Shadow People Sightings Increasing!

Over the last 5 years, more and more sightings of the shadow people are becoming more and more common.. Is it because they always were common, just not discussed or was it because more people are going online now and sharing the experiences.. One common shadow experience is someone seeing a humanoid type shadow from the corner of the eye.. When they go to look at it, it seems to slip away..

In a previous post I wrote about a shadow people video found in 1997, maybe in time they will have some major proof into what it is or why people would choose to hoax these videos if they are all hoaxes..

There are so many theories on what the shadow people are, one being that the shadows are a glimpse into another dimension, another a lower level of consciousness and another a type of spirit following you.. In some old cultures, some people claim that they are spirits waiting for human death or some others have said they are like gate guards protecting the bridge between this world and the other world.. Whatever it is, these shadow people sure are a paranormal mystery..!

Is it people seeing there own shadow or do they really exist..? I will let you decide..? comment below..

Controversial Shadow People Footage

Above – Shadow People caught on video.

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  1. I wanted to write to you about my experience with ”shadow people”. First off let me say that I’m perfectly sane, don’t believe in aliens, ghosts, religion, 2012 or anything of the sorts that can’t be backed up with scientific evidence. So I feel like a whack even writing this….

    I know what happened was real, I wasn’t sleep deprived, suffering from any sort of mental problem, half asleep or under the influence of anything. Yet I have no logical explanation for it.

    I seen them at my grandmothers house. It started off with me just feeling an uneasy presence… like someones watching you or is in the room with you. But I was quick to brush it off as me just being sensitive or having an over active imagination.

    Then I would see shadows out of the corners of my eyes. Again, I put down to tricks of the light or my mind. These shadows were always smaller sized (maybe about the size of a small chihuahua dog), very quick to move and from what I seen appeared black and roundish in shape. When I was lying in bed at night I would sense them running at high speed around the bed giving me the feeling they were taunting me, but I wouldn’t ever see them so I always thought it was my over active imagination on my fear of the dark.

    One night I was lying in bed and looking at the doorway. A dark figure, for some reason I felt it was female (at first I actually assumed it was my little sister, but she would of been too short to be her silhouette) stood in the doorway looking at me. I was terrified but didn’t feel threatened, it almost seemed curious. I say looking at me, but it had no eyes… no features. Just the dark outline of a human figure. I wrote this incident off again as my mind playing tricks on me.

    Sleeping in a different bedroom in the house gives me a different view of the landing. One night I seen a TALL man walking. Again, just a dark outline… no features. He was so tall that his neck bent at the ceiling a little. This figure gave me a sense of pure terror, and also one of authority. He moved slower than the others and seemed more calm. He never seemed to move directly towards me. I seen him on three separate occasions…. I remember trying to convince myself that he was my grandfather or father… but he was unhumanly tall to be so. I wrote him off as a ghost or some kind of apparition that wasn’t here to deal directly with me, but wasn’t to be messed with either haha.

    My next encounter will stick with my the rest of my life. I was sleeping in bed with my grandmother. She woke up in the middle of the night, went down got a bowl of cereal and came back to bed to eat. I was asleep in the bed next to her. I had a dream… well more of a premonition. I saw a ‘shadow person’ climb onto the end of the bed and come up the bed between my legs (not in a sexual mannor, just towards my chest). I woke up before it got to me but I already knew when it got to my chest it would try suffocate me.
    I woke up and there was a medium sized shadow person at the foot of my bed, exactly how I had saw it. Again just a blob of a human silhouette.. no features but defiantly modeled off the human form. The form was dark colored, but looking right at it … it looked grey with every color imaginable swirled through it… but combined gave it an overall dark look I could not explain. It didn’t get around to climbing onto the bed like in my dream, I don’t remember if it just vanished…. walked out the room or what. I think I looked at my nan, then looked back and it was gone.

    Whislt the form was standing at the end of the bed I said my nan ”can’t you see it”. She told me she never did look around for anything as she couldn’t take her eyes off me. She said my mouth was wide open, my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I was making a hissing noise like a cat.

    After this incident, others came to light. My nans children (my mother and uncle) who had grew up in the house had often mentioned seeing similar shadow things. My uncle saw a boy at the foot of his bed who would sit with him.

    My nan told me at night she would feel the small ones run across the bed at high speed…. almost like they were taunting her. She would feel paralyzed whenever they came and said they felt like little animal paws – each small blob seemed to have four feet like a dog or cat. But she never saw them and they were very quick. My granddad doesn’t believe in the supernatural… but he too has felt the things run across the bed. When he felt it he thought it was my nan playing jokes on him and he sat up and smacked it away. My nan believes he scared them as they never ever came back around my grandad or appeared when he was around after that.

    My dad also doesn’t believe in the supernatural, he too has admitted to seeing and feeling things but to this day won’t discuss exactly what he encountered with me…

    My mom told me about a particular incident she experienced when I was much younger. We were moving house and lodging at my nan’s place until we could move into our new home. My mom was having an afternoon nap upstairs. She woke up and heard what she presumed was me on the landing, so she closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. She heard it enter the room and come up beside her. She felt hands grip around her neck and when she tried to open her eyes she couldn’t fully. What she could see was two long thin hairy arms to her neck. Hairy like a dog or wolf.

    After the incident with one at the foot of my bed, my nan called a guy off the radio for help – I guess he had a supernatural station. Anyway this guy came by the house and basically explained that these are spirits to scare you away from entering dimensions – most people enter them in their sleep unconciously when they slow their systems down. He said they get eviler and eviler…. most of them can’t hurt you – but the bigs ones can. They feed off negative energy and are drawn/seen more by certain people. He seemed to know exactly what they were as soon as I told him what I had experienced and shown him my drawings. He went upstairs ”to use the toliet” and performed an exorcist (he disclosed to us at a later date). He told us he slowed down his breathing and heart rate and had an outter body experience in these different dimensions. Well whatever he did worked… the house *felt* better afterwards, I can’t explain. I don’t know if he was right about what he said, about what they were. (I don’t usually buy into all that nonsense) but whatever he did WORKED! (And it wasn’t just a mind ‘placebo’ thing because I was VERY skeptical he was right at the time).

    If anyone reads this and wants to chat: please email me:

  2. I too have seen these things since I was little and the past year strange things have been happening, My daughter is afraid to go in my room, my god son says there is a scarey man in my room, and my room is the only room in the house that stays freezing cold. This morning I started my car and when I went back in the house to grab my phone, I went back outside and my car wasn’t started and my keys were gone, I walked back in the house and my keys were on my kitchen table. I’m not crazy, but my mother thinks I stressed and needs to go to the dr.

  3. Personally, I think shadow people appear when there is strife or discord within the home. My children are living in my house (I moved out), they argue and squabble all the time and shadow people have appeared, scaring the living daylights out of my girls. But, when all is well and things are going great, no shadow people. I think they are drawn to negative energy.

  4. I’ve had a lot of shadow people in my life. But since the beginning of March, the sightings I have had increased.

    I keep having this recurring shadow figure inside of my mirror. The first time I saw it I woke up sweating and I felt like something was watching me. I looked at the mirror and I saw the figure of a man. When I looked at him he seemed to have just walked out of view. This has been constantly appearing.

    I’ve also seen some in my classroom. The ones there are small and run under the desks if someone AKA me sees them.

    Those are the most recent stories that I have had.

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