Paranormal Investigation Equipment Checklist

Do you want to conduct your own paranormal investigation? If so you probably want a good list of devices used by some of the top paranormal teams out there, am i right? Most of these items can be purchased at the top supermarkets or from a lot of online retailers.

1. Good Digital Video Camera – A good camera that has heat detection (thermal) as a setting. Often at times ghosts will draw the energy around from the place they are in changing and dropping the temp allowing it to show on a thermal camera.

2. Good Digital Sound Recorder – This is for EVP (electronic voice phenomena) work. Sounds that you will not hear during the investigation but after analysis will be heard. This device backs up the evidence of the Camera work.

3. EMF Detector – An EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) detector will help pick up EMF fields produced by large amounts of electricity. It is believed that getting large EMF readings where no electricity is present indicates a paranormal event is starting to happen. An excellent tool for finding the activity in a house. This is a common hardware item.

4. Digital Temperature Checker – These are a good backup on thermal camera and EMF work when you find what is referred to as Paranormal cold spots. Areas which drop in temperature rapidly can indicate a spirit trying to manifest itself to the investigator. This Checker can add extra evidence to this observation especially when it drops dramatically.

5. Torch – A torch is important if you are going to be in dark places..

Optional Paranormal Investigation Equipment

1. Dousing Rods – Dousing rods are old tools that were used by psychics to detect energy. It could be water, it could be EMF or it could be paranormal energy. The device have been effective on many occasions..

2. Psychic View – A psychic view is when you take a noted psychic with you on the investigation. These people were generally born with more sensitivity to this stuff so having them on an investigation can help heaps.

Other than the tools above, we all have our own senses, try to be open to what it is you are trying to investigate. Try not to make a joke of it or hassle the spirit either. Remember if the place is haunted a spirit is just like you and I, only without a body..

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  1. Hello Timon, My name is Tedi and I have had a lot of strange things happen to me in my life and I am fifty-one yrs old. But I want to strengthen my own abilities. How would I go about doing this? Are there books I can get or exersises I can do to make it stronger? I want to help people. Thank you for your time. Tedi

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