Roswell UFO Crash Testimonies and Evidence

In this post I hope to reveal some more Roswell evidence to my readers. So far in previous posts I have gone over what the county experienced yet not so much over what key eye witnesses or UFO experts said about the overall theory.

In the video below it exposes a bit more on the truth of what happened at Roswell. Like anything, take it as you see it and you decide.


Above – Screenshot of the famous newsletter ( Roswell Daily Record ) with the headline ” RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region”

More Roswell UFO Crash Evidences Explored (in Video)..

  • Roswell Crash Site and the effects on the land – The land and trees show evidence of a previous crash site. Whether it is UFO or not you decide.
  • Key Eye Witness Reviews to the Roswell Crash Site – How it happened, where it happened and about the details of the craft and the bodies that were discovered inside.
  • Strange Metal Discovery – Metal found from the crash site with very strange properties. Is it alien made or is a Miltary experiment gone wrong?
  • History of the Roswell Incident – Historic perspectives of the incident.

(Video Above – Story and theory of what happened at Roswell including testimonies, evidence and crash site evidence.)

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