Money Magnet Manifestation Song

Like I have mentioned in many previous posts here on this blog, manifestation is a part of life. We all do it in some way or another every day. Whether it is positive or negative that is up to you.

Manifestation,  positive thought drawing positive reality..

One way of looking at manifestation is a positive aspect of what you want in life. If you keep looking at what you do not or the negative, what will end up happening. Negative will keep happening. So what is the solution. The solution is focus on what is positive that you want.

In many ways it is the like a magnet, a magnet for the energy of your positive thoughts. If that thought is money in a positive way, then the body will start attracting money in all aspects of your life. Take a look around at those that always seem to have money, there is a commonality with them. They expect money positively… Now you need to ask yourself, do you expect money to magnetize into your life. Are you positively charged to handle money? And lastly are you creating the world in which you live by the thought forms you have every day? Most likely you are..

Below is a Short Video on Becoming a Money Magnet with Manifestation:

While it is a positive song for manifestation, it is not a total solution to bringing more money in your life.. See it as a positive tool.. You need to positively charge yourself for what you want and positively believe it will come to you as well.

Like anything positive, only positive can be attracted to it..

4 thoughts on “Money Magnet Manifestation Song

  1. Dear Timon weller ,m here to ask that,what can i do to be rich, i have hustle and try some certain things in order to be rich but no way ,so now i desperat need big money in my life, please what can do to get these ,if it to join the occult m willing to do any thing because of these.

    • Hey Michael,
      The occult is not a group or club, it is the study of the unknown and what we cannot see. This includes paranormal, spiritual, manifestation, space, life and more. That is what this blog is about. In order to manifest more money you have to make yourself more like a magnet spiritually as well as put your self out there where these opportunities can happen as well. Meditation is a good start to clear the mind and then before bed place a note under your pillow for a realistic amount that is not greedy, then keep meditating daily and keep that amount under the pillow on a note. At the same time keep living your life being positive and when opportunities arise take them as it may be the choice to help. Be positive as much as possible as well..

    • Hi Michael, I’m sorry to hear that you are in desperate need of big money, but from what I’ve learned, being desperate is counter-productive to making money. Making or attracting money requires us to be calm and resourceful. There are some avenues that can make money faster than others, but they all require calmness and resourcefulness. I hope you can find your ‘big money’ soon. Cheers!

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