Obama may release the Secret UFO Files?

obama ufo disclosure of secret ufo filesHere is an Interesting story for you.. Many special interest groups have been appealing to the new President Obama about the disclosure of the secret UFO files once and for all. Whether he does it or not we will soon find out.

However many believe that even the secret ufo files may have been tampered with and so disclosure is just another form of possible ridicule.

What do you think? Should Obama bring out these files that may answer many UFO investigation questions and if so do you think it will be possibly be another area that could be manipulated to hide the full truth.?

“The main question I ask myself is this, if I was the president and if I did have the knowledge or access of all these truths would it lose my peoples trust by me submitting and showing real evidence of Alien encounters? Or would it make my leadership lesser or higher?”

3 thoughts on “Obama may release the Secret UFO Files?

  1. Great question! I’ve studied major spiritual Teachings for over 20 years, and one consistent theme is that good leaders are like shepherds — they don’t *push* people forward; they *follow* the people where the people need to go. I think the people are increasingly “flocking together” to head toward a new understanding of UFOs (whatever that might be), but this is also happening in the middle of an economic crisis, two wars, a possible swine flu pandemic, the debate about torture, the increasing clamoring for marijuana legalization, and everything else the President has on his plate right now. So I think we’re getting closer to some answers, but it might need to wait a while.

    Great question, thanks for raising it!
    Dr. Deb

    • Hey Dr. Deb,
      Thanks for the visit and comment. Yeah I agree it is getting closer to the answers people want, especially now that popular free media is getting so powerful as a voice online. It will be interesting to see.. 🙂

      Timon Weller
      The Occult Blogger

  2. Another perspective is that external validation in any form is unnecessary when you have complete and utter faith in inner knowing. In other words, to have insight into certain truths means you do not require someone else to approve or coroborate. In a similar way, when it comes to unusual experiences, as you evolve to have unwavering trust and acceptance of all that you are, questions are not raised.

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