Natures Healing Effects in Meditation

Nature is an amazing thing. It is where we all are from and is so different to the modern world. Have a lot of us lost this connection to what is real? To how life used to be lived in nature, in balance without the modern pressures.

So many different elements to life now exist and if you ask me so many different stresses. That is why meditation is so important, it helps us deal with these new elements of life. Helps us to connect to our inner self and allows deep spiritual growth any where we are. Part of that spiritual growth is recognising nature is so precious, so important, is part of us and lastly is so healing for us. Imagine the difference now to back then when we lived off the land, yes life was tougher in some ways but at the same time so much connection spiritually was there as well. The land lived with us and we lived with it. Now a days we can buy weeks to months in advance food for what we want and conditioning tells us constantly to prepare for the future.

Natures Powerful Healing Sounds..

Meditation using the sounds of nature together allows us to step back again into the past, lock the door on all our modern day stresses and obligations and feel once again the now of what is. We have eaten, we have drunk water and we are living now.. Just be now, unwind and relax…

Video Above – Some healing meditation music to enjoy of nature sounds. This music can be an excellent introduction to a meditation session or just to enjoy and listen.

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