Popular Occult Symbol – The Cross

In a previous post i went over some popular occult symbols.. In this post i wanted to create more discussion on a very common a popular occult symbol that is not easily recognised as a symbol of power and that symbol is the Cross.. Some may refer to it as the christian cross or catholic cross, each of which is the same.. Now let’s ponder on this symbol of power..

The cross means so many different things to many people.. It can mean protection from negative forces, it can mean a spiritual connection to energy or in christian beliefs it can represent a connection to god.. All of which are occult properties and powers (occult meaning hidden powers).. You may be thinking, hey wait on a minute, what’s this guy writing about, occult properties and powers.. Just read further and you will see what i mean..

The Cross as an Occult Symbol

crossFirst of all the cross is a symbol that is is linked to a belief, this is the basis of real magick and the occult in a nutshell.. To believe in something strong enough to create a desired positive or negative outcome.. I don’t care how anyone looks at it, this is a form of occult, meaning the study or belief of what is hidden or cannot be seen.. Hidden truth or hidden power..? You decide..? If you are a christian or catholic please do not be upset, be understanding of my point..

Image of the Wooden Cross symbol on right by condesign

One of the uses of the cross in history was to ward off negative forces, maybe even demons and to protect ones spirit from bad forces. Hence the reason it is placed usually on a necklace to protect the heart and the centre of our spirit. Like any symbol its power is from how one perceives it. If it is a  strong focus in your life it will be more effective. If one does not believe in it but wears it, really it is just another form of jewelry..

It is how the Cross is used that gives it power..

So in conclusion a symbol like the Cross is another powerful symbol of power. So many people around the world wear this powerful occult symbol.. In fact for any cross jewelry seller it may be good business.. hmmm? Only joking..

What do you think of the Cross as a symbol of power..? Do you wear a cross and if so why..? Is it for religion or is it another belief and do you believe in its power it bestows upon you..? Please comment below.. Feedback is appreciated..

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  1. Interesting thoughts you have on the cross. I have one tattoo’d on my arm since I was a teenager, it’s a celtic style because of my geneology. I wear an Ankh now around my neck and have for years.

    • I am a Muslim who wears an Octagram which is a Muslim symbol with a connection to Christ through Gematria, 888, like the hexagram is 666.

      I also wear a Jerusalem Cross, it symbolizes to me the center of the world, Mecca, the four corners of the globe and that Jerusalem is a Muslim city more so than a Jewish or Christian.

      This is simply because Palestinians were the majority in Palestine which has been reduced to almost nothing.

      When peace returns to Jerusalem it will be an open city, like Muslims always have done after reconquering a territory.

      Believe what you will but we return evil with good.

  2. Hi, you have got great blog in here. About this post … well, apart from the Christian cross there’s also the Roman cross, which is slightly different. I have a very limited knowledge on this … but, as far I know the Roman cross was a symbol of torture. It even looks different from the Christian cross. In the Roman cross, the horizontal and vertical lines being of equal length and in the Christian cross the vertical line being longer than the horizontal one. It would be great if you, some time later, shed more light on the Roman cross, maybe in another post, and perhaps talk about it in terms of occult.

    • Hey Saif,
      Yes i will do a post on the roman cross which did have another meaning to begin with, more so as punishment for crime than belief.. You see back then the cross in roman society was a powerful symbol as well, but a symbol of punishment by putting people on the cross to die.. Jesus was an example of this punishment and is i believe part of the reason this symbol became popular after his death.. In a way the cross went from a symbol of punishment in roman society (for crime or going against the empire) turned into a symbol of devoted protection..??

  3. so very true observation.
    i have messed around with
    occult practising or getting rid of it.at the time of about turn i was a saved holy ghost filled charismatic “man of god” complete with powers to lay hands and make people fall.
    at the moment am wary of religion.so i have no malice or vested interest when asking you to expand your list beyond the cross.go on and include the holy grimories populary called the bible.also an exceptionally powerful but non physical item called blood of jesus.there are many physical items;cross holy water sacrament holy comunion bread and juice used faith cloths anointing oil inscribed items doctrine and teaching books etc.
    but somehow someone state of mind must be in an accepting position,a state i can only assume is called faith or belief,for the held power to release.
    otherwise the revered bible becomes a hysterical mass of unrelated authors and the character of respected paul becomes that of a cultic controling maniac.
    its sad but true.i have passed it.
    wakanai mugikuyu

  4. Hmmm. While I agree that the meaning of the cross is lost in the dogmatic religion of today, I personally think it’s more of a symbol of death of ego nature and birth of true Self, and herein lies the beauty of the world, to each their own!

    This may also interest you. It’s an interview I just did with Magus Peter H. Gilmore, High Priest of The Church of Satan: http://theindiespiritualist.com/2010/09/27/the-church-of-satan-is-looking-for-a-few-outstanding-individuals-an-interview-with-magus-peter-h-gilmore-high-priest/


  5. I came to this at a very long time after it was posted, but I thought I would air my opinion anyway. The cross is not powerful because you believe in it. Neither are any other occult symbols.

    Also “To believe in something strong enough to create a desired positive or negative outcome” as you put it is not the basis of magic. The basis of magic is getting the help of something else. The only type of magic you have summed up is Chaos magic which is considered a large joke by every other paradigm of magic FYI.

    The cross symbolises a lot of things and has connection to a lot of things, (real things). But if you think that its all belief then I suggest you use it to summon a tellytubby and see what happens. I think you will find sweet FA.

    The cross before christianity was a symbol of the Earth, before that probably a million other things but the power in it has always been recognised, not put there. It also symbolises the four elements and the four cardinal directions. Not all christian crossess match this however, the Fretee Cross, the Jerusalem Cross does and the Maltese cross does, the Papal cross does not at all for example and would probably be complete useless for protection.

  6. i agree with temon weller, well you know, sometime it baffle me to see human doing things without actually finding the origin of what they believe,practice and worship in the name of religion. to day people counterfeited what others do like “sheep goat”. when u take the initiative to carry out a thorough research in the bible,encyclopaedia and other history books you will be shuck to find out that, the cross derived from pagan doctrine. let reason logically and ask ourselves this question.if the cross was used as a weapon to murder Jesus Christ with it, is it reasonable for us to used that weapon for murder in our worship?.on the contrarily, if i used a knife to kill your mother with it, will you portray it as a symbol of worship?. wouldn’t you dispose it some where off never to set your eye on it again?.and also wouldn’t it become something detestable to your eye?.think about it carefully.

    • Hey Solomon,
      The knife or sword is popular symbol still used today on flags, coins etc.. And flags are a powerful symbol to many. Its like anything that is common at a time, during the crucifix days, crosses were used as punishment symbol and to scare people to be a certain way by putting people on the cross. It was a symbol of that power back then and now the symbol is what it is today, originating from that.. The cross was used to murder many..


  7. Yes, I see the cross as a symbol of power. I would distinguish for example two different kinds:
    a) the elemental cross where the arms are equal in length. This one symbolises to me the balanced force of the four elements. You find this one still today in a church-context, called the cross of Jerusalem (with four other small equal armed crosses in each corner- making 5 in total, ie. the four elements air, fire, water and earth plus the spiritual element).
    b) the Christian cross as we know it today, where the horizontal bar is smaller and the vertical bar the longer one. This cross symbolises to me the “coming down of force” from higher, spiritual levels to the material level. The pure elemental or material level is assigned to the smaller horizontal line. The cross symbolises “spirit conquers matter”.

    Am I wearing a cross? Yes, and there is a story linked to this, as me and a friend of my mother, living miles apart, stumbled at the same time across this one and both had the idea to give it to her as a gift. It’s the cross of Benedict of Nurcia.

  8. On the Qabbala Tree of Life, The Cruxicifix is what is called “the Archer’s path”.

    I tired to explain it…but I would need to draw it on a piece of paper.

    Heres is a video, its 30 minutes long..but the fist 6minutes shows the cruxicifix

    The Magician’s Circle

    Just watch the first 6minutes, if you want you can watch the whole thing….


  9. I wear a crucifix i use it for protection against evil spirits. It works beautifully. Its a exorcist crucifix, The St Benedict crucifix. I recommend wearing one if you need defending against demonic attacks. I also wear the rosary with a crucifix on it. This also serves in defending your self against the wicked foe lucifer. I recommend having the crucifix blessed by a catholic priest before using it.

  10. Hi the roman cross was NOT a cross at all but a T shape.All Crosses come from a very ancient symbol called the flyflot which can be found in every major civilisation.Even the germans used the symbol and called it the swastika.It is still use in india today,and can be found in Buddhism,and Hinduism,as well as the church.

    No body knows the true meaning of any cross.Diffrent religious groups have added there own meaning to the symbols,but the truth is nobody really knows.It’s so old there are no written records of the meaning for the symbol.

  11. I don’t wear jewelry very often but when I wear a cross, I
    It has the same intention as my wedding ring.It simply symbolizes my relationship to Jesus as the cross is a precious symbol of His sacrifice made for me to have the relationship and all the benefits of that relationship. I do not need the jewelry to have the relationship. Like i said, its a symbol of relationship, exactly as a wedding ring is.

  12. The Cross represents the Crossroads,or forked road/path in the UK. In the old days people were hanged at the crossroads,and in some cases were buried there.

    The Cross is of two worlds,one line is for the living and the other line is for the spirits.An example of this is dowsing rods,when the spirits connect,and the living connect the dowsing rods cross.When lay lines cross it is a place where the living and the spirits meet.

    Crosses are meant to be lucky,hence crossing the fingers for luck.This has to do with the asking of spirits for luck.Crossing your own fingers helps to connect the two worlds.

    In Christianity the cross represents both the flesh, (blood of Christ) and the spirit of Christ.

    All natural lines that cross are sacred,but the truth is nobody really knows.It is said that the crosses originally come from farming cultures,but like i said nobody really knows the truth,and in the end it all depends on what you believe.

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