Proof of Paranormal Lights making Crop Circles

Crop circles have always been an amazing mystery, however with this new controversial evidence the final understanding of their formations may be answered. New evidence below shows possible lights forming these amazing circles with the added scientific evidence indicating and supporting this possible theory.

While the evidence is open for scepticism by many, it is interesting to see that maybe they are a potential answer. In the video below the lights can be seen dancing back and forth and within moments the circles appear. It almost is perfect in its creation and highly intelligent.

These lights ask a lot of questions..? Are these tools used by Aliens to create maps or communication? Or is another trick hoax? Does this indicate Aliens have been here all along and now with technology we will finally begin to understand more. The footage and scientific evidence below is some of the best evidence I have seen so far for the creation of crop circle proof, so It will be exciting to see what more comes from these understandings.

Above Video – Video Evidence of Paranormal Lights making these Amazing Crop Circles. Let me know what you think by commenting below.

7 thoughts on “Proof of Paranormal Lights making Crop Circles

  1. there have been a number of proofs that crop circles are something that don’t have a human element. this one is also great proof and even i had mentioned it in my post about aliens on my blog.
    i believe that crop circles are best evidences for existence of aliens … wish i could be face to face with alien so that all doubts are cleared about alien existence …

  2. Hi, I found your site by “accident” and really enjoyed all the stuff I looked into! My name is Michelle.I’m a Native American and I am very spiritual. I think humans are arrogant indeed if they believe themselves to be the only beings that the Great Creative Source would Create. It is in fact quite comical if one truly thinks about it! The Hubble Telescope is proving that there so much more than scientist once thought existed. Remember it was once believed the earth was flat and not so long ago! Thanks for doing so much work to make such a cool and interesting website! Peace M.R.Blake
    P.s. I see an Inner Light when I meditate. We all have this Light.We were Created with It and by It but our fear blocks our minds eye(third eye) from seeing it so crop circles being made by Light I have no problem with that possibility! The Inner Light is what we are without our bodies, cool no?

  3. Hey Michelle,
    Yeah I agree, the deepest understandings I find can only be found inside yet still so many search out side. So many wonders around us, that is my main focus of this blog to explore these amazing spiritual and paranormal aspects of life.

    Meditating is definetely a key component to understanding one self and consciousness. Life is truly amazing. 🙂

  4. there is but one GOD. his son is JESUS CHRIST. these aliens are demonic in nature. fallen angles. read the bible and believe in the LORD JESUS CHRIST for the remission of sin. judgment day is fast approaching!

    • Hey Charles,
      Judgement in any form, whether it is religious or not is a negative form of control. Judgement in the bible is also written as a form of sin, so in many ways i do not understand your comment. Maybe it is a form of fear you are worrying about, but i believe you have taken the Bible or one religion out of context..
      Try to look inside, there is deep understanding there hey, try not to judge others and help others and you will be on the right path..

      I disagree that aliens are demonic in any way, maybe you fear them so it is easy for you to say. Be careful how you see the world hey..

  5. Dear Ones,

    As per the Hindu Scriptures, during Vedic times saints and sages used the skins of Deer, Tiger to attune with God. In modern days Kusagrass mats are being used for meditations.

    In future, as per the words of Sri Mahavatar Babaji .. selected Crop Circles may be used as meditation mats to attune with the invisible cosmic worlds and to various Masters living there.

    All White Light Kriya Yoga practitioners are suggested to use the crop circle mats to go into deeper levels of meditation.

    Why don’t you use the above crop circle as a meditation mat and attune with the said Masters?

    You may open new doors in spirituality with your innovative findings also.

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