto you as a beginner the same technique I used back then and interestingly enough I still use today. I still find this one the most powerful meditation technique for me, so I hope it will help you also.

Meditative Trance is an Experience you will NOT FORGET..

First of all before I start the steps, remember this, meditation is not about not thinking, it is more about letting thoughts come and then drift by. In a way it is a technique to slow the minds thoughts, by not focusing on your thoughts to the degree that you connect deeper to your consciousness. And on particular lucky occasions to slip into a lovely peaceful meditative trance. The feeling and experience of a meditative trance is the goal, it really cannot be described in words properly, yet It is an experience no one will forget.

Meditation for Beginners

1. ) Sit upright in a peaceful cool place. A good idea is your back against a wall and feet crossed. The reasoning for sitting upright is to avoid sleep.

2. ) Now slowly relax your body, let the tension go. Tell each part of the body to relax. Relax shoulders, relax chest, relax arms, relax back, etc, etc.

3. ) Now listen to your breath, do not change your breathing pattern, just listen.

4. ) Keep focusing on your breath until you feel very relaxed and now the thoughts will roll by. Let them roll by, do not really notice them, instead see them in a way they are a train passing. Acknowledge them lightly then let them go. Slowly let each thought slip past until thoughts start to slow.

5. ) Spend all of the simple meditation on this aspect from step 4. The longer you go the more likely a trance like state will be induced and then a lovely experience to share.

If for some reason during the meditation you feel like you have had an experience a little bit more than just a quiet meditative state, congratulate yourself as it sounds like you either went into trance or nearly went into trance. The tricky element of this experience is it is not for the mind, it is for the consciousness and is totally an inner experience. Later on after the experience you can think on it, but during the experience let all aspects of the mind go..

Learning meditation for beginners

(Me with the Reclining Buddha in Bangkok, Thailand)

I hope this technique helps you as it has helped me, some of my best experiences in meditation is with this technique and remember also it was when I was a beginner as well. Enjoy..

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