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What is Occult Magick and how does it work..? Occult magick is the technique of using the energy or hidden forces to create an outcome that is desired by the Sorcerer, Witch or Wizard. Usually many forms of real magick is practised with the use of symbols or tools.. Not that they are needed it is just that they help focus the energy into the spell or ritual they desire. Let’s take a look at how real magick works in a nutshell and how many are doing it everyday without thinking…

Real Magick is Everywhere…

First of all real magick is everywhere, how strongly it is influenced upon others or things is up to the human using it. What do i mean by it is everywhere..? I mean that every time energy is used in any way to benefit you then you are wielding — subconsciously many do this in relationships, jobs, influencing people or with money.

Energy is Magick so Magick Creates us…

The second factor that many do not see is how to use this energy to harness what we are. Have you heard of the saying we are what we eat, the same goes for magick, we are what we think, if everyday as we grow up believe we are a certain way the body will use this energy to create it as much as possible.. The saying should be more like we are what we think…

Occult Magic – Understanding the Energy

Okay thirdly understanding what energy is, is probably the biggest factor in magick or the occult, once understood it is a lot easier to see how it all works.. Magick or magic is something we all have to deal with everyday, we protect ourselves with emotions but to some degree magic effects all our daily lives, our society, peoples thoughts and also how happy we are..

Some examples of Occult Magick –

Some good examples around us are cults or religion, no matter what you believe in, the energy will strive to create it a reality. The more believe the more power it has and the more influence it has over you. Another example is love and how it effects us. Many religions will support this, love as a major or the most powerful magickal experiences in life. Another example is persuasion by others, some people do not realise it but they are being controlled by others, a controlling of peoples energies is common, whether it is for good or bad that is up to the controller, either way it is manipulating the energy (magick).

To let go of all or any negative influence’s of magick in our lives we would need to relocate, be single and realise the embedding control it has had on us in the past…. Magick is not bad though and there is no escaping it… It is just the understanding of it is here, influencing everything, embedded in the atom itself and the creator of life… However way we look at it, magick is what we call life..

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  1. I am trying to learn more about this ans you are being very helpful, thank you Timon. I could really use this. 🙂 But I have a question , is Occultism like witchcraft?

  2. iv seen ghosts as far back as i can remember but it seems like im seeing more now and was wondering if you had any idea why plus i cant seem to figure out what the one ive been seeing lately wants and how do i make my gift stronger

  3. I came across this web page because i was trying to find a specific spell. i find this information extremely helpful, though i still need help. Somebody practices black magick and when they get mad they cast spells upon people that dont deserve it, simply because they got mad or didnt get their way. this includes me as well. This person got upset with me tonight and plans on casting a spell of some sort upon me to ” make me pay for ” what was said. He has done this before, so if he does cast the spell, how can i break it? Honestly I would just like to take this ability from him until he uses it for strictly good and not bad. Is there a way I can do that? please help!

  4. I would love to destroy the people who casted any type of spell on me to make me look ugly to people and fat and I would love it if they get the spell ten folded back to the senders witch are Cynthia Neville,who goes buy Cynthia Anne mori, Selena Neville and the rest of her family please and thank you

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