Paranormal Happenings

Paranormal happenings are part of life.. We either ignore these experiences or if you want to delve further you can record what happens to you and see if there is a pattern. Sometimes it may be coincidence and other times it may be paranormal. The truth is you can never know for sure unless you write down your experiences.

To one person a paranormal experience may be part of life, but to another it may be something that happens only a few times in there life. Are some people ignoring or are some people blocking these experiences..?

From a recent reader i received an interesting email of a Paranormal Happening..

I have a question and was wondering if an expert could help me? Something very strange has been happening to me lately that is becoming to common to be coincidence. On several occasions when passing someone in public after taking three or four steps past the stranger they will drop something on the floor, then recover it. One time it happened three times in a day. Once in the street “keys”, then in a mall “cell phone”, then on a hiking trail bottle of water”. Is there something to this? Anyway, please let me know if anyone has a theory, thanks!

For which i replied..

Sounds like a paranormal pattern.. Within the next week i will do a post on your question on .. What i recommend you do though, is start a journal on these experiences.. There may be more that you are missing and that way you can start to see a pattern in these experiences..
It could be a number of things, your energy, a spirit or a poltergeist.. or it could all be coincidence, writing down your experiences will answer this for you as time goes by.. Do not fear it though okay..
Have a nice day..

The paranormal is such an amazing thing, it wraps its understanding within experiences.  I always recommend writing down these experiences to get a deeper understanding of it..

Paranormal Happenings and You..

When you see a pattern that is happening within a paranormal experience you can more easily assess what is happening. It may be a haunting or it may be an energy trapped or it may be all coincidence and explained with simple science. The truth is we cannot get to the core of any amazing experience without looking at all elements of what is happening.

Have you ever had a paranormal experience happen to you..? If so feel free to share your paranormal experience below (comment)..

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  1. I have had this influence on strangers I have passed, as well, noticing it enough to pay attention to it. It was most apparent to me when I passed people playing with juggling sticks (commonplace in my working environment at the time). Even quite accomplished players would fumble, usually dropping the aerial stick completely but sometimes making an awkward recovery, as I passed.

    I have never experienced any other signs of poltergeist activity, so tend to find that explanation unlikely. I chalk it up personally as a side-effect of the nature of the work I was doing creating a kind of “standing wave” of minor synchronicities or consistent coincidences around me at the time.

  2. Sounds to me like it’s something in your reader’s aura that’s unsettling the passing strangers and making them carelessly drop their possessions.

  3. I had a question, its not that I am paranoid or anything like that, but I noticed a being that I saw when I was three or four, but He has appeared out of the corner of my eye or I have started to notice things even more now. whenever he appears, I can’t speak or move, but yet I don’t know why I can’t, but He always appears when something is going to happen or something isn’t right. But I see no face, but recognized the clothing and stuff he had. But Apparently I have a strong presence and an intimidating one so i am not sure.

    • Hey Nameles, maybe it is a spirit guide and maybe not a bad presence as you say it is always around when things are not right. Maybe trying to look after you in a way.. Maybe a passed relative..

  4. Hi, Hope some one has some insight to what I have been able to see off and on my whole life. I see indigo color little orbs, shadows from the corner of my eye, close my eyes I see indigo morphing and face’s morphing too. Most of the time I can tell if some one is not saying the truth and pick up on their mood’s. I can call thing,s that will happen. Not sure how to hone in on it so to say. Electronics some time’s wont work right around me, I can also see the energy come off of nonliving thing’s and living. I can go on please help me find how to deal with this thank you Deb

  5. My father is dying from Emphysema and here lately me and my mom have been hearing strange noises. One nite we heard the toilet seat in the bathroom fall and we were both in the living room and my dad was laying down. On other occasions we had heard knocking sounds on my dads wall near his bathroom while either my mom was getting ready for work or I was cleaning dads bathroom. The other nite my mom heard someone let out a deep breath and yet no one was near her. Then my dads Nurse was filling out her log in the bedroom while watching tv with my dad, and the next thing you know she said it sounded like someone opened the front door and went out the back door and slammed both doors. She then got up to inspect the situation and no one was in the house or outside. But yet both the doors on the other two bedrooms (my bedroom and my brothers room) were shut. No windows were opened so no wind could get through and when she went to leave the doors were back open. I also had a dream of my dad’s best friend since childhood that passed away a couple of years ago. He told me in my dream he was here for my dad, could that be him knocking and making all that noise waiting on my father? Please help, can I do anything? Can I bless the house or does it matter. HELP

    • Yes it sound paranormal, it may be spirits coming to check on your dad and to aid him in the process. A post to read of mine is Seeing Spirits before Dying. This does not mean necessarily that he is dying now, it can just be that are there to help. Like you said your dads best friend. Sometimes spirits can also help heal in times of bad health.

  6. As a child i would be playing outside by myself with no one around and I would hear a voice call my name, it was a woman and in a low key. As I got older it happened less often, recently I’ve had a lot of accusations pointed towards me due to a hostile ex-spouse and others that follow. Iv been emotional trying to deal with this and usually i’m a very strong person, about 3 months ago I started to hear this voice call my name again but its only been a couple of times then the other night I sat outside by myself to deal with my situation alone and as I sat there asking “why” my oldest child which lives with her dad called out “mama” and it was like she was right beside me although I knew she was 50 miles away. The mother in me panicked for fear of her safety but as the days go on I wonder if it was something different? Iv always been sensitive to “things” as where others were oblivious but this is a different feel from those. can someone try to explain this.

  7. I keep having my pets illness.they get hurt and die.about a year ago my cat got run over in the garage by my Mom.then lattter I bought 2 little parrots and they die a few weeks ago.from today.I had put my birds out in the back yard like I always do.and I don’t know how they got out of there cage,then 2 days latter I found them to pieces.and then I bought this beautiful medium parrot few days ago not even a week, witch it was yesterday that just happend.I had her in my lap ready to watch a movie and my daughter decided to play with her so she puts her inside the drawer and my little bird stick her head out I ran as fast as I could to keep her from closing it and braking her neck,and I swear I remember I kept it from closing.but she still die.few day before she die me and my parrot wore alone in the room I had put her on the crib bar while I was standing in front of her doing something,and she was just picking her feathers and then all of a sudden she got scare and flew to me I pick her up and put her in my shoulder,I felt a presence moving around the crib. And then also few hours before she die I was in the bathroom and I felt that something jump from the top of my head to the shower door I saw something small and look like it jump from the chelf that was agains the wall from were I was sitting on the toilet.I have a bad feeling about all this and more.

  8. For about the past 2 years I have been awoke in the night to foot steps up stairs. On our 2nd floor on the balcony. Walking back and forth across the balcony. And one time on the stairs. (We have wood floors.) Sometimes louder than others. At first I would just brush it off and think it must be an explanation maybe house creaking but really a distinct footstep with some type of shoes on. It has happened many times but not on a regular basis. Maybe happening two or three times in a month then not happening again for several months. I keep asking my husband if he hears it but he is a sound sleeper and I am not. I tell him about it but he thinks there is an explination for it. I just know the sound is steps. I have not recorded any dates of such events. Then last night my son who is 22 brought a friend home with him who is 20. My son slept in one room on one side of the balcony and his friend on the other. This morning my sons friend wanted to know if one of us had gotten up in the night because he heard someone on the balcony walk to his door and then walk across to the other side to the other door and stop. Then to the bathroom and stopped. Then back across to the top of the stairs and stop. He described it as the same as I have heard. It sounded like a man walking with some type of shoe on. Not barefoot. I am really realizing I am. It just hearing things.

      • Did something happen with the balcony? Or was that your dads favorite (or one of his favorite) places in the house? Did the steps start before or after his passing? There’s a lot of questions you can ask yourself to see if it may be him. When you hear the steps, can you smell a difference in the air? Sometimes with the spirits that are loud enough to make foot step sounds will have a smell with them? I’m curious about your case. It was july the last time you wrote. Has it happened again since?

  9. I have been noticing some strange things, since my uncles passing really. My first experience was a nightlight in my bedroom, plugged into the same wall as a painting that used to be in my uncles house, starting flickering. I’ve seen on ghost shows how sometime people can communicate to spirits thru the light. As I started asking questions, it followed my directions. Blink two times for yes, once for no ect. I believed it to be my uncle. That was maybe 4 or 5 months ago, but just about 4 nights ago, my deorderant was knocked over on my dresser. No wind, noone near it… Just, fell over. And then last night (really this morning) I was waken by the tv turning off and then back on by itself… Seconds later the printer did the same… I’m a little freaked out… There are other situations like my 2yr old daughter will wake up at 3am every now and then like something disturbed her….she wakes up crying. She’s done this for quite some time and almost everytime at 3am! Is there any explination to this? I’m afraid maybe there’s an upset spirit doing this? And if

    • Sounds like a spirit that is for sure. They are all telltale signs. I would recommend or suggest a house cleanse.. Did you by any chance do any renovations just before this started happening..?

      • Timon, no. My fiance and I bought this house almost 4 years ago. It was built in ’05, so its a fairly new house. But when we moved in, we noticed our bedroom door was busted in like the previous owners were maybe violent people? Its been quiet for about a week until tonight. The room where the tv and printer thing happened, that bedroom door was opened. It was just me and my daughter at home, at night, and when my fiance arrived home, I noticed it was opened, and he didn’t do it… How do we go about doing a house cleanse?

      • Hi Timon,
        How would I go about getting my house cleansed? Through my church? Things have been quiet since I wrote you, but from what I’ve learned so far, whatever is in my house, this is normal for it. It acts out in clusters, then its dormant for about a week. But we haven’t done any renovations at our house. Right before my grandpa passed away, he asked my husband to remodel two of his bathrooms, which he finished a month after my gpa died. But again, it wasn’t our house. Would that make a difference? And is there anyway to identify if the energy or spirit is a kid or adult, and is there anyway to communicate with it, without making it angry? Bc if there is, I’m open to try.

        • Hey Lauren,
          You are better off not communicating with it, other than telling it to go to the light if you do get activity. The reason being is communication will increase activity in your house. To get a house cleanse it can be done by a psychic or a priest ( church ), however it also needs to be someone that knows about it as well. You can do it yourself by purchasing jasmine and burning it throughout the house, leave all windows open and let as much light in, then move around the house and say.. “It is time to leave, go to the light..” “Time to move on..” Keep doing until the house feels lighter, you may notice activity during the time, but it should subside. If however it springs up again then multiple times maybe needed as it may indicate a doorway has been opened.. Regards,

  10. Hi,
    There have been numerous things that have happened to me throughout my life time, and I’m only 25. My most recent events: my uncle passed almost a year ago. I was soooo close to him, so id like to think this is him making all this strange stuff happening, but id like a second opinion. About 5 months ago, I was talking about my uncle to my husband, getting really emotional, and I have a nightlight plugged in and turned on. As I was finished talking, the light started flickering, like you see on the paranormal shows, when they’re trying to communicate. So I started talking to him, asking questions, saying blink the lite once for yes two times for no, etc. And it followed my direction to the T. But just earlier this week, late at night again, my deoderant, for no reason, fell over, like someone just knocked it over. Unexplainable. Then last night, I was waken by my tv turning off and then back on by itself. Then seconds later my printer, in the same room did it too. I stood up, looked around. Nothing. No surge to the house. I then said “whoever is in here doing, stop and get out!” Didn’t happen again last night. I’m starting to bug out. Any explainations???

  11. By the way, I’m not sure if it matters, but, my fiance did just re-do two of my grandmas bathrooms… Wallpaper, some drywall, toilets stuff like that. My gpa just died towards the end of september, and my gma is still alive. It was his idea to re do the bathrooms, so we did them for my gma. Could us remodeling their house bring back an energy to my house??? And how can I tell if it might be someone in my family that recently passed of if its a loner? Please help!!! The door being open when NOONE ELSE did it, is the biggest thing, to me, that’s happened… I am beginning to be really afraid. Should I be???????????

  12. When i was like 5 i was laughing getting tickled by nothing at the time i had no idea i even had a grandfather (he was dead never heard a thing about him) but my family asked what was i doing. I said playing with paw paw. They went crazy. I never knew my grandfather he died before i was born:/ but everyone said he was a huge Christian. Guardia angel or what? O also i have a friend who had never been to my house and she said she could see ghosts and i didnt believe her till she explained my house in perfect detail it was scary she said there was a ghost in my room

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