Melons can Help Induce a Lucid Dream

Here is an interesting fact for you. Melons such as honey dew melon, water melon or rock melon have all been reported to help induce more vivid and lucid states of dreaming. This fact was finally concluded after many testimonies by those practicing the arts of this technique.

The Instant Coffee Version of Lucid Dreaming..

If you think you have not had a lucid dream experience before do not worry, we all have. This is the experience where we have conscious knowing of being asleep while dreaming and so can make decisions in this state. When practiced regularly one can stay longer and longer in this state and can even have many spiritual experiences. If you still think you have not had one, it would more likely be you have just not remembered the experience.

melons help induce lucid dreaming

Steps to a Lucid Dream Experience with Melons:

1. ) Have dinner early and not a heavy dinner, meats lower the chance of a lucid dream. The reason for this is unknown, it just has been observed in many people who practice.

2. ) Eat a course of 2 to 3 melons. A few good pieces of each say 2 pieces of water melon, 2 of honey dew or 2 of  rock melon.

3. ) About an hour to 2 hours later prepare for bed and then practice the looking at hands lucid dreaming technique I described in a previous post.

4. ) Write down your dream experiences daily ( a journal ) whether or not it is a lucid dream experience or not. This will tune the dream state of consciousness to your advantage and increase the amount of lucid experiences.

12 thoughts on “Melons can Help Induce a Lucid Dream

  1. Hello Timon, U have a great page here!Thank u for sharing ur knowledge with us!
    I fond ur page searching for ways to brake a spell. U c, last night had a wherry interesting dream, of someone directing a spell towards me or/and my life partner and our relationship.I also know who is the person to blame. Strangely my relationship started to take a bad turn in the last months.So after my dream i thought there are 2 possibilities : 1 my subconscious mind tries to find a reason for my problems in my relationship and came up with this dream of someone putting a curse on me, or 2 :it was a premonition or a lucid dreaming.
    And there is one more interesting thing , until now i know nothing about melons inducing lucid dreaming.But prior my dream a colleague broth honey melon es dessert and i gladly accepted a few slices, i must say there were around 8-9h from the time i ate the melon and gone to sleep.Cud all this b somehow related?
    I would b wherry interested about ur opinion an ur advice.
    Thank You!

    • Yes Melons are great for Lucid Dreaming however not sure if it is related. Lucid dreaming is a positive spiritually and not negative. It may be that the dream is telling you subconsciously what is happening to you not so much that it is a curse. A curse meaning more in the dream, that you feel weak at the moment due to the situation. You may need to do something to feel more empowered, like getting away ( holiday ), doing some traveling. Doing some things that help the spirit recover. I hope that helps.

  2. Greetings, Timon – For quite some time now, I’ve been doing some frequent studies on lucid dreaming, you might say with little consistency.

    To make a long story (rather thorough as possible), through a certain inscription I stumbled upon, I’ve went through very a small variety of foods, mainly containing sources trytophan that supposedly boosts the brain’s “neuro-psyche” (if that’s the accurate term), to trigger a more effective vividness in the dream state. The most crucially deemed food source I read for trytophan was preferably in cheddar cheese. And probably for like the first 3 days of ingesting cheese it had seemed I was riding on the right track in seeing some fairly high results. Pretty much afterwards, the cheese method would work on and off and shortly before long, you might say most of the time, it stopped working.

    Of course there’s several other methods to gain lucidity other than trytophan-like foods. And not that I was looking for the quick and easy way to gain a full consciousness of dreams, but something I can use to work my way to mentally higher capacities. So I stuck with this method until thereafter, I discovered another rather most effective method giving me almost full vividness of dreams, though not in a conscious state. It’s the one source that’s been right under my nose in every direction I turn and probably most likely for everyone else into lucid dream practices. That it being, just plain & simple…..WATER. And it would make perfect sense, being that water is naturally the primary source for the human body’s organic functions.

    Now of course, there are a lotta proclaims that the streams of water supply are contaminated with floride. Which is probably a load o’ crock anyway, because I’ve also heard proclaims that even bottled water isn’t any good, esp. when they’re being charged at unnecessary prices with so many different brands. But anyway, I’ve been drinking 8 to 12 glasses of tap-water before bedtime for over the past 2 weeks or so. Throughout that period, of 4-5 nights in a row I have experienced, as I say again, almost fully vivid dreams.

    At that point I became vigorously curious as to what it is that makes water “ultimately” unique for more vivid effects on dreams and began researching. That’s when I came upon this page indicating 3 specific melons that helps induce high states of vivid & lucid dreaming. And it just so happened that my grandfather had bought a honey dew melon from the grocery shop. So I sliced off like 4/5, maybe 6cm of a whole circular piece of it. And as instructed, I waited about 2 hours before beddy-bye. You might say that in the midst of the last half hour of my sleep cycle before I fully awakened from a dream so vivid that the sight of it all was overwhelmingly crazy, but I’ve never been so intrigued by such an appearance!

    Though I still realized it was only a small dose of the “dreamatic” effect since I had only eaten 1/3 of the melons, the indirect way, I might add, required for the full effect. Now I intend to grab all 3 melons to see how the full extent of it’s power is projected.

    But I must ask you, as you indicated in your instructions is to take 2 pieces of each melon before bedtime, but you didn’t specify an exact size of the 2 pieces…..just how big or small am I to cut these 2 pieces of each melon if I’m want to get the whole result from a vivid/lucid dream???

    Humble Regards!

    • Nice share Wuane, considering melons have high water count as well, could be contributing to the water benefits as well..
      Awesome comment and glad you are testing out all these ways as I have been wanting to do a similar test for ages, how much exactly is never really stated, however on one of my key research references it says to make a meal of it, so I guess cut out dinner or eat light and then for dinner eat mainly melons.. Good for meditation as well..

      Do come back and let us all know the results with what you try.


  3. P.S.: You also indicated in your instructions that meat lowers the chances of successful results for vivid/lucid dreaming with these melons. I forgot to ask…..would white meat be an exception, like chicken breast or fish?

    Because those are the only kinds of meat I eat anyway.

    • Wuane,
      Good question Wuane, not sure on that one, why not try doing both to see if it helps, like go one week without white meat and eating melons and then one week eating melons and white meat.. That way you will know for sure with the testing.

  4. Well, I must say, you answered a question I’d been wondering about. I hardly ever dream (or a don’t remember doing so). For years now. A couple of months ago, I did start dreaming – as though I was there, they were so clear. Ha! Summer time eating of watermelon. I finished it off plus made watermelon candy. (Yum) Well, that answered that!

  5. Cucumber also works as well as pumpkin and squash to a lesser extent. Eating any dead flesh no matter if its red or white meat will not help

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