Russian KGB Investigating a Crashed UFO

This controversial video is part of a documentary covering a UFO crash site allegedly filmed by the Russian KGB during March of 1969 in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia. The film is marked as top secret with the KGB symbol at the beginning which indicates that if it is real the footage was considered very important.

When watching the short video you can see how it looks like the craft had crashed further back before finally sliding into the soil where it lay. Another aspect to notice is the seriousness of the soldiers, if it is fake it would have cost a lot at the time to produce such a film with actors..

It looks like to me the film is cut, meaning that the full documentary of the UFO crash may still be with the KGB or where is surfaced. The video could be a lot longer including further investigation into the UFO and maybe this video seems to indicate the beginning of the investigation only.. Whether the UFO video is real or not I will leave that up to you to decide..If it is real it sure makes a great bit of UFO evidence.

(Did the KGB hide a UFO investigation or was this video just a massive UFO hoax..?)

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