Mystery of the Ghost on Deervale Road Hill

This a personal experience of mine that happened to me and my family as a young kid. When i was younger (between 12 to 17),  I was brought up in a country area near Dorrigo in north eastern Australia (NSW). The Place or area was called deervale. I was a beautiful scenic and forested area about 20klms west of dorrigo.

The Ghost appeared near the end of the house Building – 30 Deervale rd

As time progressed at Deervale my dad built a two story house for us to live in. Until then all we had was a large caravan on the block. When the house was nearly at completion, we noticed a weird occurrence. Every night at around 7.30pm a light (like a latern through the trees) from the hill opposite the house would appear through the forest and slowly descend the hill and and move to the right of the hill down the bottom before fading out.

We all started watching the show thinking that possibly it was a refraction of light or something. Even when daylight saving happened it would go appear at the same time, 8.30 or 7.30.. After a while we all started getting used to it and so at around 7.30 we would quickly have a look through our front window to mainly to show visitors.

Trying different Tests to understand the Light on the Hill

As time progressed further to over a year of this spectacle i tried a number of tests, going outside to different angles, yelling at the hill when the light was going down, etc.. Then one time something changed, as the light descended the hill i noticed how it flickered like a an old lantern through the forest, i picked up my courage to go closer to the forested hill and the light. When at the bottom of the hill i could not see the light no more, it was like i was too close and then i yelled out “hello” .. I looked up at my friend back at the house which was about 100 yards back.. He nodded that he could see the light..

And then a loud “Bang”. It sounded like a hard tree being smacked by an axe.. And then it stopped, but everything went quiet. That noise scared me then it sounded like a axe hitting a tree and then a tree falling… I quickly went back to the house and left it at that…

Many months went by and the conclusion I summed up for the hill and the light, was that it was a ghost doing the same routine day in, day out.. Sort of trapped on possibly there last experience in life.. This is a theory of what I imagined happened  which many agree with me —-

Ghost on Deervale Rd Hill

I man or family used to live there back in the early 1900’s when Deervale rd was first logged in the Dorrigo area, one day he went out late (around 7.30pm) with a latern to get some wood or maybe he was upset at something, hit a tree with his axe (a common tree cutting tool back then) and unfortunately the tree fell on him … Since his death, his ghost possibly keeps doing the same thing over and over, like time does not exist.

I remember how my sister lucie and our friends that knew about it, we called it the light…”Has the light started..yet?” I still wonder about this place and the light today, even though the land is sold now, it is a mystery that started part of my wonder in life.. That was mystery of the ghost on Deervale road Hill…

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      • Have you ever heard of min mins? ( aboriginal spirits ?) I hear there are sightings through dorrigo Bellingen reprint and mylestom areas. Interesting experience, I wonder if it still happens…

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