Meditation For Protection From Magick Spells and Negative Thoughts

Common question I am being asked a lot lately is about how to protect yourself properly against magical attacks or spells. This question sprung from my other post on How to Break a Spell?  ( I recommend reading as well as this post for better clarity on subject )

Number one on my list was doing Meditation but I really did not go into that much so that is where this topic comes in. A more in depth understanding on the powers of meditation.

Meditation firstly is something everyone should do daily, it is healthy, it helps the mind and it also helps the spirit. Yet it has many purposes, cleansing, healing, awakening and quieting the mind, one use that some may not be aware of is it’s ability for protection. Done in the right way it can be a very effective form of protection.

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So, Who Needs Protection?

Well, most of us do at some points in our lives, not just in a spiritual sense, to protect ourselves from others negative thoughts and impressions. You would be amazed at how long the mind can hold onto something negative even when the incident ended years and years ago. It is thus very important to cleanse out those old memories, energies and impressions giving yourself time to move on. A hard one to accomplish for probably 90% of the worlds population or more.

That is where meditation comes in, it delves deep into the mind, pushing out past experiences, analyzes them and in time let’s them go, in the process meditation cleanses the spirit and mind.

So, now you maybe wondering after cleansing, how does this have anything to do with protection. Well, this is it is simply as possible spoken, when the mind and spirit hold onto garbage type thoughts, the body, mind and spirit become vulnerable to possible spiritual attacks. This can be devastating in a persons life. It can in fact ruin them, make them depressed, weak, tired, sick, the list goes on. It can even cause disease. Meditation thus is the answer, it helps the spirit cleanse which thus strengthens our natural spirit and mental protection.

An Example

Now, let’s look at this as an example in the modern world. Can you think on a Guru or a person you know that meditates regularly. Yes, well i hope so, if not seek one out this week as your project. Then once you picture them in your mind, think on them a minute. What attributes is there? They are mentally and spiritually strong am I right? They could have someone insult them, throw spells at them and they would not even blink an eyelid.  Why, you may ask? Well, because they have defenses up and are not vulnerable to words and lower level energies like spells and the like. In a way it is like they have a natural spiritual wall which is very strong and even if many tried to break them they would still hold strong.

Often at times this protection is seen like a shield and sometimes the common belief is that these people are on another level or dimension which makes them immune. Both answers may be true, but it indicates something very important to all and that is that spiritual protection is available to all of us if you just regularly meditate. I know it may have been a step you have been avoiding for a long time, but let me suggest, once you start it is a habit that is also is hard to stop. The main reason being is meditation is very enjoyable. It makes one feel alive more, more refreshed, healthier, more loved and protected. So many positive reasons to meditate it is not funny.

Guided Protection Meditation By TheHonestGuys

Okay, back to the question and to summarize it all, just by meditating you will form a strong form of needed protection. If for some reason you feel you are under a spell or being attacked spiritually then now is the time to act. Start a regular meditation routine, find a nice quiet spot away from it all daily activities, sit comfortably, let your thoughts pass. Make it your daily routine, if you are unsure on how to meditate, then read my beginners guide here.

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