Norse Creation Myth

One of the oldest religions and myths is the Norse Creation Myth. It was the basis of Viking life and was considered the common religion many thousands of years ago. Interestingly enough you can see by listening to the story below that the Norse Creation story has similarities to ancient pagan religion and thus also similarities to Christianity as well.

This makes sense considering paganism was formed from aspects of Norse mythology as well and then Christianity took aspects of paganism into what we know now as Christianity. So in a way one religion took aspects of another as time passed over time. This is evident in many practices that were passed between each as religions merged.

stave church

AboveStave Church in Norway – Beautiful Viking Design

Yggdrasil, the massive tree that encompassed the universe and held up the world. Midgard or Middlegard was the world of humans. There are many worlds within the world of the Norse story, land of Elves, both dark and light, Dwarves, giants, land of the dead, hell ( as known in Christianity as well ) and Asgard which is much like heaven.

This does not mean they any of these religions are the same, only that aspects of similarity were adopted. The Norse myth story is more focused on the fantasy side of creation, including Dwarves, giants and gods, whereas Christianity focused more on angels and demons as the gods.

Above – The story of Norse Creation in full audio for your hearing.

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  1. I love this creation story, so amazing and i see the similarities as you say. I just listened to it all and must say, truly amazing story as well.

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