Recent UFO Sightings of February 2012

February was another big month of UFO sightings, it seems that now with modern technology, iPhones and the such, sightings of UFO’s and filming is becoming easier than ever before.

This is great news for any Ufologist and for giving more evidence to concept that we are not alone.

Another exciting aspect to consider as well is now that technology is becoming more and more improved the sightings video quality is only getting better and better and less of the blurry hard to speculate film is being shown.

february 2012 ufo sightings


This only mean that in time as cameras get better, evidence will become more and more effective.

Above is a video of some recent UFO sightings for the month of February 2012. If you feel you wish to share a recent story of a UFO sighting then feel free to comment your story below.

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