Seeing Spirits before Dying is Common

In this post I wanted to touch on a sensitive subject. One about the passing on when we get older. To some this may be a sensitive issue so please only read if you are ready to hear my theories on the subject. The topic is in relation to the developing a better psychic connection before dying, allowing spirits to communicate more freely.

This is turn creates a easier transition for many and allows us to let go better in this time of leave.. Part of the post is inspired by many testimonies and also from word from my grandad before passing..

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Theories on Passing On.. And Dying..

Okay so let me begin.. One of the many popular theories on passing on in old age is as we get older the bone on the top of our head gets thinner, in a way very similar to how it was when we are a small baby and infant. (In reference to this the bone gets harder as we get older and for most of peoples lives it covers our head.)  While many believe this has little relevance to anything, in the spiritual community it is often referred to our spiritual crown.. When it is more exposed it is believed a deeper connection is experienced. While unlocking psychic experience is still available to all this exposure in this area is believed to be a forced connection. Allowing us a deeper spiritual connection before death and also to communicate to the other side as well. A common one is seeing old relatives or random people who have just passed away..

Umm, Is Seeing Spirits Medical or NOT??

While to many this theory is quite controversial many studies have been done and many explanations by the medical industry have tried to hide it with a myriad of explanations. Some claiming reactions to medication causing mass hallucinations even where medications have no known hallucinatory factors. Another is the fuddy duddy explanation, saying well they are old so them seeing something is just one of those things. And the last one is they are old so there must be something we cannot see happening to the person (medically)..

Why so many go to so many lengths to hide the concept of a connection to the other side as the last option is beyond me.. It’s like as if that concept is put forth it is too much to handle or too much for the mind to grasp.. How much easier is it to just put it in that “oh i do not know what that is so let’s put it in the let’s not go there category..”

The Spiritual View on Death..

Okay so back to what is happening in a spiritual aspect, all around the world references to a spirit world being more visible before death is common.. Is it all a hallucination or is it what is happening you must ask..? Why could it not be a spiritual connection is more the answer we all should be looking at..

One such experience was with my grandad a few days before passing, he described flying around the hospital room. Seeing other people and even talking to them. When asked if this was a scary experience he quickly replied not at all.. He also appeared more happy when it did happen as well.. He was on no medication, had many tests all coming back as good, so is a hallucination likely..? Hmm i will let you decide there.. But i tend to believe this is a spiritual process to help the passing for a individual.

Recently i received an email from a reader saying a similar experience recently with her mum passing .. It is such a common aspect of life i believe. The list goes on and on.. What do you think, has something similar happened to someone you know who passed away?

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  1. I experienced this with my grandmother a few months before she passed away. She was sitting at her dining room table. She was unable to get around on her own, and before I sat down I asked her if she would like me to sit closer in a different chair. She was very hard of hearing. Anyway, she said no, Stanley is sitting there. Stanley was her husband that had died years prior. The chair was pulled out, and I had the feeling that someone else WAS there. When she said it, she looked over at the chair as if someone was in it.

    • I dont know how to do my own comment so i will try it this way. I disagree with medical hallucinations. In 2010 i lost my grandmother to cancer. She was taking literally her last breath. When all of a sudden she was sitting at the end of the bed. She looked like she was 15 years before. She wasnt solid but very very light. Her eyes were wide open with a very happy look on her face. She was staring at the corner of the ceiling. I said to her”Grandma!!! Who do you see up there? Is that Grandpa, my Mom, the Lord?” She didnt say anything to me. We were so close staring up at the corner of the ceiling that i barely could feel her. She looked like a child going to a carnival. So excited and happy. Then she had a look on her face like is it time to go now. She was gone. I was so out of breath All thru this her eyes never left the corner of the ceiling. My uncles gf saw the same thing i asked her if she happened to look at the bed she said yes it was her corpse. It was the most amazing thing i have ever seen. Also I was happy the whoever was at the corner of the ceiling was good and it let me know she was not alone.i swear everything i have said is 100% true. To do this day when i talk about it i get such a warm feeling in my heart. Thank you.

  2. hi timon,
    i have started to keep a dream diary as of lately, as your dreams are meant to have significant meanings or so i have heard.

    a really close friend of mine died last year from cancer, i was heartbroken when he died he was near the same age as me (20) and we and our families were close.
    when i herd he died i was shattered physically and emotionally.

    a few weeks ago i had a dream, i never expierenced anything like it.

    my friend who passed away his name was francis.

    in my dream my sister and I were attending a wedding.
    however we were late to the wedding so we ran up the aisle and nearlly skidded past the alter.
    so we slid into a seat and i endued up sitting beside my cousin.
    my cousin trish who never knew francis.
    in my dream francis and trish were getting married, but francis died prior to the wedding so instead they had a couple playing their roles at the wedding ceremony.
    in my dream my cusin trish then looked at me and said ”do you like my shoes,they match my socks”

    then i suddenly woke up and i got a breeze almost like someone was breathing heavily on me which travelled very slowly from my toes to my face.
    i was shocked i lay still in shock.
    i didnt move for a moment and just stayed still, the breath or breeze was so strong.
    i then got up to see if my windows were up and they were all closed.
    i had pjamas on and was under my duvet so i definatly was not cold.

    my mother believes it may have been fran letting me know he was okay as he is nearlly a year dead now.

    have you any further suggestions???


    • hey Jennifer,
      Yeah i agree with your mum, dreams can create connections between people that have passed on. If it happens again try to ask a question, you may get a response. Francis passed away so young, maybe he wished to tell you something before he leaved. One thing to note is time is theorised to be different in the after life. A year can be nothing or even many years can seem like a short time to a spirit..

      I hope that helps.. What do you think..?

  3. hey Timon i have a special gift it has been passed down to me from my mother i see earth bound spirts some times they are friendly and some times they are dark. my adopted sister and i spend a lot of time together we go every place together there is a road that we use to go down as of lately we have had to find another route when we go down that road my stomich knots up and i get a bad headache most of the time i see a pair of red eyes following me on that road. what ever it is it is trapped on that road i have heard stories about witches using dark magic down there i truely believe that they opened a dark door to which they are not able to close just wondering what your feelings are about that.

    • Hey Robbie,
      Nice share, sounds like what you are referring to is a powerful spirit. Maybe even it is being used by a sorcery or witch to protect a place and in this case possibly a road. By you getting sick from it indicates you are spiritually sensitive which is a gift however needs to be enhanced as well. What i would do is work on your protection energy that way if and when it happens you can cope better.

      With seeing the Red Eyes often a spirit or energy will take the form of what you will fear more or what you feel more comfortable with in a positive situation. In the negative side it takes on what you fear. Let me know what you think here..?

      If you do decide to take that route again try a positive meditative protection over the car and yourself to see if it helps..

      • Hi my grandmother is hard of hearing and she gets around really good for 84 years old but she sees these shadows of people she knows and some she doesn’t but she thinks that her Docters is putting them in her house but the shadows don’t talk they are even people that arnt dead so help me please what could this be is she dying

  4. my grandmother passed away 1 week ago. she was only 60 and had a heart attack. she was mobile. on the day she died she was fine, she travelled on the bus to 2 of her childrens’ homes and then decided to go into town too. As she left her daughters house she said ‘look how late u’v made me, there are so many people here and at the bus stop, i’ll never get a seat’ When my aunt looked out the doorway to see how many people there were there was 1 old lady standing at the bus stop, no one else was to b seen. she just laughed n thought her mum was being silly or something. few hours later gran passed away.

  5. My mother passed last year and was sick for about a year before her passing. The last 6-7 months or so of her illness completely took away her independence. It was hard and painful and how she went was one of the worst kind of ways: the kind where the body just completely fails and shuts down over time. I was living with her while going to a local university and by default became her primary caretaker and witnessed the full extent of her suffering. Before the doctors even started talking about “end of life preperations” I knew she was going to die. I knew it because a few months before she died she started to see my father (he had passed two years prior) and her parents. She called me into her room one night and said “Don’t be scared, but do you see your father sitting in the corner?” and I did not. I should say this, my family has a history of psychic abilities, not enough to open a shop or anything but enough to know that there are somethings that rational logic can not even come close to explaining and shouldn’t. So when she said this I knew, with a down-to-my-bones certainty, that she wasn’t going to make it. She was bed-ridden at that time and told me he would always appear by her side either sitting on the floor or on the bed and sometimes he would talk to her and on one occassion said “You have to come with me”. I do agree that this could be a transitionary phenomena because prior to my mother seeing my father she was agitated and fearful but after seeing her passed loved ones she became more calm and at peace. Now some might say she was conjuring them up in her mind in order to deal with her own death but I am hesitant to agree. The last month of her life was spent in a hospital and she started seeing other spirits. She kept telling me of conversations she had with her roommate but she had a room to herself for nearly two weeks and she kept seeing patients wandering the hall that no one could see. That’s the experience I’ve had with this subject, thanks for writing on the it.

    • Hey Alicia,
      I agree that is a transitional spiritual experience and not in the mind. Spirits from the other side help the transition easier is my belief. Unfortunately medically this subject will always be a debate unless of course you have experienced it or close to experience it like in your experience. Thanks for sharing.

  6. It is 4:30 a.m. and I am about 300 or so miles away from my grandmother who is 94 and currently what I believe to be dying. My cousin has been staying with her over the last year as my grandmother’s health has been declining. She has called me this evening very afraid as she is alone with her and my grandmother has spent the entire evening carrying on conversations with people that my cousin cannot see. At this point and time it is not anyone that we are familiar with. The unusual thing is that my grandmothers dog who is about 13 years old appears to be dying tonight as well. My cousin has observed my grandmother reaching into the air and petting something. Is it possible that both my grandmother and her dog and moving in and out of the spirit world? Would a dog sense it’s owner’s impeeding death and prepare to die too?

    • Hey Jackie,
      Yes I believe animals such as dogs are more tuned to this than humans. Most humans are blocked in many ways by the power of the mind. It sounds to me like maybe the dog is experiencing the same as well, like a connection. It is not unusual in spiritual cultures, animals have high connection to us as well and can tune into our spiritual experiences. Especially considering it is her dog.

  7. I work in an assisted living facility, midnight shift by myself (only staff on the floor). I’ve always been very sensitive and believe in spirits that are left here after death. Working midnight shift by myself in an assisted living facility has always scared me, its always on my mind that when i turn my head a spirit or ghost will be standing there, its a constant worry of mine. I’ve worked there since Feb of 2009 and over the past two weeks i’ve caught empty hangers moving on the laundry carts but thought nothing of it. Then this past Saturday night, I was sitting at the desk doing paperwork and I had a load of laundry hung up on the laundry cart about 20 ft from where I was sitting. I caught it moving out of the corner of my eye, I had heavy laundry hung up on these hangers…sweat shirts, pants ext and they were moving back and forth all at the same time a good 2″ could not have been the wind. So i looked at the cart for a good two minutes straight…then heard a voice in my ear say “what”…it was a female voice and i know what i heard. I jumped up right then and ran over to the nursing home side of the building and stood over there for several minutes trying to catch my bearings. Came back over to my assisted living section where i worked and was very on edge all night, finally one of the other residents who was more alert (most of our assisted living residents are more nursing home type people..) came out and sat in the hallway with me which made me feel better. That morning i went in at 7am to wake up one of our residents who just came back from the nursing home about two weeks ago. He is normally not alert at all, he came back hospice care and we all knew he did not have long left. He was awake and alert staring at the ceiling which creaped me out. Asked him what he was staring at and he said “the lady”…i ran out and got the morning lady who comes in at 6am and brought her in to just confirm i wasnt crazy and she asked him what he was staring at agian he said “the lady”.
    Last night he passed away, i was driving by the facility around 8pm and seen the cop and ambulance there, i txt the girl that was working and asked her what was going on..she said he had passed away.

  8. hello. i am 14 years old.. and i have seen spirits since i have woken up this morning. i was looking at it on the internet and decided to do research. i can see them.. hear them.. feel them. they dont harm me. i need help, i dont know what to do. i dont know if this is normal..

    • Hi Jessica. Thank you for sharing that. If you can, try not to fear the spirits you are seeing. You may not see it now, but you have a very special gift that allowas you to see the dead who have passed on. Try and talk to them, ask them to move towards the light. Sometimes spirits dont pass all the way through and just need some help, and you are one of those people who can help them. You could also try and talk with a medium or psychic who can give you a better perceptive of why you are seeing what your seeing. It might make you feel more comfortable and more at ease with your special gift. 🙂

  9. My mother had complications due to diabetes and died of cardiac arrest. Seconds before that, she looked at me and said words I didn’t understand. It was two long sentences. It kinda like what that dying old lady said to Brad Pitt in Meet Joe Black. Was she hallucinating?

    • Hey Eu,
      The mind can do many things before dying, but is up to you what you believe. Personally i believe commonly any form of passing on is spiritual so it sounds like a spiritual experience.

      • I saw a dog that I don’t believe was there before a suicide attempt. I was totally sober and drug free. I was walking my dog by a house all of a sudden at the end of a walkway an old mangy big dog appeared. It freaked me out it seemed to appear from no where and my dog didn’t seem to notice it. I stared for a while then looked at my dog when I looked back it was gone. I felt I saw a ghost. I tried to overdose that night on benydrill but didn’t. I got past it, but looked everyday for that dog never saw it again. Just recently I lost my job and boyfriend I was thinking of committing suicide again and when I decided I would try again that night I took my dog for a walk and that dog appeared again. Obviously I didn’t but I feel seeing that dog was a sign??

        • Do you mind if I ask you what color the dog was? I worked hospice for several years and I have quite a few experiences with several things people here are describing…but the dog is a primary interest of mine.

  10. hey Timon i’m only 13 and i keep on having hallucinations of black figures or faces varying from looking at me to minding there own bisness at first i thought they were just my mind but i have a mate who sometimes sees the exact same thing as me at the exact same time. whatever i see also sometimes hear, (they somtimes tell me stuff but in diffrent languages) i have lots of scary stuff stuff hapen to me like hear breathing, or see coulors ( i wonder if there ouras sometimes) i don’t know what to make of it and its been getting worse over the last year or so, i was wondering you had any comment cause i cant even sleep in the dark anymore.

    • Hi Rebecca,
      Thanks for your comment. Try not to fear these occurances, it could be the mind manifesting it based on fear. Instead record down when it happens in a journal and try to see patterns to when it happens.. If you really do think it is a haunting then maybe contact a psychic and get there opinion on it.. As a tip ask it to move to the light next time it happens as sometimes this helps spirits move on.. I hope this helps..

  11. I am talking to my mother she takes care of her husbands mother and today she called me freaking out because she said she saw a man sitting at the end of this terminal ladies bed. And she said that when she was visiting me and her husband was the only one home with his mother he heard his mother talking in her sleep and swore that he heard a man reply. She also claims to hear my mom singing all the time even when she was here. And once she said she saw my mom and her sons x wife at the end of her bed and it made her happy. She has a brain tumor but won’t take most of the medication. I don’t know if she is hallucinating but its what they see as well that freaks them out. I don’t understand and if you could email me to let me know that would be wonderful. Thank You my email is if anyone has any answers.

  12. Timon:

    What you have written is quite fascinating to me. I was on the web searching for this phenomenon and crossed your article. My husbands folks passed away when he was 11. My husband now takes care of the gentleman that helped raise him and he is 89. Recently, there have been times out of the corner of my eyes that I have seen him walking to another part of the house fully knowing that the gentleman is in his room.

    Have you heard of this happening. I am very perplexed by it.

    • Hi Deanna,
      Yes this is a common occurrance from many testimonies as a similar case. Spirits from studies into paranormal, are shown to be more commonly seen by those at that age..

    • No, frequently people see a black dog shortly before passing…although I can’t find any information to support what I have been told about the black dog being a spiritual guide to the afterlife…I did work as a hospice nurse for several years and have witnessed it the black dog reference in several different ways…don’t be afraid of it

  13. I have a family member that is very sick in the hospital, and the last few days he has been saying that he sees people and kids that he doesn’t know. Is it possible that these are angels watching over him, or is it possible that he is having psychic connections before he passes on.

  14. My boyfriend’s grandmother recently died, she had Alzheimer’s and had been sick for about a year and a half. His grandfather had a hard time with it for reasons we all understood, they were high school sweethearts and married for about 50 years. His grandfather is now struggling with cancer, yesterday he had a doctors’ appointment and there is nothing they can do for him. He is too weak for Kemo and he is ready to go. This morning he told my boyfriend’s uncle that he had a visitor, and then pointed to a picture of his wife. His grandfather told his uncle that today was the day. I think he will be around for a little longer but as soon as I heard this I had to research on it. From reading this, I now believe that it is possible for the dead to try to make a comfortable passing for the dying. Thanks (:

  15. Hi Timon,
    I just stumbled on your blog and I am…not sure what word I’m looking for to describe it but…in need of advice.

    My grandmother passed away two years ago from lung cancer. Over the past 2 years I have had a couple of dreams about her and had the feeling that she was telling me everything was okay (won’t go into the dreams now but they were quite vivid). Also, every now and then, I smell her (she had a very distinct scent). This hasn’t happened since August, but there is no mistaking it. The last time, I was in my room on a cruise ship. The smell doesn’t last long, but it is her. What are your thoughts on this?

    Also, my father is nearing the end of his 2 year battle with lung cancer (yes, he was diagnosed 3 months before my grandma passed). Lately he claims to be having dreams and seeing shadows and figures while he is awake. In fact, he built a coat rack to put against a wall where one “person” frequently stands so they wouldn’t be able to stand there anymore. He doesn’t see a face and doesn’t know who they are. They are telling him to get ready in his dreams. He swears that my grandma was sitting on his bed rubbing his arm one night as well – that was the first time he slept through the night in months. The next day, his medium friend called him to say he had had a visit. What does this all mean!?!?!

    I believe that my grandma is around – I think there is validity to this, but the more real it becomes the more answers I need. What do you think? Thank you so much!

    • Hi Marisa,
      Thanks for visiting the Occult Blogger. It sounds like your grandmother is watching over you and your father. This is not uncommon. The smell you experience is her way of letting you know it is her, her way of communication. I am sorry to hear your dad has lung problems as well. It sounds like the spirits are telling your dad to get ready for passing on, in a lot of testimonies worldwide this is a common transition. People being helped pass on. I hope this helps.

  16. Hey Timon. I’ve been having strange incidences with my grandma. A few months before she passed on, she said that she kept feeling that I was putting my hands on her head. She described the day somewhat similarly to the day she passed away. I saw a dream about exactly what happened two nights before. That day of the incidence, She was trying to tell me something, but she was unable to get the words out. Anyways so that night, I heard knocks on my door. Since then, I’ve felt like she is trying to say something, but something is stopping her. What do you think I should do?

    • Hey Riz,
      It could be that she is trying to pass on a message before moving on. It sounds like that. Try to talk to her next time you hear her again and then if you want tell her to move on so she can fully pass on.

  17. Timon,
    I dont think I have any special senses but i am starting to wonder. My father, who was a strong young 72 yrs old man had a 6 hr surgery. He was recovering well at home except for one thing. He kept mentioning dark shadows. sometimes things crawling and sometimes just a shadow. I told him it was too long (3weeks) after anesthesia for it to be any drugs. he was taking no pain meds. Thinking back now, he did seem afraid, depressed,withdrawn. I feel horrible for brushing it off. The day he passed he had been in the ER 14hrs but was apparently “fine” according to Drs. No one could explain why he had an episode of shortness of breath and sweating. I was at work 30 min away, my brother, sister, husband & mother were with him. he got up to use bathroom and when entered he told nurse” i dont feel well”. and coded. I was about to leave work and my husband said come NOW. I know what that means since i’m a nurse. I screamed, NO. and started to leave. But, again, thinking back. a few minutes before the call i had a feeling i’ve felt before when my aunt died and my grandfather. It was a surreal second of a fluttering,shaking, take my breath away kind of moment. what is that? Also, i dont know about the whole shadow thing. I do remember, although i dont kow if it was before he mentioned it to me or after that one night i woke up and i saw a shadow hovering up at the foot of my side of the bed. i stared at it for a bit. I am sure it was there and i was awake. then suddenly it swooped down and through me. i actually felt it. it didnt hurt me but i was freaked out. i know i mentioned it to my family but i didnt connect it until now. what is the shadow. a medium told my mother the shadow was an angel. not to hurt him and not malevolent but yo let him know it was close. have you heard of this? My sister also saw this shadow one day when she was at our parents house. She thought it was defiantly standing there but again the medium mentions that it was there to wait. im totally freaked out over this.

  18. When my father passed in Dec., 2006 I was prevented from being with him, but was able to talk to him about ten days before his death. I told him I wanted to come see him but he told me the time for visits was over but perhaps he could visit me. I didn’t understand him and I asked him to repeat himself. He brushed me off and old me he was going to be fine. When he died, my daughter was very upset and wanted to sleep in my bed so I consented. three days after his death, I felt like someone was trying to wake me. Thinking it was my daughter, I started to stir and heard my dad “shush” me. I called out to him and he told me sleep. then he said, “your going to be okay, as long as you stick together, your going to be fine. Take care of her, I’m fine.” I tried to wake my daughter, but she was sound asleep.
    In Sept. of 2007 I was diagnosed with cancer. While I was going through treatment, I had periods when I would get very weak and sick. I started seeing people in odd places like the passenger seat of my car, standing in the corner of the room, back of the garage, ect.. I didn’t know these people and if I did a double take, they weren’t there. My docter told me I was just under stress. Around Aug., I was resting and again, I heard my father. I was really sick and sore so I didn’t roll over. His voice was stern and he told me ” you need to take care of this, see someone else and get it done” I sought a second opinion and had surgery a month later. I haven’t seen or heard anything since I don’t know what to make of this

  19. I work in a hospice facility. It is common place to have patients talk about seeing “the dog.” Sometimes it appears as black, other times white and last night I had a patient say,”Look at the pretty dogs.” The dog seems very comforting for patients. I have never known an instance where someone has been distressed by it. Patients also talk about “going home” and seeing family members who have died. Pretty amazing stuff.

    • So very interesting. My wife is terminally ill with Stage Four lung cancer that has spread everywhere. She’s had several stints in the hospital up to a few weeks at a time. And she too mentioned seeing a dog. She asked us, “where’s the dog?” She also complained about dog hair being on her blanket. But did not complain about the dog itself. Now she is home under hospice care, they come by a few times a week to tend to her but we have a family member with her24/7. Many times she has seen people that are not there. She has even gotten irritated in one instance where she was trying to hand someone a napkin. (I observed her handing the napkin to “someone” on her right) Finally she says, “are you going to take this or what???” Usually when she sees someone, she is looking up to her right towards the ceiling. At least twice I have woken up in the middle of the night sensing an evil presence in the room, so evil I began to pray to get it to leave. The most recent time was last night, I was having a dream, I was showing someone something n the basement and I went to reach for an object and it floated to my hand. The person thought it was a great trick and I thought that I actually moved it telepathically? Then a second object moved and I knew it was something/someone else in the room and became afraid, ran upstairs yelling to my mother in a shaky voice, “there’s a spirit in this house, there’s a spirit in this house”. Then I realized I was saying it out loud and woke up terrified. My hair was standing on end and there was a feeling of electricity everywhere. I also sensed the presence of another being in the room, very negative and threatening presence. I layed there on my bed, very still, just looking around the room, maybe expecting to see something, someone, or maybe some movement, all the while praying. Finally I got up, turned some lights on, checked on my wife and went and made some tea. I sat with my tea and wrote an email to a friend telling them about this, drank my tea and went back to bed. Thinking about it now, I believe my subconscious if you will, created the scenario in the dream to actually alert me to what was happening in the room for real. Thereby causing me to wake with those words uttering from my lips, “There’s a spirit in this house”.

  20. Hi,
    My sister died on november 22, 2010. Although she was recovering from her brain stroke and we were very hopeful of her recovery but sadly she left us due to pulmonary embolism. Although i reached in emergency room after she went in to comma but the nurse was telling me that when they were getting her to hospital she was concious and was frigthened and kept mentioning that there are people who have come to kill her, she mentioned specifically about a women and she shouted to the nurse ,’get my mother, this women is here to kill me.’
    I am freaked out after hearing this, why is her death trasition was scary and painful? she was afraid of death and always used to afraid of being alone. I just hope that she is ok .. Me and my mother have experienced some unexplained phenomina after that like an intoxicating and very pleasing smell which last for a few minute… and coldness around my elbow as if a cold thing has wrapped around it. Do you think that is her? My only concern is that she suffered a lot in this life i want her after life to be peaceful and calm.. is there a way to find that out?

    • Hi Aniqa,
      I hope you get this msg. Do you know if the women your mother was seeing, were they dressed in black? My second question, is what type of hospital was it that your mother was taken to? The reason I ask, is to see if it was originally run by Sisters/Nuns. I have just heard two interesting stories tonight about different patients seeing people in black robes, around the time that another person has died. It of course scared the person seeing them, but it would seem that they were actually there for the person passing/passed. We are trying to work out if it is the Sister’s of Mercy, who used to run this hospital, guiding those through their own passing. It would be be fantastic to hear your input, or others, on this matter please.

  21. my son is 20 it is Dec the 15Th 2010. he told me today that he had been seeing his uncle Mark who had passed 20 years ago. My brother passed Jan. 1990 my son was born Feb. 1990. he said he only sees him at my moms house where he stays with my mom who is 75. he said he sis in a chair beside my mom but says nothing and is dress in a plaid work shirt and tie up boots with a mustache and shoulder length hair. just like my brother which he had never seen. Can you tell me what this means. he said it has just started this month. my brother died Jan. 1st 1990 but he was injured on the day after Christmas DEC 26Th 1989 and was brain dead til he flat lined new years morning. I’m thinking this is not a good sing for my son. My son needs to be saved also i think it might be a sing that my mom might be passing or something might is gonna happen to my son and he is trying to warn him or trying to tell him something. what do you think….
    Donna Wesson.

  22. I had an outer body experience, when I was about 7 years old. I was living with my aunt, and she was a very, religious woman, every other day was church for us. One day we came home from church, and I was very exhausted so, I decided that I wanted to go to sleep, but before I went to sleep, my aunt was on the side of the bed praying as always!! As I feel into a deep sleep, I was awaken, for sure my physical body was asleep, because I saw myself lying on the bed sleep, but when I looked over towards the door, I saw three, small, red spirits, like balls, coming up the stairs. They didn’t have no body form to them. I was very scared and tried to wake up my aunt but because I was experiencing an outer body experienced my arm when right through her, but I could hear her praying, and before you know it, I was awaken, and when I woke up she was still in the same praying position she was in when I was having the outer body experience!! I don’t know what this means, but I was in the same house, and I heard some noise in the basement and no one was in the house but my uncle and I, not to mention that, he was crippled and could not get around without assistance and the banging noise came from the basement as if something was trying to come through the walls but it scared the crap out of me!!!!!! Do I have capabilities to tap into a spiritual realm or what????? I wanna know!!!!

  23. My mother passed away on May 24th,2011. She was diagnosed as having early Alzheimer’s but her only real issues were the short term memory. A few months before she died she started to occasionally see people sitting in the room with her. I really thought it was some kind of hallucination dementia related issue. It got worse and worse and she started to see people regularly and every and sometimes all day. Of course no one else saw these people. She contracted pneumonia and went into the hospital. She passed away 3 days later ans now I believe that this wasnt the Alzheimer’s but her seeing spirits. The day before she went into the hospital She said a little boy she kept seeing finally spoke to her. Before she has said that none of these people she was seeing spoke to her but now the little boy spoke and he asked her when they were leaving.
    I wish I had recognized this as her time to leave our earth.
    I lives with my mom every day for the past 40 years and will miss her everyday.
    What do you think? How can I increase my chances to speak or hear from her in the afterlife?

    • Hi Dawn,
      I see your post is nearly a month old. Fourty years is a long time to spend with someone. It’s a lifetime for many. Sounds like you really miss your mom. Grief can be so devastating at times. I believe we can speak to those who have passed simply by speaking from our heart. While you may not be as aware of her right now, it doesn’t mean she isn’t aware of you 🙂 Close your eyes, say what is in your heart to her. She will hear you. The more frequent you talk to her, the more aware you will become.
      I’m sorry your mom passed away so quickly. Have faith she watches over you from another place. May your heart heal and may you feel her love always with you((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Dawn)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) you are not alone.

  24. My husband is in the late stages of cancer andI was laying in bed with my husband late at night when I saw a white figure pulling at his feet. I was scared as I felt that they were there too take him away. I yelled at them to leave and they disappeared. I couldn’t sleep for the next few days incase they came back. He has been yelling at people to go away over the last few days. Who are these people?

  25. Hi, ok it was about 3 in the morning and i had got a call from my boyfriend, who was freaking out and saying that him and his friend had seen dead ppl in the ditch, and they kept walking, but they realized what they had seen and walked back but they were gone, so they walked around to the other side and they seen them walkin through the dark. He had told me there were 5 of them, 3 girls and 2 boys, the girls were 11, 15, and 17 the boys were 13, and 18. He had told me he could only remember the name of the 15 year old girl which was sierra. He said they had black eyes and a smile that he had never seen before, and they were cold. He also told me that they had wanted them to follow them but he said no because all that was in front of them was the dark forest, his friend and him walked home as fast as they could, and they were so shaken and couldnt sleep so there is no way they were faking this experience. What do you think?

  26. my grandpa is going through this right now, im 21 and im in kentucky playing baseball and hes in nevada where im from, my family is around him and they are telling me what is all going on, its hard to accept but im getting through it. he actually told my sister which is there to open the window, my sister was confused and asked why and he replied saying, let them in there here for me, he was saying they were in the room as well.

  27. I had 2 brothers. One died in a car accident and the other was killed, both knew how they were going to die. They just didn’t know the time or place. They died 13 years apart. My brother who died in the car accident told my mother of his vision, she brushed off as fear. He died 2 years later in 1995. Nine years later, My other brother started feeling like he was being watched all the time, as time progress he started seeing shadowy figure of man, 2 years before he died saw a vision of death, he was afraid to go outside, then he would constantly look at old pictures as if he was holding to something. He started reading the bible more, because he feel the spirits. He told Me he was suppose to die with my other brother. Needless to say he was killed in 2008.
    This made me realize there really isnt anything separating from the spiritual realm, we are intertwined and how we are taught fear and block the a world that we connected too.

  28. My Mom died on June 15, 2012. While in the hospital she twice said that she saw a dog and asked me if I saw it, she also thought there was someome else in the hospital room with her, she asked me who it was, I just told her there was no one there, she passed a few days after this. I was with her and found her death very peaceful, she just stopped breathing then her heart stopped, for some strange reason it has given me a feeling of peace about her death, I am not sure why, it was like something just came over me while I was holding her in my arms as she died……very peaceful. While it is very sad I am at peace with it. She died one day before her 81 birthday.

        • My father is under Hospice care at a nursing home as of yesterday. He is 94 and 1/2 and lived at home until April 15 when he developed pneumonia. He has been through a lot since then in skilled care. For several weeks now he has been calling out to people, mostly a brother, his mother, his long term friend to help him. He does not realize that he is doing this and when we ask what he wants them to help him with, he does not know. He will now be given comfort care only and some meds to ease him as he dies. He needs to be anxiety free as he transitions. The Hospice nurse said that many times the patient has conversations with those who have passed and she suggested keeping a journal for future reference. He is a good man and we pray he dies peacefully. Thanks for listening.

  29. My mother is 97 and has been bed-ridden for a year now (no physical ailments, not taking any medicine/just aged). For the past two weeks, she has been seeing a lot of deceased family and friends. Some are in the house and some are outside sitting on the patio. My cousin (who died 10 yrs. ago) comes to visit her regularly. My husband (who died two months ago) has been here twice. Two of her sisters have visited as well as some of her friends. Does this mean that she is getting ready to pass on? Some people tell me the spirits are real — some tell me it is all in her mind. Is there anything I should say or do? I, of course, have not seen anyone, but I don’t say that they are not there. This all happens when we are awake sitting together watching Tv.

    • Hey Kathryn,
      Seeing spirits of loved ones is completely normal hey. I would not worry and does not necessarily mean she is passing now, just that her spirit is getting ready. Sorry to hear about your husband as well. Yeah a lot people have different opinions on death, that is fine, to me all the coincidences of commonality line up to much to be just about the mind. But we all need to have our own opinion. Your mother sounds like a perfect example of what i am referring to with my post as well. My grandad saw people before passing as well. He lived to just over 93 and he also used to have experiences of flying to the top of the room as well where he said he was looking down on his body.. Basically astral traveling. This is common also. And he had no issues with health or mind up until he died. I hope that helps Kathryn.

    • Hi, I believe the people your mother is seeing are real…One afternoon in 1989 my grandmother made me lunch like she always did…my cousin was with me on this particular day…we were sitting at the table talking when out of no where she told me that my grandfather had visited her that morning.. I asked her how because Grand Daddy had been dead for 15 yrs. She said that she was laying in bed and felt someone sit at the foot of the bed…she looked up and saw him. She said he told her to just take it easy because it wouldn’t be long till they would be together…she said he looked and sounded just like she remembered and he didn’t scare her. My Grandmother wasn’t sick or anything…but 3 days after she told me that, she got sick and was taken to the hospital. She died there 2 weeks later. Several years later, I became a nurse…and I’ve been with many people when they have passed away…seeing family members present that no one else can see is very common… and those spirits are real…how do I know? Because in every case when a person says they see a family member in the room…it’s a family member who has already died…it’s never a family member who’s alive and well and is living in New York or just down the street…Why is that? Because THEY ARE ALREADY GONE. Hope this helps some.

      • Thanks RT — I was wondering about the fact that all the people she sees are deceased and never any that are still alive. Interesting isn’t it. She is still alive and recently said my father was there and he said he was going to move in and also he said she looked good. That was last week. No one has been here to visit this week yet.

  30. My wifes grandmother passed last year and days before dying said that she was seeing dead people. At first you could tell she did not realize what she was seeing because she would ask who was there and who said that. She did not seemed scared once she realized what she was seeing. Unfortunatly recently my motger inlaw was diagnosed with colon cancer and in a matter of a few months is now bed ridden in the hospital. Yesterday the doc said she has only a few days left. She is still unaware the speed at which mortallity is setting in. Just tonite she reported seeing a man dressed in a brown suit and hat leaving her room. No one matched the description and no one left the room. She also asked who was telling her goodbye when nothing had been said. i fear she will pass very soon

  31. I’m only 22 years old, but I lived my life believing every moment is one to live to the fullest because death is creeping around the conner. I didn’t like to disrespect people, I didn’t like to work anywhere outside being on the line in the kitchen, I always felt as though wasting life on being unhappy and unactive was the worse thing ever. I’ve seen ghosts a few times in certain locations, but I had started seeing ghost before my deadly car wreck.
    There was a full figured shadow male walking thourgh my bathroom door while I was showering.
    There was a full human left arm resting in the passanger seat as I drove once. Then I felt someone poke me in my lower back. that all happened after I saw a full figured male as a white light stand next to the highway.
    So reading this makes me wonder. I woke up in a hospital with a spinal cord injury, collapsed lung, and brain damage. I’ve talked to one of the first firemen to be at the scene of my crash at the bar, and he told me I wasn’t breathing when he first arrived. It was like I was dead, until I spit up some blood then I was talking, and fighting him to try to stand up. So I wonder if I was seeing things because I’m was going to die. Everyone who was there, I dont’ remember a thing, tells me it was an accident that noone would walk away from. And even though I was paralyzed when I woke up, after three months I started professionaly hula hoop dance again. So I wonder if I saw just something that was protecting me, or if I was going to die but my soul fought hard to stay phsyical so I could still chase after my hula hoop dreams.

    Man, I still see things that I cant fully understand, a white ball of light floats around. Yet sometimes I see a dark ball of light float. If I didn’t hit my head at 70+ mph, I could dig deeper into understanding, but I hit my head, so it’s better if I just ignore what I see and feel.

  32. my mom is very ill she had a couple of strokes in the past, open heart surgery in 2000, and now she is 82 and has had another stroke not much Dr can do for her, she’s in the hospital and seed children all over the place an last night she asked why those ladies are staring at her, there was no one in the corner of the room. What do you think?

  33. I was wondering, back in July my boyfriend/fiance who was 59 years old died of a heart attack. I was with him when it happened, called 911 and then stood by as EMS worked on him. While they were giving cpr I saw a big white flash leave his body, nobody else saw it. They continued to work on him and transported him to the hospital where they pronounced him dead. I could swear I heard him tell me it was over as the light flashed, am I crazy or was it really him? I can to this day still hear him talk to me.

    • Hey Deb,
      You are not crazy, one of the major signs of being crazy is not questioning it. What has happened to you is you have seen his spirit move on, because you are spiritually connected to him due to the relationship the experience was noticed by you. This is normal and quite common. In a way it gave you a glimpse of the moving to the afterlife.

  34. Hi. I was reading your article and had been searching on this subject for awhile Something strange happened to me. I was 8 months pregnant when my unborn son died. That night I woke up and noticed that my living room and dining room was full of spirits. Just clustered. I knew they were spirits because I could see through them. It was strange because they were just standing there like waiting. I wasn’t afraid or anything either. I just laid back down after and said a prayer. My little guy kicked wildly before I went to sleep. I had a dream after in which a doctor measured my stomach and placed her hand over were my son always laid and said something wasn’t right. I told her I was 8 months pregnant and she said no something is wrong. In my heart I knew what she meant. I stared to run and I was at a bridge( made of rope and wood) that was crossing the ocean at night. There was a native american ahead of me and as I ran he would stop at doors and windows and gesture me to enter them and I didn’t want to go in. I just wanted to leave the place where the nightmare begin. I woke up and immediately went to the hospital. Where a doctor came in that looked just like the one from my dream. As I was asking about my baby all she kept saying is something isn’t right. My son had passed away due to a rare accident with his cord.
    I thought I would ask what you think about this. As I seen spirits in my home the night my son died. It was strange. Also after this before I had a chance to tell others, people said they felt ghosts/ spirits in my house. And when I got home the blinds in the dinning room would move as if someone was walking in and out of the sliding glass doors. Even though the doors and windows were shut. Again it didn’t scare me at all. But it was very strange. Haven’t been able to find much on the subject as it wasn’t a near death for me but for another. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

  35. hello!

    I saw my grandmother 2days before she passed away.She was in a room next to our house. she was praying , me and my mom knocked at the door, she opened it after a while she told us to sit, me and my mon sat on the bed, she had Quran opened in front of her. we met her, she hugged me and the dream ended. my grandma always wanted to meet me because she loved me more than anything and she said she wanted me meet me before she died and all of a sudden she comes in my dream. The next day we get to lnow she has passed away.
    And now anyone who lives in tht room has to leave due to some or other reason, the room is vacant most of the time.
    Does it mean my grandma met me before she passed away?

    i am 17 wehen this happened i was just 13.


  36. My mom is 75 and lately she has told us her house is full of dead people. She sees many,women,men children, some she will say have their mouths and eyes sewn up others in bloody hospital gowns. She is most disturbed by a man that she said will not speak to her. That he looks right thru her and he lives in a picture on the wall. The doctors say medically there’s nothing wrong with her. She is scared now of her house and at night she pulls the covers over her face and will not remove them until morning. My brother has to stay the night with her. She also says snakes come for her too. Her kids, including I don’t no what to do.mcan you give us some advise.

    • Hey Debi,
      The situation sounds confronting for all of you, let me try to help. Seeing spirits in any way is a transition that many of us go through as we get older into our late years. Like what the doctors say there is nothing wrong, but that does not mean something is not happening, only what the doctors see medically as a healthy women. Fear is a big one in this situation, fear can draw the sort of spirits that she may not want to see. It is important to be as positive as possible as she gets used to the transition. The good news is the spirits cannot harm her, so being positive will push the negative ones away. Burning sage incense can help as well, as it moves on negative spirits. Just a little burning every day can help, these can be bought at a hippy shop or here.. Why sage works? Who knows, but it does help.

      With the snakes aspects they are usually a representation of facing fear. She will need to pass that one, being positive is important here as well..

      I hope that helps. Having family around for her will help as well..;)

  37. Hi my mom is 63 and has been declining in health, she’s always in pain from her health issues. Now lately she has been seeing random spiirits of men women and children. She is not afraid of them, but they are there. Im worried because this happened to my grandma a couple months before she passed. Do you think the time is coming for my mom? This has never happened to her before…

  38. My boyfriend back in high school (1997) was friends with some of my friends on Facebook. Therefore every so often they would like or comment on a picture he would post and u would see it in my news feed. Last year (2013) he started posting pics of ghost. Needless to say when he started this I was worried that something was going to happen to him needless to say the following July he passed away. You can go to his Facebook page and see it if you like Bradley.Leatherwood I know around October 2013 is when I first saw one of his ghost pics, but it could have went back further than that.

  39. My father was diagnosed with cancer and given 12 weeks and died 12 weeks to the day (I was amazed by this). I gave up work, my rental home and moved back home so I could be there till he passed over. He had lost a lot of weight and was not looking well at all when he got a visit from his grandson and great grandson who was 9 months at the time. My father had the baby on his lap but the baby kept reaching for dad to pick him up so we lifted the baby so he could be closer, with that the baby rested his head on dads neck, then lifted his head and looked at dad as if he was reassuring him, then he would rest his head and look again. This went on for about 20 minutes before dad got tired and had to lie down on the couch and the baby eyes followed dad so intently and didn’t break his glance. We all had this feeling that they were communicating with each other. They both (we all) cried when it was time for the baby to go as if it was the last time they would see each other and it was. It was and still is a very emotional experience that had taken place. He went downhill very quickly that last month, slept a lot and ate very little. I was with him always as I knew that before long I would never have this opportunity again and he spoke daily for 2 weeks about a dark figure standing at the end of his bed asking him to come with him. He couldn’t see a face but felt he knew this entity and kept asking me who was it. The final 2 weeks he was in an induced coma and never spoke a word. The morning he passed away my brother went home to pick up some stuff and then come straight back, my mum and sister went down the road to quickly get milk and bread. Dad heard my sis beep the horn to signal they have left, dad looked at me as he passed peacefully. I believe he waited for them to leave so he could pass away. My whole outlook on life changed and I am so grateful it was my dad who shaped me into who I am today.

  40. Hi my sister passed away from cancer at 15 years old and before she died I was sleeping in my brothers room and I saw her walk down the hall stood in the doorway looking at me than turned around and walk back into her room but I couldn’t see her face but her body I rubed my eyes to make sure I want seeing things and than I called her name than I relized she didn’t have her iv in so I ran to my parents room and woke then up telling them that Julia was walking around the house without her iv my parents checked and she was sound asleep with her iv. When she did eventually pass away that night I heard her saying my brothers name . I have always felt her with me I talk to her do you think she can hear me or shes here when she passed away she said she saw a rainbow. Well I was 13 years old now I’m 40 and till this day out of the cornor of my eye I see things I feel someone there. My husband dosent believe but I know what I saw. Why couldn’t I see her face?

    • Margarida,
      People who see things including loved ones, spirits are very special. No one can say for sure why you have this happening to you One thing you can be certain of with no doubt in your mind is that Jesus is the answer to all of this. His love for you overpowers all of the doubt caused by these occurrences, because it is doubt you feel isn’t it? There are no secrets with Jesus, you don’t have to wonder what is happening because he tells you everything you need to know. Make sure you know him in your life and if you don’t just ask him and tell him you want to know him. I guarantee you will be aware of his presence if you ask.

  41. I wanted to ask is there other people who loved ones were passing seen a little girl who seems to be dirty running around? My mom seen people gathering around her bed, she seen my dad who have passed two years before her and a man in a suit but also a little girl who she told my sister to catch her and clean her up Also almost a year later my sister said a lady who is dying is seeing a little girl who is dirty and telling her nurse to clean her up. To me this is something I would like to look into I have several stories to tell but would like to know if anyone else family member has seen this little girl who seems to be dirty

  42. My mother is 84 and in fairly good health with exception that she is losing her eyesight to macular degeneration and glaucoma. My father died in 2012…they had been married for 63 years. She has been seeing spirits, mostly in the early morning hours, since dad died. But recently she has been seeing them throughout the day and she describes them as being quite active. They move things, stand on the furniture, and generally annoy her until she gets up and yells at them. They disappear when she does this. What does this mean?

  43. Hello,within the last year I have done a lot of research in an attempt to find someone who has experienced something similar. I’m now 37 years old I have been a nurse for 15 years now. I have worked as a hospice nurse for three of the 15. I consider myself very spiritual and actually became a nurse because I was drawn to to it but also because of an experience I had as a child. When I was 13 years old my father was diagnosed with cancer that raplidly spread. Within four months of his diagnosis went into a coma and was taken off life support. My mother at the time was 8 months pregnant with my little brother and needles to say it was a life changing and tremendously painful time. He was taken off life support at 2 in the afternoon. I had been at a friend’s house that day as my mother and family tried to shield me from this moment the best she could. I remember coming home and my mom saying daddy’s gone and just holding me. That night I went, laid down and fell asleep. At some point during the night I woke up and floating over me was a white flowing figure. It wasn’t like any of the pictures u see on websites or special effects u see on TV or the internet. I can only describe it as a long flowing white figure without facial features or hands or legs. I was completly awake and have never felt a sense of calm like that since. I just remember feeling like I knew he was OK and that we were going to be OK and I laid there for a few minutes and returned to sleep. The next morning I told my mom and she said it was my dad. Being a nurse and working in different areas within my feild I have seen some very sad things and had the honor of being present during a lot of deaths especially while working in hospice. I refuse to believe the explanations given by skeptics. I know I was not dreaming I was awake as I am right now. I understand the different levels of consciousness and sleep cycles and what grief can do to the mind. But ever since that day I have always taken comfort in the fact that death is not the end. My question for you is ……… Have you heard of this happening ? Do you think children are more sensitive to these encounters? Why haven’t I seen anything since that night?

    • When i was a little girl about five and a half.. I had a close friend she was about my same age her name was sandra actually her mom was my mother’s cousin in second so i guess that made us kinda related.. She got very ill and stopped coming to visit when i next saw her she had lost all her hair.. As i started to wonder something wasn’t right i asked my mom what was happening to my friend.. So mom told me that she was suffering and battleing leukemia.. Not too long after i found out about her illness and that she passed away day i was playing the usual games and she came to me as she always did .. Smiling and entered the room running.. And we played …back then i thought death was like going away on a trip that was a dead person was allowed to visit so i wasn’t scared .. This happened many times we played and the she said her goodbyes.. As time went on she stopped coming less and less and i got older and forgot much about it . On one ocassion i told my grandma about it and she couldnt believe what i was saying she then told me that sandra was not alive that what i saw and played with was her but in spirit.. You see since then i’ve been very afraid of that illness leukemia i lost that friend ..then later on in life my uncle died of it and just three months ago my dad died from the same illness.. As i got older i never saw any spirits until i gave birth to my only daughter eight yrs ago and had to undergo emergency histerectomy because i was dying my uterus never contracted and i was bleeding to death and as doctor’s struggled to keep me alive i only rememeber feeling like i was floating like in an elevator i kept asking the doctors over ten all around me if we were going up floors .. I survived i dont remember much i was in a coma for two days and made a good recovery after that experience i was able to see a spirit from time to time.. Once on the highway as i was driving on the fast lane i saw a guy dressed as if he worked for wall street just standing next to the road he did look like kinda color less like plaid gray then he vanished then at my job i also saw a spirit.. That was it nothing more .. I have been wanting to see my dad since our relationship was so strong i cry almost daily since 5/29/16 i look everywhere just hoping to see a glimpse of him or in my dreams and nothing .. Yet i still hope one day it may finally happen! i dont know if am gifted but when we are children i believe we have an innocence that allows us to see beyond .. Into another realm … So as we grow older we loose that gift .. However at times we may regain it when something dramatic like a near death experience happens and i believe we also get that gift as we are approaching our final days .. Like it happened to my dear daddy i wrote about it on this blog at the end of his life he began to see spirits too! Am not sure if this story answers your questions but i do believe something similar may have happened to you. God bless you! It must have been hard to loose your dad at such a young age.. I was very lucky to have him with me many years but we are humans and i struggle with his death every day! Angie Arcila

  44. I must say a week before my poor mom passed away in a nursing home, one night, the nurses ran in her room because she was screaming in sheer horror! The nurses said my mother never had psychotic behaviors and I have neither experienced her to have them. The next day I asked her what happened and she said a dark figure was staring at her but that she noticed the shadow more than the face. I believe she was introduced to the outer world by a spirit visiting her. Her screams to me where just a natural reaction to the unknown. I asked her are you sure it just wasn’t worker in her room in the corner just being lazy since this was during 2am to 5am. She was confident that it was not a worker. The nurses said no one was even in there when they came to her room.

  45. My father passed away on 5/29/2016 from mylodisplastic syndrome a blood disorder still considered a kind of mild cancer which develops into acute leukemia in less than five years is often called preleukemia he was 66 yrs old.
    Well He had been in the hospital in and out for quite some time on one if his last stays he spoke to me over the phone and said honey am seeing casper and friends and when i asked him more he began to describe his experience in a happy kind of manner he stated that he often saw a child a little girl running and playing in the hallways of the hospital floor.. When he asked the nurses he was told that couldnt be possible because that floor does not allow children since most patients have leukemia and are under going chemotherapy and radiation he also saw men and women that after passing them in the wheelchair and looking back they had disappeared thats when he was being taken by nurses to undergo tests.. He was also told that the floor where he was used to be the floor assigned to children most often with all kinds of cancer. I believe some how that when our time to die approaches and gets closer to us when begin to see spirits and make a connection sort of lifting a veil of our eyes

  46. I manage to get blessed with knowing when someone is going to pass. I don’t always necessarily know who, I mean I do but it doesn’t always register until after it happens in some instances. Two years ago, I had a dream, in the dream I could seem a bare chested person receiving the paddles on their chest, all I knew is there was no hair on the chest, they were laying on their bed and they were being non-responsive. Paramedics were around the individual. 6 weeks later, my best friend Jen in Ak was had flight for life to the local hospital, she died of an aneurysm. A couple of months ago, I saw my ex husband and ask him about his cousin Dawn, I asked his about her his cousin, which was random cause I only met Dawn once. I said, Didn’t Dawn and her husband get a divorce, he replied no that was her sister and her husband, I replied back oh, I had the weirdest dream, in the dream Dawn and her husband were waving good bye to each other. Two week later, Dawns husband was loading the car up for them to do a trip. He took something out to the car, came back in and Dawn was laying on the floor when he came in, and she was dead. I did this with is cousin as well, years ago, asked him have you talked to Paul in a while, he said no, I said hmmm maybe you should give him a call. He shrugged his shoulders, thought nothing of it, never called him. His dad called him and his dad told him, that Paul hung himself. Many more deaths I have had happen this way that I could mention. The other thing I have happen is, I see shadows a few weeks prior to a death happening or immediately right after a death happens. I don’t know who they are when I see a shadow, but I see them. And it normally is on a wall that has no reason to have a shadow on the wall as it is not opposite of a window or lamp that would project light into a room.

    • I see exactly what you see. But mine I know who’s shadows and who is going to die. It’s scary and very heavy. Following me everywhere until that person dies.

    • Whenever you see spirits with this regularity they are there because they are comfortable. They’re comfortable because Jesus is nowhere in the area. The name of Jesus will make them flee, they can’t stand his name because he conquered death on the cross. He is the light that shines in the darkness so when you or someone you love sees a “shadow” but (not sure if you saw a face) this is not a good spirit! There aren’t good spirits by friends. The true test of any spirit is this simple question: Did Jesus Christ come in the flesh? If they can’t agree they will flee.

  47. I can see someone before they die. Their soul follows me until they pass on. It has been happening since I was 3 years old. Have been saying so and so is going to dye and in 1hour or the following day they’re died. Is it normal??

  48. My boyfriends grandmother passed away last night. She has been dying for the past 3-4yrs from her 4th time with cancer. We got the call yesterday afternoon that she had only a few hours to live. My boyfriend went to go be with his brothers up the road since all their family is up north about 10hours away. About thirty minutes to an hour after he left, I took our dog out back to relieve him. It was dark out so I could see through our bedroom curtain and window clearly cause the light was on. As I’m walking I saw a shadow in the window walk away. It did not scare me. I called my boyfriend to make sure everything was okay and his response was “no she’s just staring off now”. She passed away about two to three hours after that phone call. I wonder if she came to visit him before she passed on. Our house has been not just cold but freezing since last night especially our bedroom, and we have the thermostat set to 72, so the heat is just fine. I’ve always been told since I can remember that I have “esp”. Apparently I would warn people about things before they happened as a child. As I got older I came into this gift more and more. Suffered a TBI in a car accident and started experiencing sleep paralysis at a rate that I was eventually diagnosed with a seizure disorder. Now, I am 26 and I can’t help but wonder why I seem to make electronics go haywire when I am near them. It has become a joke now with my boyfriend and friends that I fry electronics. I am also very careful to not be fearful of the spirits I experience and do not allow any negative spirits to latch on to me. I also notice that my ability or gift gets foggy when I drink alcohol. What does all of this sound like to you?

  49. My father, 89, living on failed kidneys and going through gradual other organ failures has twice reported seeing a man in white sitting at the dining table and having a conversation with him. He asked my mother if she could see anyone there, she said no. Was wondering what this is about.

  50. My mom passed away from a septic shock in 2010, at the age of 50, before mother’s day. She was sick for a few days and we thought she had the flu… I had a very hard time coping with her death as we were very close. I was 26 years old back then. In 2014, on my birthday, I had to rush to the hospital because my tube (from an ectopic pregnancy) had ruptured. I was in excruciating pain and it was a life threatening condition. I lost a lot of blood and needed a transfusion. While I was waiting on the bed to get operated on, I was very nervous, I felt a hand touching and grabbing mine. I knew it was my mom giving me the strength to survive…

    Then, last week, I was listening to a song my mom used to sing (she was a singer and I’m one too). As I was watching Barbara Streisand signing The Way We Were on Youtube (someone requested me to make a cover of that song my mom used to sing), I saw a black shadow from the corner of my eye. I was sure it was my husband but I was alone. I got a bit scared and thought I was going crazy but then I felt this incredible energy ( I don’t know how to describe it it was very heavy) wrapping around me and that energy made me cry because I knew it was her. The following night I had a strange dream and she was in it. I asked her if she could get my messages when I was trying to communicate with her and she replied it was easy too get them because I was on a high level of spiritual connection (the one closest to the sky and she showed me with her hand). Then, I asked her the same question about my sister and she told me that it was more difficult to get her messages because she was on the medium level…

    At first, I was very happy with this visit and this dream that followed but then I started worrying it might be a sign of my death coming… I don’t know why but I have this strange feeling… I’m only 33 years old and have no kids yet after having lost 5 babies, our only option now is in vitro or adoption but I want to be a mom, I’m too young to die…

  51. I see shadows of people before they pass, I don’t know who they are, but you can count on if I see a shadow someone is passing withing days. I recently started linking my dreams with the shadows, I had a dream my friend was crying into a glass, it reached half full with tears and she stopped. The next day, while doing homework, looking over the top of my glasses, I caught a glimpse of a shadow walking across the kitchen, her father passed away the next day. My most recent was this morning, in the laundry room, I saw a side shot of the shoulders up of a shadow….wondering who’s next. I have been doing this for about 15 yrs.

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