More Ghost Pictures From The Hanover Haunting

A couple of months ago a did a review on a haunting that has been happening in the Hanover area called the Hanover Haunting. Since then I have received some more recent photos that she has taken of different parts of the house, each one revealing some good evidence of ghost and paranormal activity.

All images and information has been shared with me by Deanna Simpson, the owner of the House.

Recent Ghost Pictures from the Basement

As you can see from the images below they are in sequence of events. Showing a slight change as the purple mist starts to form. At first I thought it may of been the fluorescent light on but then realised that the light was not on at all. No lights were on, just natural light. As you move down you will see the purple form and in the third image below to the far right there is an rough image of a face. Whether this is a ghost or movement of paranormal energy it is hard to tell. Very interesting sequences though.

havoner basement ghost

hanover basement ghost 1

hanover basement ghost 2

Recent Ghost Images From Downstairs

These images are taken downstairs in the house. All taken with a high quality hunters camera used to take images when hunting in the outback. When movement is detected an image is taken. The first image is of nothing, however later on a ghostly apparition is revealed. Quite spooky this one. By the way in all photos above and below have no one is in the room and there is no tampering is involved with the shots.

hanover ghost downstairs

With the basement ones it is supposedly where the young boy died as discussed in my previous post on the subject and where a portal or door has been opened. As described by Deanna with the images there is less a feeling of fear and more so a feeling of sadness when in the area. Maybe the boys sadness in a way.

Let me know what you think of the images above by commenting below. Also feel free to share this post via the social networks as well.

Pictures shared by Deanna Simpson and taken with the help of  The Paranormal Investigators of Gettysburg  and the PPS Gettysburg Chapter.

21 thoughts on “More Ghost Pictures From The Hanover Haunting

  1. Wow, Great pictures!! I noticed the camera in the bottom pictures seemed to change angle. Is there more than one camera, or did someone come in and move the camera from in front of the sofa?

  2. i watched the one photograph taken of the two orbs or balls of light on the ceiling parallell to the lights and pictures on the walls,and im curious as to how exactly they were set agains the pictures,it almost seems like light bouncing from your light fixtures off the camera lens,and or off the pictures themselves.was the room fairly dark or partially lighted?

    • The light fittings look like recessed spotlights (downlights) particularly due to the light traces on the walls. The fact that there are pictures there supports this as they are usually used to highlight certain parts of the room. They are often fitted in the middle of these types of ceiling tiles too.

      They are on in the photo so the room is lit by its own fixed lighting.

      Basically, they aren’t “orbs”.

      Concerning the movement sensors, they are often PIR sensors so anything interrupting the infra-red beams would set them off and depending on the sensitivity it could be anything. If it was close enough to the sensor to fully interrupt the beam, even a tiny insect could trigger it.

      Hopefully I’ve encouraged critical analytical thought rather than ruined the magic.

  3. Let’s try a little physics here. If something is visible it is due to it having enough solid mass to be able to be struck by photons (light particles) which then bounce off in the direction of something capable of reacting with them, such as an eye or camera. This means that every time you see an image of a “ghost” the thing you are looking at has a physical presence at that time in that precise ocation. If you then see it move through something solid you are watching the breakdown of the strong nuclear force which binds the atoms of the “ghost” and the object in question. The strong nuclear force is 100 time stronger than electromagnetism which in turn is 1000 time stronger than the weak nuclear force which in turn is (1 x 10^35) times stronger than gravity. It is the most powerful of the natural forces. What you are all suggesting by calling this a real “ghost” is that the strongest force in the universe is manipulated to such an awesome degree by this thing that it can negate it at will with such control that it always manages to remain visible immediately after passing through the object. In addition to this it would also have to manipulate the atoms of the object it passes through as they would resist the intrusion of the “ghost”. In a word, bullshit.

    • Hey Chris,
      Thanks for the comment, what you are saying here is on the basis of normal science, however paranormal is based on the paranormal or parascience in a way. That means that it does not apply to the normal rules of gravity etc.. Otherwise, that is like saying sunlight is breaking the rules, which has a light form or like saying wind should only go down.. We all know that wind can go any direction and is a force of nature creating by the spinning of the earth and heat and cooling, defying gravity the force moves up and down, as does sunlight which can even curve around objects. Another example is gas or smoke which defies gravity and even can pass through certain objects that would be thought to be too dense but really less dense than the smoke. My point is no matter what sort of science things prove there is always things that defy certain laws within these boundaries. One such example is the spirit is believed to weigh virtually nothing in a way maybe as solid as smoke or even lighter. So how does that change the rules, like smoke, yet a paranormal object of energy has no way of doing..?

      Also in what way is there a indication that a spirit passes through objects like a wall or solid door..? Maybe it just disperses its form against more solid objects and has to go around like other solid masses.

      Something for you to ponder anyways..?

      • Smoke cannot pass through a solid object. The reason smoke is visible is that it is made of (usually) carbon atoms in the form of soot. If this comes into contact with something solid, such as a pane of glass, it will hit the glass an disperse. The reason for this is that the strong nuclear force binding the silica in the glass together is astonishingly strong. For example, stars shine because they have enough mass to increase gravity to such a degree that the atoms in the centre are forced together wth such power that they become fused together. This is how they turn hydrogen into helium. Mars, for example, does NOT shine. This is due to it not having enough mass to force the core to fuse atoms in the same way. If a planet cannot overcome the strong nuclear force neither can something the size and considerably less substantial than a human.

        Parascience is the wrong term. Pseudoscience is vastly more apt. This is because there is no hypotheses posited as to the structural makeup of these “entities”. If you were to offer a credible idea as to what these things were made of, their chemical structure, the elementary particles that make them, why they appear and disappear arbitrarily, HOW they appear and disappear arbitrarily, and why they (sometimes, admittedly) seem perfectly visible to a camera after the event but invisible to those who are there at the time – despite the fact that they both see in exactly the same way- you may have some basis for claiming that these things actually exist. The common argument of “we simply don’t understand them yet” carries no weight as there is never an advanced suggestion which yields testable predictions.

        Science is about finding out how things work. Why should things like hauntings lie outside this? It seems that it is only this way because those who believe in it simply do not wish for the chance to be proven wrong.

        Wind: relativity is our friend here. Gravity is responsible for pulling matter together. The atmosphere is gaseous and is bound more loosely than the solid earth. This means that as you correctly state, the spin of the planet can drag these gases around. Convection currents also play an important role – again, as you state – in determining the direction of these currents of gas. The reason wind does not “only go down” is that it cannot penetrate the atoms of the earth (or oceans) due to the strong nuclear force(again). If it could, it WOULD go down, but the rotation and convections of the planet would also allow for lateral movement. They do not defy gravity, although their low molecular mass makes it appear that way until – and this will sound slightly shitty, however I word it – we give it just a little rational thought.

        You will notice how investigation has allowed us to know all this, whereas an appeal to the “paranormal” achieves nothing in terms of understanding these phenomena. It should not go unmentioned that there are those who claim the ability to communicate with these being which would categorically rule out the “not of this universe” idea.

        I’m not certain what you mean when you mention sunlight. Could you clarify?

        Can you prove, empirically, that there is such a thing as “spirit”?

        • Hey Chris,
          I agree and disagree once again on the above statements, I am not saying that it can be proven with science (spirits), as how can anything that is not really solid physically be proven which is what most of science is based on. Science does have hard facts on matter and i agree on the smoke aspect you say above. I more meant smoke as an example of how it moves and appears to go through solid objects like walls when in fact it disperses to such a degree that it appears like this. What i was suggesting is can not a spirit be seen in the same form of light, I never suggested that a spirit passes through a solid object.. I do not know that for fact however that does not say a spirit cannot move around in a way like smoke.

          The spirit debate is one that can go on for years, the truth is if you have ever lived in a haunted house ( or land ) for any period of time you yourself would be searching for answers as well if you have a real experience. I was one of the biggest skeptics as a kid myself until i happened to move to a house that had previously been used as a ritual dwelling for conjuring spirits. It had been used for this for over 40 years, which i found out later after doing some research. Why research it you may ask, well i was being woken up each night to footsteps, voices, smells, doors closing and physical contact. At first i thought i was going mad, but it turned out it was happening to anyone that stayed there.. And i had so many friends at that time who believed in nothing, but changed there mind there.

          So does that mean i am crazy, does that mean that during the whole time i lived at that premise as like anyone else that stayed there that they all temporarily went crazy.. Or does it mean it was a haunted house? To me it means that..? To me, where does science come in when i am being woken up to a spirit on my chest trying to hold me down.. ( By the way since then no haunting’s in my current location.. )

          This is maybe one aspect we can both agree on there, how a haunted house can effect multiple people even those that are complete skeptics on the subject.

          Many may argue on the premise of why there is not enough evidence of spirits or why there is no good video footage. It is all relative to what we are researching. If one goes down the path to disprove, then go for it, but i do think it is better to search for it first and then decide. Maybe go stay in a known haunted dwelling for a few weeks, maybe go to a few to prove your point on it even better.

          Lastly many are trying to prove and diss prove spirits with science and there is no hard evidence either way on the subject that can hard case it as fact in either direction. Both have there sides in the debate and both have there evidence to prove what is real or not..

          Video AboveCan Science Prove the Existence of Ghosts or Spirits..?


          • I understand your smoke analogy but the point I was trying to make remains valid. Smoke is visible because it has a physical presence. If anything is visible it is due to particles of light bouncing off it and into your eye. This indicates that whatever appears in these photos and others like them is clearly a solid physical object.

            Incidentally, science comes from the Latin scientia, which simply means knowledge. Science does not exclusively rule out the unknown. On the contrary, it revels in new understanding and discovery. The problem I have here is that for some of these phenomena to be real they would completely contradict proven, tested forces of nature. The simplest explanation in this case is that these images are fakes or a case of mistaken identity.

            For example, if I was carrying out one of these investigations I would use two cameras and would set them up facing each other. This would ensure that I gained a clear image from at least one of them if something like the above images were to appear (the downstairs pictures).

            In your own case I suspect that the “fake” option can be ruled out. However, without any knowledge of the exact details I cannot comment on the causes of what you experienced. I would recommend that your read into psychology a little though as there have been significant advances in the way we think in certain situations.

            Again though, everything you say you experienced is the result of a physical cause; footsteps require an entity to make them; ditto smells, voices, physical contact, etc. A disembodied spirit would not be capable of this unless it has a solid physical form.

            For the record, I have lived in a cottage that was rumoured to be haunted and spend a few nights a month in a huge, old manor house on my own (they have a piano and I don’t). This place, along with at least two ghosts of its own, was built using the stone from the ruins of a haunted castle nearby. If ever a building is going to be haunted this would be a prime candidate. I have never experienced any unexplainable phenomena in either of these.

            I will add that as well as experience with physics I am also a qualified tradesman so even if I do hear an unusual noise my first instinct is to investigate the possible causes. Experience in the building trade gives me an insight into the kinds of noises that can be expected from certain situations and environments. Have you made a similar effort to explain your past experiences? For example, “footsteps” are often the result of either pipework or floorboards re-settling after the heating has switched off.

            Just something to ponder.

            All the best


          • I can see your point of view however this is still an endless debate of where there is always going to be two sides of the coin. With the footsteps of course at the time debunking is always the first choice, however like science we all have to test everything. It took many episodes before the footsteps were definitely confirmed as no floor board squeaks, in fact sometimes they were more like thumps at times ( very angry spirit was one ).. Also their were many recorded occurrences ranging from the kitchen catching on fire when the houses power was off, to keys moving from one room to another, it followed a pattern that if science followed would agree is something interesting.

            Imagine this, you come home, tired from school or whatever and your books are moved, when you go to ask your mum, you find she had not even come home, secondly the tv turning on by itself and then when going to turn off it turns off. That one was weird. Still not enough, waking up to a massive amount of pressure on my chest, i actually thought it was a real person, but hey no one was there, it was painful in a way like hard to breath.. Not a bad dream, it happened many nights around the same time.. Pattern.

            Another one was my mum woke up to the curtains on fire, when she grabbed the fire extinguisher to put out in the room, wait a second what fire, there was no fire. Then another day later she woke up to an old lady at the end of her bed (spirit). Another aspect is i had many friends stay of which half refused to return and never wanted to speak of why except that they did not like the house..

            Another one is there was always a feeling on an old lady and man in the corner, later i find out when my mum brought a qualified psychic to the house, she said you do know there is an old couple in the corner.. Okay another one, my sisters room up the back, always seemed strange, she would wake up to the lights turning on and off and a certain time.. A pattern again.

            Like any electrical problem had it checked and the report said no electrical faults.. Hmmm that one answered some more.. Car keys was an interesting one, each arvo unless held onto they would find there way into the middle room sink. That was like a door area the psychic said and it was one room noone could handle staying in for more than a minute alone, strange noises always.. No plumbing problems, however at 6 oclock the bathroom tap would turn on full ball, and sometimes the shower even.. One time i had a bath and the heater that was on the wall opposite exploded and it was not even on, we did not even think it worked anymore.

            Anyways, I dont want to convince you of anything, i think it is great to be a skeptic, i remember when i was as well, in fact i may still be if it had not been for my many experiences in my childhood. Lots at that house and one previously.

            Also i believe these sorts of experiences happen to only certain people, people that are open in a way, those that fear it a lot are generally the ones that never experience it or those that are skeptics, unless of course it is thrown on you in some situation. Either way i see it a bit like a door opening, once open then you are forever open to it like sensitive, however when it is shut it seems like just vivid imagine. The only difference is to either persons perspective of what really is real overall.. So that because you have had no experiences is something that could be you as well. We are after all different in our own way how we see the world.

            Have a nice day and thanks for the great comment..

  4. Hi Timon, love your blog site, kudos. I was just talking to my partner Pam, and we took all these pictures above at Deanna’s house, and at no time did I give permission for my pictures or did Pam, for them to be used on anyone’s website. These are our pictures not the home owners and they are copyrighted. We have no problem with you using either of our groups pics but please just credit us for them. The pics 1,2,3, are The Paranormal Investigators of Gettysburg. And pics 4, 5 are from PPS Gettysburg Chapter. Thanks so much Timon. If you want explanations of the haunting feel free to shoot me an email, or give us a call. Thanks for your time. ;u) Brigid

    • Hey Brigid,
      Added footnote to post, they were shared to me by Deanna for use so was not aware of this until now. They are great shots. Feel free to add your insight about the residence. Would love to hear your take on the haunting there..

  5. Hi Timon!

    Thanks for sharing these photos. Having experienced a lot of paranormal activities myself, I have to say that I do not need science to prove it true for me. I think that one would truly finally believe it if they have experienced virulent (I pray to God they won’t) or surprising but harmless haunting themselves.

    I am married to a guy who do not believe in ghosts. When he first visited my house, I never told anything about it having occasional guests even at broad day light—-I can’t consider my house haunted but we do have strange occurrences every now and then. There’s one instance that I can not forget: it happened during lunch time, we were discussing something when my husband tried to catch my attention to a bottle of water (about 1 liter) right in front of me. Apparently, its cap appears to be being “played” around by our invisible friend. The cap is being “tapped” up and down from the lid. He shot me a terrified look. I ordered whoever it was to “stop” and kind of banged it shut.

    I was wrong, The moment I lifted my hand away from the bottle, the tapping became faster and even more mischievous–if that is the proper word for it. Looks like our friendly guest said hi to my non-believer husband.

    There is another incident where another one would not expect such haunting. It was a lazy, hot afternoon. We have a stand fan turned off on its own. I didn’t experience this though, but again, it’s my husband who did. He made sure there were no fluctuations. If there was then, our UPS would’ve shut off and on again. But no. I tried to probe him further if the buttons were indeed turned off, he said he no longer wants to remember that incident because he was too scared to even remember it.

    Still, I can’t say that I can really see them daily or as clear as day as the other people I know would. I don’t think I can even handle that now, there were stories that people who suddenly see ghosts have heart attacks. Who wouldn’t, right? D:

    I guess no matter how much you don’t believe in something you don’t see, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day they’ll get a dose of “hello” from our ghostly friends. I am not scaring anyone here but I do believe they know what we are all thinking of at this very moment. These are the things science can’t explain. I guess we are used to these because, in our culture, we recognize their existence?

  6. Oh sorry about my first comment earlier, it was very long already and I suppose this will be another space to finally react to Deanna’s experiences! I watched The tales of the Haunted (I wasn’t able to finish it though) and their experiences were absolutely terrifying! I admire them for being able to stick with their house regardless of the continuous paranormal occurrences. Whatever energy was left there seem to have left very heavy and negative energies.

    I have a question though, have they tried to reach out to someone who can do legit spiritual house cleansing? Maybe the house needs to be repainted as well, like have walls with lighter colors, or have bigger windows. Looking at their house, it looks dark already. I am not sure if that would even work?

    Were there other items in the house that were there before they moved in? Spirits do settle on objects and whatnot. I am curious. I think I need to finish The Haunting first, but I would appreciate your answer about this soon. Thanks!

  7. I believe these people have a legitimate haunting becoz I KNOW that one paranormal investigator, in particular, who has been in this home is the REAL DEAL and validated the haunting. However, I feel that Deanna has become addicted to this haunting, the attention she has gained from being on multiple television shows, & the “celebrity” of this attention. If she TRULY wants help, she should TRY to relocate, finally have some peace in her life & get on with it-already.

  8. Hi Timon, I don’t know if MS Simpson has found any information about her house, but maybe she could extend her search to neighbouring towns. Maybe in the neighbouring town they would provide more info. Just a thought. Love your Blog by the way. Thank you.

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