Sleep Meditation Technique

Sleep meditation is a common technique to induce a more meditative sleep state.. It has been a recommended form of meditation for those suffering from sleep related stress or those suffering from recurrent nightmares..

In this post I wanted to describe a basic sleep meditation technique to help those with these recurring sleep stress issues..

Guide to Basic Sleep Meditation and the Technique

1 )  – Lay down comfortably like in a sleep position as comfortable as possible..

2 ) Begin to unwind and let the stresses of the day wash away..

3 ) Tell every part of the body to relax starting at the feet and then legs then hips, etc all the way up to the head and mind.. Be patient and allow the full effects of telling your body parts to take effect..

4 ) Repeat step three twice to encourage the body to be in a more relaxed state…

6 )  – Now start to focus on your breath and let let thoughts come and go but just let them pass.. When a thought does happen just acknowledge it, but let it pass like similar to be on a train and looking at the scenery…

5 )  – Now tell yourself  — “I will now go into a meditative safe state before sleep, where it is okay to fall asleep and let the meditation effect my sleeping pattern.. I give permission to myself and mind to let go in this state and allow the sleep meditation technique to take hold to allow healing, relaxation and protection in sleep..”

7 )  – Continue step 6 —  focus on breath and let yourself slip into a more meditative state close to trance..

8  )  – Keep doing it until trance, sleep and meditation type state occurs and let yourself have a restful night sleep… Enjoy..

2 thoughts on “Sleep Meditation Technique

    If you have problems falling asleep or staying asleep try this:
    Turn off all the circuit breakers (CB) in your house or apartment except the one going to your refrigerator and freezer. If you do not know which CB, open the door to the refrigerator and turn off CB’s until the light goes out in the refrigerator. Now, turn it back on and turn the rest off. If you need heat or air, you should leave this one on too. This circuit breaker will be a double, about 20amperes. But if you want to sleep you will turn this off too just for this experiment. You will need a flashlight and a battery powered alarm clock, if you need one to wake up by, if this experiment works for you?
    The ideal is to get as far away from an electrical outlet or wiring as possible. In order to do this you should sleep as greater distant from the Refrigerator and CB box as possible. This is why the CB’s are turned off. Sleeping on the other side of the wall from the refrigerator do not count as distant. If you live in an apartment it will be hard to get away from outlets and wiring due to the person living next door. You can get them in on this experiment. You must consider those living below, behind, on top, and on each side. In a big house it should be good to go experiment. Also, sleep as far as possible from power lines outside as well.

  2. Good points there on sleep and the effects of electricity, doing this with a sleep meditation technique would be an awesome combination.. 🙂

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