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Occult books are always a good extra inspiration when delving into the Occult understandings. Many writers have devoted there lifes work to the understanding of the Occult, that can be passed onto one book.. For that reason I have added this category specific to Occult books into this blog..

“If for some reason one of the books that Is recommend to you, to do with the Occult is not up to your standard let me know your thoughts by commenting on the book review that I have done in this category. All books referred by these reviews, will be available for purchase via amazon or another online store, so they are not sold by me personally, it is up to you whether you purchase through them or not, but is a good option none the less for online purchasing. If you decide you like the look of the occult book but wish to purchase at any other bookstore or in your town that is totally fine..”

Welcome to the Occult Book section of the Occult Blogger..

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