Roswell Alien Sightings

During the time of Roswell (1947) many sightings of aliens and alien activity have captivated the world.. They spread hope of the connection between humans, aliens and the possibilities of life other than our own in the universe.. They even inspired a change in the world that reflects where we are today.. Governments held investigations, many sought answers and yet still the displaying or showing of all these evidences of these investigations got held off and hidden from public..

Roswell Alien and UFO Sightings Anniversary Video

Many claim that the with holding of information was for keeping us safe, if we really knew what was going on with these investigations then another form a fear might grow.. By hiding it we could continue to go about our day like nothing is new and they could investigate in private..

As time went on and spreading of information grew more and more evidence that was presented and the stories began to grow.. But why was most information hidden from us..? Was it to protect us or was all evidential data really wrong..? I mean if someone see’s a UFO space craft it is real to those that experience it, yet if the public knew it was real then panic could grow… And how much easier is it to say it is all the word of crazy people so others will continue on there day..?

Thoughts on the Roswell Incident, Crashes and Alien Sightings..

An interesting thought is that the 50 year disclosure on the Roswell incident has expired, yet I wonder why all the evidence has not been put forward yet for public..? They were supposed to bring it forward to the media after that time..? Are they hoping it will be forgotten or where is the explanation here..?

I have been thinking about this in depth for a while now, there are so many questions.. The fact that for a full day with the UFO crash, in the media it was considered a UFO (confirmed) and then all of a sudden a weather balloon.. What happened there..? Sounds more like the investigators took a day to work out what to say it was to hide the fact of what it really is.. And a weather balloon would look a lot different to a UFO space craft wouldn’t you think..?

Many Newspaper Articles of the Incident at the time Claimed it a Confirmed UFO or Alien

The next thought about the Roswell crash is the evidence was not documented or evidenced well for public, so means it was an indication of a cover up..  This encourages the thought of the first day as more a real assessment.. Whether which parts are real or false in all the Roswell Alien experiences, there is one common conclusion, it was covered up to some degree..?

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  1. I wasn’t born when this happened but i find it fascinating. But my question is should i believe anything i find online? If the government can censor the media, why wouldn’t they do the same with the internet? they wouldn’t let any true information leak, and leave it up there right?

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