Nasa Confirming UFO Sightings from Space!

This is an interesting find, in this film above it shows three controversial UFO sightings and a confirmation from NASA in space that they can see it too.. This probably is one of the most common question’s asked by sceptics out there is why is there not many space sightings? so this is an important video to reference that they do..

UFO ‘s Are Commonly Sighted and Reported!

An interesting find I read about recently with UFO sightings is that they are reported commonly all the time and by all sorts of people.. Also to support all these sightings, usually when one person calls the police about seeing a UFO, many people are doing the same, from different locations.. I was impressed to hear how often the Police and FBI are called to investigate the lights or UFO however because they are so common and cannot work it out themselves the investigation usually ends very soon..

So if you are in UFO territory and you see a policeman for some reason looking up at the sky, they may very well be looking for a reported UFO sighting..?

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