Most Haunted House in England

As legend has it the Borley Rectory in Essex has been claimed as one of the most haunted houses in England.. Many investigations have done  investigations at the house and many unexplained mysteries around it still exist. The legend is that the place was built on an old pagan medieval monastery in the 13th century, where a monk and girl were killed after being caught eloping from the place. The monk was supposedly hung outside the site and his bride to be was bricked up alive into the monastery as a cruel punishment, where she would of slowly suffocated and died..

Harry Price Investigates Borley Rectory in Essex

Harry Price was one investigator that got involved after being prompted by newspaper journalists of the haunting.. Soon after he started noting many interesting finds, here is a list of aspects he was instructed to explore..

  • phantom footsteps
  • strange lights
  • ghostly whispers
  • a headless man
  • a girl in white
  • sounds of a phantom coach
  • apparition of the home’s builder
  • the spirit of the nun.

Many claimed that the spectral figure that has been seen by witnesses was said to drift through the garden with her head bent in sorrow. The haunting was noted officially in 1930 however I am sure they were happening before, some say it was because of the house changing owners during that year that got the spirits active again..

near death experience

Marianne Foyster and Borley Rectory

The new lady of the house Marianne Foyster started noticing many strange activities and paranormal activities that seemed to effect her more than others.. One time she was thrown from her bed, another time she claimed to have been slapped by invisible hands as well as poltergeist like furniture and item movements..

Was it the ghost of the nun girl that was buried alive..? Maybe she is trapped in her painful death as like torment trying to get out and punish those that she feels did this horrible thing to her..?

After further investigations by Price he quickly assessed that it seemed likely to him Marianne Foyster was playing some of the scenarios.. However he changed his mind shortly after and kept investigating..

Writing on the Wall at Borley Rectory

One scary form of evidence found that was discovered was writing on a wall which appears to be the ghost asking for Marianne’s help.. As the writing did not match with anyone there it was believed to be authentic as a possible ghost marking.. Maybe these writings were the asking for help by the legend of what happened to the nun..?

In 1935 Marianne and her husband moved out due to not being able to handle the haunting anymore and the place became empty and quiet.. That did not stop Price though, he kept investigating Borley intensely..

Above – Borley Rectory – Halloween Special 2013 by BeyondthePointTV

More Investigations on Borley Rectory – The Most Haunted House in England

Later Price continued to not give up on this investigation and dedicated a year of investigation where he asked and invited many to camp outside the haunted dwelling to see if he could get the ghost active again.. During that time many documented paranormal experiences were documented there by him and many he had employed to help…

Seance in Borley Rectory – Marie Laire

One such breakthrough was a seance conducted and an an appearance of the ghost named Marie Lairre –

Marie Lairre said that she had been a nun in France but had left her convent to marry Henry Waldegrave, a member of a wealthy family whose manor home once stood on the site of Borley Rectory. There, her husband had strangled her and had buried her remains in the cellar.

The story sounded very similar to the legend however it was not exactly the same so possibly the legend was another incident or was it this story just confused..? Price believed this story fitted to the sightings..
Price theoried that the former nun had been buried in unconsecrated ground and was now doomed to haunt the property seeking rest.

Ruins at Borley Rectory – Girl Bones Found

Later on one of the investigators claimed the house would burn down due to another ghostly experience and the nuns bones would be found.. The house did not burn down until 11 months later and miraculously Price found a small amount of bones in the cellar and ruins of the site..

As Price was christian he decided the best thing to do was to excavate and find all her bones and then give her a proper christian burial hoping to help her spirit rest.. Whether or not it helped, many speculate her spirit is still there around the site today..

The building was finally laid to rest in 1944 when it was demolished however its story and name still live on as one of the most haunted houses in england.. Price later on wrote two books about his findings there titled The Most Haunted House in England.. and the End of Borley Rectory.. I think the investigation finally got to him and writing these two books helped him express and also let go of the many frightening investigations he had done there..

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