Near Death Experiences And the Afterlife – The Common Stories

Have you ever suffered a near death experience? If so, you will probably already know many others have done the same. In fact it is becoming more and more common as medical science is getting better and better at bringing people back.

While some people say they do not remember there experience, there are countless millions that do and all of them tend to have some very similar similarities to there story of what happened to them in the afterlife.

clouds white light

This commonality has been shared throughout history and is an experience of the spirit.

  1. White light tunnel, this is possibly the journey of the spirit travelling out of the body and crown Chakra which is also described in Kundilini meditation.
  2. Seeing past relatives in the afterlife and communicating with them, not in the same way as speaking as is here. More so a knowing.
  3. Feeling of love and protection, no fear or selfish desires.
  4. A knowing of separation from the body but a feeling also of not wanting to go back to the body.
  5. Sometimes people will see there body on separation.
  6. Seeing divine beings surrounded in light, not necessarily religious, that is up to interpretation. I have no bias.
  7. Colors enhanced, vibrant light.
  8. Experiences of a heavenly place.
  9. Feeling a sense of oneself and more clearer than ever before.

As can be seen, these same or similar experiences are also descriptions found in those that have experienced astral projection.

So overall this give more weight and a concept to science of the spirit as well. Not only do we die, but we also move on to another place similar in a way to this dimension but without bodies. There we can communicate with other spirits and heal between these two dimensions of life. That would also suggest that we all are immortal in a way as well which makes sense in many circumstances as well, not only on a spiritual sense but in a very physical and mental sense as well. We all evolve over time, most would agree, archaeology shows this. Is this really the evolution of the body or is it more the evolution of the spirit and the body is thus mimicking that transition.

I would be more inclined to believe the second. Meaning that evolution is the perfection of the soul and the body changes with its moves over time to duplicate it improving. Same being in all living animals or species, we are of no exception of this evolutionary rule and maybe even transitions between other animals of creation is possible also in this afterlife world. Almost like a transition world between this and that. This would also give weight to the theory of  Robert Monroe and his astral world phase theory.

So what would that mean the Afterlife is?

This is where i am pondering, it would suggest that we move between this world and that and when we return we return for what reason..? To me it seams like the simple answer. To learn, improve and experience for our spirit. After all, each phase moves us closer to a perfect spirit or phase of life. And so then what happens upon perfection, well maybe that never exists or that they become the beings many refer to in the afterlife that have attained perfection for them, some may call them angels, others beings of light or in religious sense many names can be attached.

This overall gives us a better understanding of our selves and also gives us purpose. Think on this, you decided to come back to earth to learn to improve something about what the spirit wants, not what your brain wants, what you want inside. So do you feel you are achieving truly what inside your spirit may desire? If not, it maybe time for reflection, after all none of us live forever physically in this life and when we return we want to return fulfilled, am i right?

What About those that are Bad, will they get an Afterlife?

This is a great question, if like my theory above is correct then those that are bad or do evil acts, eg murder for pleasure, killing in the name of kings or gods, or those that destroy vast expanses of nature and wildlife will all be in trouble in the after life. Less so because of religious reasons and more so because bad actions will lead to the non evolving of the spirit and once moving on to the after life, it would only make sense that these spirits would be of little use in the evolutionary ladder. And we know what happens in evolution on a physical level, the weaker impure animal or species is thus changed over time. Possible this is due to what? To the weakness of that spirit being removed. So then in future the stronger spirits of that animal or species survive and thus continues the cycle of life, spirit and creation more and more.

4 thoughts on “Near Death Experiences And the Afterlife – The Common Stories

  1. I had attempted suicide some years back with pills. As I finished my letter, and laid in bed waiting I could feel everything changing. I felt my heart beat slowing and the room was growing heavier. I felt myself starting to leave my physical body. I looked around my bedroom and saw some relatives that I knew and any people that I knew in the astral plane that wouldn’t exist in the physical realm. They were warning me to go back inside myself. I looked down by the end of my bed because everything felt very cold and black. I saw a blackness creeping towards my feet, a blackness I can never describe or draw, and I could hear things inside clawing and grabbing at me from inside this blackness. To my left by my head a man asked me if I truly wanted to commit suicide. He warned me that if this is what I truly wanted then the blackness will take me and I would forever be plagued by it and ingested into it forever and that if I changed my mind I would never be offered help by him again. I started crying and begged him that I did not want to go inside of the blackness and that if I lived I would change everything I was doing. After that I don’t remember anything except that I was myself that the man was forcing the pills out of my mouth, forcing me to throw them up but I stayed in bed for a few days. I haven’t attempted to kill myself since then. I know what lies in wait for me if I do and there will not be a second chance.

    • Hi Shelby,thanks for sharing. I’ve encountered the same dreadful all consuming blackness while astral travelling within Deyeth’s realm(the astral dimension between death and the eternal cycle) this blackness is the amalgamated essence of souls that lost all will to exist but are unable to disperse, forever feasting upon each other’s essences desperately seeking rebirth through destruction.
      I also think that the man beside you reasoning with you about your choice was your own truest self or your eternal being, that when incarnated choices(those made in life)go against the true nature of the eternal awareness(your conscious soul) can manifest or be perceived as a second party, separate being or alter ego. Having contact with your true self has been known to enable some to recall past life experiences or even entire life times. Through meditation you may commune within your self gaining a perspective with past life hindsight/insight.

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