Occult Products

cedar rune setBelow is a list of quality Occult Related Products that can be purchased as well. Each one will be sorted by quality and popularity of use. If for some reason you would like another Occult Product added to the list or a recommendation then just let me know. Products will include Runes, Occult Books, Meditation Products, Spiritual Tools, Ritual Items and More.

Cedar Rune Set

When looking for Occult Items one should never ignore the importance of a good well made Rune Set. One such set is this one, made of Cedar wood and done the traditional way it is said to help bestow more magical properties. Made from the same branch of the Cedar Tree as well as also the symbols burned into wood like they would of been in the past.

ouija board

Ouija Board

Very popular and well known Occult tool used for many thousands of years to help one communicate with spirits that want to talk. Used by many across the world to communicate with ex relatives, people in haunted houses and as a tool to help some spirits move on.


the ghost box smallThe Ghost Box

The Ghost Box is a tool used by many paranormal research groups to help communicate with spirits by scanning white noise between FM and AM frequencies. It is a great tool to use along side a good EMF tool for extra validation.

Starter Ghost Hunting Kits

couple ghost kit thumb

The starter kits contain all the basics needed for a ghost hunt. They also provide a good way of getting most of the items needed without having to source them all out from different locations around.

Occult Jewelry

For Jewelry items please visit our page on the subject.

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