Searching For The Elixir of Eternal Youth? Is It Possible?

The elixir of eternal youth has always been a fascination throughout history, searching for eternal life, however is it possible? Is it possible that this search throughout the ages has been in vain or is it possible that there really was a way to slow down the aging process enough that we actually did not age.

As history suggests wars like the holy land war to recapture Jerusalem were started to try and find the cup, the holy grail cup, maybe a misunderstanding of what the holy grail was to began the search, however it was said that those that drank from the cup would become younger or would not age.

Sounds a bit like one of those myths or maybe a children’s story, however this indicates the power of what this search meant. A war started partly in its name.

Now let’s take a look shall we at what we know already about the Elixir of Eternal Youth..

The elixir of youth is just that, a potion or substance that had the power to make one either not age or become younger as they drank it. I believe by the oldest of stories it referred to a sacred river hidden from mankind so in a way it was an endless quest. Endless quest for longer life. Quite a powerful concept and one that involves looking at exactly what time is doing to the body, because it appears that is key here.

It has always been a aspiration of mankind to live longer, that drive before aging and getting older that we could change things, live that little bit longer. In a way it is possibly that element in the spirit saying why not as our spirit does not age.

Is it Possible?

I believe the Elixir of Eternal Youth is already becoming possible and in no time at all science will reveal a secret about the cells that would seem like total fantasy in the past. That secret lies within our cells and controlling that aspect that tells our bodies to age. In mice similar studies have been shown to show some powerful results.  Including results for an enzyme that appeared to help slow and restore the aging process in mice.

Interesting as well after the study at Harvard they found that all mice that were treated with the enzyme all became in a way immune to Cancer as well, not just younger and healthier. To read more on this study.

Very exciting stuff overall and one step closer, I feel with these discoveries we are only steps away, stem cell research as it advances as well should be a way to bring the answer closer as well.

mice studies elixir in harvard

Above – Three mice were reported to having there aging process reversed however according to the study the same treatment on Humans could increase the risk of cancer. Either way it is one step closer.

What Happens When We Find The Solution?

Once we have the solution, what will you do, will you embrace it, or ignore it..? This is another question to ponder, some people seem so apposed to the idea of living longer lives, I know i want to pull some more facts out as well, the average human used to only live to 45 to 50 years old, now the average human in countries like Australia live to as long as 90 to 100.. That is a dramatic leap and that is only a few hundred years since the change. Will you embrace it as well, when we can also live to 400 to 500 years old?

Maybe then that will seem young..

Below is some common questions I want to ask people and I would like you all ( who read this article ) to respond in the comments below how this will effect you:


quantum eating ultimate elixir of youth

  1. If you had the option to live an extra 200 years would you take it..?  ( Yes you would remain healthy during that time.. )
  2. If they found the Elixir of Youth tomorrow and it was released to public, would you buy it?
  3. If you or a friend had Cancer and a solution was found, but would make you live an extra 200 to 300 years longer would you take it.?
  4. Would you fight science and decide to die younger than everyone else because you feel it is unnatural to live longer..

Let me know your answers, also please bare in mind that living longer may cause other burdens on the planet unless of course the human race starts focusing on the negative effects of over population. It is one thing to live longer and healthier however the burden on the planet would also have to be addressed.

I think issues such as controlling the amount of babies per couple would also have to be addressed as longer life in many could cause people to have too many kids thus overburdening the world.  And as we already know the Earth’s human population is already at a critical level.

Lot’s of questions to ponder. Let me know your thoughts, would eternal life benefit you or would it hinder you?

10 thoughts on “Searching For The Elixir of Eternal Youth? Is It Possible?

  1. The population of the world will just explode if this happens. What would happen to the natural resources? There would be an imbalance and so much misery. My personal view- No thanks!

    • Hey Mike,
      I agree, much would need to be done in order to control population for this not to cause other problems. I mean at the moment population is out of control and so living for longer periods of time would effect that. However if we could address the population issue before this happens then that would be the only way it would not be an issue..

  2. On a science side off things this could be fantastic for specific volunteers for deep space exploration as the journey without light speed or worm holes would take many years and many life times. I wonder if this could counter the effects upon the marrow from long term zero gravity exposure?

    on a planetary scale as mankind is, it would just create to many problems on a whole.

    then there is the sociological side, if you don’t age and are immune to cancer and the only way you can die is to be killed via physical accident ect, than?harmonious peace or 100 year wars?

    spiritually this may be a double edged sword as living forever hinders your advancement through the karmic cycle through re-incarnation but may also bring about a greater understanding of the energies in all things and deeper self awareness.

    all we would need after that would be the ability to photosynthesise for nourishment and we would be set…goodbye world hunger,dieting and food poisoning. lol

    • Thanks for the comment Luke, good point, problems would arise however on the same side we may also breed less as the desire to breed would be much less living long.. So a bit of a ying yang situation..


  3. Death is a process , so completely reversible.
    I have been making my own elixir’s for 3 years and found hidden clues to the formula in Sumerian/Babylonian texts/tablets and also in the original Hebrew bible.

    I have been looking for others who are testing their elixirs to compare findings, but i believe i have found a big step forward in the search for eternal youth, I made a elixir of 11 ingredients and waited for a while before drinking 50ml of the elixir, 2 ingredients were experimental and not used before in other similar elixir’s and the results were amazing . i felt the elixir go all around my body ,it was like the most potent of drug a high like no other. i felt energized on a cellular level , better thought processes, time seems slower , my reactions are quicker i became more self aware , stronger , fitter, better vision ,hearing smell, taste everything.
    1 hour later i noticed my hair was growing at a accelerated rate , roughly 2mm per hour ( very easy to notice )

    Then i noticed that my skin was getting younger slowly, but getting paler, but younger.

    Scar tissue was healing in front of my eyes blemishes vanishing like a invisible rubber was roundly wiping them away .

    A 4 inch by 1 inch scar on my leg gone only leaving the old skin of the scar on the surface , to be simply wiped away to reveal my leg again as it were when i was born .

    If i have found the eternal youth elixir i will not be making it public until i know it is safe for the world to do so, all my research was done on paper with the aid of no digital technology as to not leave a trace for budding hackers to steal my possible future findings.

    Only the chosen 1 at the specific time in the future can reveal the elixir, and only after the approval of god.

    The only clue i will give is that the organic ingredients need 2 earth metals for the process to be successful.

    You look but you do not see !

    • Hey gavin, thanks for sharing:)
      the location & Time of the “grail” or the “elixir” are revealed only with the aid of an Esirian, not just Jehovah(of whom is an Esirian). This location and time have already been revealed to chosen few.
      Also one of the metals needed you will only find in the “grail” itself.Without it the effects will only be temporary, and will not fully revive the fallen. The Eserian who aids you will dictate the overall outcome of the “elixir”.
      this is of little to no interest to me personally as an eternal incarnation is not without its drawbacks, many of which involve not being able to pass beyond the ‘portal’ teathering you on this plane forever, this isn’t what I want from this incarnation.

    • By the your findings, it seems that the elixir is having a different effect upon you then what you intended. while it is aiding in rapid celular growth it is not having the sustained vitality implied by the “elixir of eternal youth” and is having a negative effect upon your physical body by using a high energy technique of restoration . without the ‘guidance'(aid or approval)of an Esirian(spiritual guardians of existance),this in turn is depleting your own essence, overall shortening your life span,the reason why the ‘aid’,’approval’ or ‘guidance’ is needed is due to the teather of the physichal body to THIS plane/realm, this teather only allows for the flow of ambiant energies within THIS plane/realm to support your enery requirements.THIS plane/realm lacks(is deprieved of) sufficient energies in order for one to be sustained in physichal form for eternity, thus the ‘aid’ of a spiritual being without teather is the only way(other than energy consumption like that of a poltaguiest{passive consumption of energies given off by others} or spiritual vampire{direct consumption of energy from individual victims}) an incarnate spiritual being can be sustained beyond THIS ‘planes/realms’ inate potential. ‘spiritual assendance’ or ‘enlightenment’ can only truelly be achieved/realised/obtained through the process of carnation,death and reincarnation, this being the natural process of a souls progression through the karmic cycle.
      Death is just a part of a process, not completely reversable just like scrambling an egg is only part of making a cake but cake cannot be returned to an egg until it is eaten,digested,poo’d out,fertalising grains,then gets eaten by chooks and turned back to an egg. preserving the egg won’t reverse the process just alter the out come of that individual egg. in other words boiling a rotten egg will not make it hatch.

  4. I said yes to all the questions except the 4th question I said no I choose life they need to create a way for us to live longer that way we won’t have to go through the stress of a love one dying it’ll take a long time to get over it.

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