Modern Day Symbols of Power

Did you know that still today there are symbols of power all around us? While many of you may feel these symbols have no influence, you would be surprised that most of them originated from old Occult Symbols of the past. Below is some examples of modern day symbols of power that are present in all of our lives.  Some of which may be different depending on where you live but the association and representation of power is much the same in most places.

Common Ambulance Symbol

The common ambulance symbol is the the standard cross which is a very old symbol of power representing prosperity, life and divine protection from evil. Some people believe it represents the four quarters of heaven and so can invoke heavenly powers. Many associate it with  eternal life and resurrection.. Only fitting that is also used as a common ambulance symbol.


Common Police Symbol

The police symbol is an interesting one, usually represented by one of four things or all three of these four.. Firstly the shield, representing protection. Secondly the circle which in Occult terms means a powerful protection, infinity, eternity, unity, the universe, the sun, heaven and perfection. Included in the symbol is often as well, either the five pointed star or the six pointed star. The five pointed star meaning the human body with its five points  corresponding to the head and arms and legs. With the one point upward it is also suggested to mean an association with god and that of the powers of goodness.

With the six pointed star it means protection against fire, deadly weapons, and the perils of all forms of travel. Often referred to as the star of David or David’s shield. Overall it all comes down to the meaning of protection with the intent of serving and the action of goodness. We can see why these are common in Police Symbology.

police symbol

 Common Fire Brigade Symbol

fire brigade symbol

The fire brigade service symbol is commonly another form or cross. Often at times it is the Maltese cross, which represents divine protection. Not a bad idea considering they are serving to protect us from fire.The symbol to the left above is the NSW fire brigade symbol in Australia represented by the hammers and fire above.

Like i have mentioned before in previous posts on the powers of Symbols, they develop power over time with the belief of what they represent. Same goes with the modern symbols above as well which are seen commonly. And as the belief grows so to does it’s own power. These symbols are then used time and time again for this very reason.

Can you think of any other modern day symbols, a soldiers badge perhaps, a flag or a priests signal..?

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