New Improved Theme for the Occult Blogger

Yesterday I changed my blog theme to a more easy to read and user friendly version. In the future I will add some images to the background to represent some Occult elements and improve the header logo to suit the theme. So far I am very happy with the change and am hoping my readers are too.

Below is the before and after shots of the theme change on Occult Blogger. Let me know what you think of the change?

(ABOVE – Before Change – I liked this theme but I thought the theme had to much unused space)

occult blogger theme

(ABOVE – The new improved version I am using now. Some elements of the theme will be worked on to make it more unique, but so far I love it.)

2 thoughts on “New Improved Theme for the Occult Blogger

  1. This is my first visit here so I had never seen the old theme in action, but I have to say that comparing the pictures of the two I like this theme a lot. It feels very nice but I do have some minor tweaks.

    The decorations at the top and many of the buttons have a 3D effect to them. The effects on the tabs, buttons and sidebars seem to be lit in different directions. Perhaps you could edit some of them to make it more consistent. Also, The bottom of the page has no such treatment. Perhaps the black box or the bottom of this white box could have a shadow element to it?

    I hope you like my input. I’ve been working on a new theme for for months now but I still haven’t rolled it out because I don’t feel that it is complete yet. Perhaps you could give me some feedback on it sometime as well. The old theme is still up.

    Also, I am a little curious about the occult in that I understand that many powerful people are occultists. What are they hiding and why?

  2. Hey Andrew,
    Thanks for the points on the new template, I will work on them. I checked out your theme and I think it is good, although the post titles do not seem to fit 100%, but other than that is great. Maybe make the titles smaller.

    Good question about Occultists, I will write a post on that. To sum it up though Occultists teachings / learnings are passed on and take a long time to learn. Many elements are ridiculed by skeptics or law in history and so has been kept quite private. As times are different now, many teachings are becoming more open for learning, yet through conditioning it is still hidden by many.

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