Paranormal Activity Movie Trailer

paranormal activity movie trailerThis post is on the movie Paranormal Activity which I viewed a few days ago. At first when I watched the movie I thought that it appeared to be a very basic and simple outlined story. After watching I quickly changed my mind. What I found was for the first 10 to 15 minutes it appears like a normal low budget ghost film, then it progresses into a realistic type psychological thriller.

So as like I said as the story line unfolded, it really sucked me in.. I also found that the element of keeping the paranormal experiences of what was happening to the main characters was very realistic.

Official Movie Release Trailer of Paranormal Activity

For a movie which had less than 16,000 USD spent on it, i was really impressed with the special effects and realism. If you have not seen the film yet I recommend the film to all Paranormal fans out there..

Overall i give Paranormal Activity 4 and a half stars out of 5..

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  1. I borrowed the film off a friend and watched it. So scary, i had to call in sick the next day because i could not sleep after it..

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