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Are you looking for some Occult Jewelry? If so, below are a number of jewelry items recommended by The Occult Blogger. Each has been selected for its popularity for use and its unique magical properties. Whether you are buying for yourself or for someone I am sure there is some Occult related jewelry item here to suit most situations.

Crystal Pendulum Dowsing Tool

The Dowsing tool has been used for thousands of years for divination, reading, finding clean water, checking for spirit activity and also for spiritual house cleansing. It is a unique tool that is still used today for the same properties. This Crystal Pendulum Dowsing tool is made with 100% quality amethyst and is a really nice piece to use.

Crystal Cross Quartz Pendant

The crystal cross pendant is a nice piece of Occult Jewelry. The cross itself is a very popular item as it is the symbol of the popular religion Christianity and is used by many as a form of protection against negative forces and a sign of faith. Other than these properties the cross is used by many as a powerful ward as well. This cross is nicely made with the use of Quartz to give a nice unique look. Addorn this pendant to a necklace to wear.

Other Occult Jewelry

  1. Aegishjalmur – The Helm of Awe Necklace
  2. Valknut Warrior’s Knot Pendant
  3. Algiz Pendant Necklace ( For Protection )
  4. Pentacle of Solomon Necklaces

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