Occult History of the 3rd Reich

In the below video is comprised of a documentary set detailing Adolph Hitler, The SS Blood &  Soil, The Enigma of the Swastika & Himmler The Mystic.

It contains mainly B&W footage as well as some colour footage (mainly old footage), with some good  narration explaining their alternative belief systems including there use of the occult, paganism, mysticism and more on the Nazi ideology and Hitler’s personal philosophy.

Below Video is a 54 minute Video on Occult History of the 3rd Reich.

The documentary details the history and changes of the ideas and symbols that would be used along with racial politics to perpetrate the murder of millions during World War II.

3rd Reich and Germanic Beliefs

Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich was dominated by the beliefs of the powers  of ancient Germanic occult symbols. These included runes, symbol of the Germanic god Thor (swastika) and many more. These symbols were believed to improve the soldier (arian race), the race and include helping to create a perfect race.

If you take a look at many weapons used during the 2nd World War in Germany many will be well made and ornamented with ancient Germanic symbols. In particular the swastika.

What is interesting about all this is the major use of Occult Symbols in War with Adolf Hitler and the 3rd Reich. To my understanding of magick there is strong power in these symbols, however using a symbol for power to kill or destroy can only have negative effects in magic. In many documents this is the golden rule of real magick. A golden rule in nature as well. Destroy and be destroyed. Create and Benefit. Use occult or spiritual power for good and one will benefit, use occult power or spiritual energy to destroy and in the end it will only destroy yourself..

What do you think? Did Adolf Hitler destroy his own power by doing this..?

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  1. Tim,

    I am a practioner of meditation, and lately i have been able to visualize a white light like image while meditating in a dark room. I am not sure whether its a soul or spiritual energy


    Numerology Expert

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