Paranormal Investigations with Psychics have Worked to Solve Crime

Paranormal crime Investigations is the common term for the use of psychics helping solve crime. In the past it used to be very popular but for many police and sceptics it can be hard.. Interestingly enough many crimes have been solved by understanding the paranormal with the aid of psychics.

Paranormal Investigations by Alison Duboi in Medium

(Image Above of the main characters in the TV show Medium, showing Patricia Arquette in front playing the story of the real life Psychic Detective, Allison DuBois. )

The theory is that some psychics can see impressions or energies on things, objects, places, people, houses and past events.. By studying the evidence with these sort of people much more can be seen, like a myriad of other clues where police cannot see or understand.

One such powerful american psychic used in real life crime investigations is a girl named Allison DuBois who worked with the the Texas Rangers and the Glendale, Arizona police department. I will do a post on her in the future, I just wanted to use her as an example of using psychics to solve crime.

The point of what I am saying is if paranormal investigations have been used successfully in the past, why is it not yet fully adopted as a career? Why not go the next further yard and employ noted psychics in the police or justice department full time, rather than just contract them occasionally, surely if they have worked well with cases in the past they would be a great asset..

The only reasoning I can think of here with this, is that this form of solving crime is not yet seen an excepted way of solving crime so are worried about possible negative criticism. I could only imagine the amounts of positive benefits if they were used more often and properly, some crimes may be stopped before happening, less people would be hurt, kidnappings would be less and many more..

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