Occult Ceremonies on the Spiritual Road

No matter where you go in the world, Occult ceremonies or rituals are happening everywhere. They may all be under different names or different religions, but they all serve one purpose if done positively, a stronger connection to the energies around us.

Occult Ceremonies and Rituals

With that all said I will give some examples of ceremonies — in catholic or christian religion one ceremony is praying, in Buddhism one ceremony is meditating, in Krishna religion one ceremony is meditating as well. This list goes on and on..

“In catholic Religion, Baptism is the Occult Ritual of Blessing with Water..”

What’s confused along the way by many is that they are all just roads, even if you do not serve a religion, ceremonies  are roads to connecting to higher energies and consciousness. It does not matter if you believe in gods or one god or dragons or spirits or pixies as the higher energy, whatever you believe in will be the link to your experience you have on your spiritual road. Does that mean there experience is lessor or bad? No, it just means the connection within the experience is what they all have in common.

“Some Occult Ceremonies by niche cults may appear frightening, however if the ceremony is practiced positively, who is anyone to judge…

A perfect example of this is a Buddhist will see Buddha in an enlightening experience, a christian will see god, a paganist may see a forest spirit and so on.. In the end, these are all visions along the way to the end road, the full connection. It’s what is behind the curtain that is important, so to speak. This is not saying these experiences are just figments of the mind, more so they are figments of consciousness to create spiritual comfort on the road to higher spiritual understanding.

Be Positive on the Spiritual Road..

Unfortunately for some the spiritual road is that of confusion and so wars are waged over elements of consciousness they do not fully understand. Instead of saying to themselves, hey maybe Buddhists are on the same road as practicing Christians or Krishna’s. Instead they choose to ignore that fundamental fact of what life really is, what our universal consciousness desires.. We all want peace, we all want no famine, we all want unity and we all are the same.. No religion is higher or lower. No culture is higher or lower..

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