First of all we all want to believe right..? The longing to understand the mysteries of the world is in all of us. We all know their are amazing things in the world that need to be understood and the mind will not rest until it is fully understood.

Interestingly enough no matter what it is the Paranormal is everywhere whether you want it to be or not.. Even when science explains something do you look at it and then say to yourself well that’s it, now that was disappointing, now to the next mystery. The truth is science is amazing, yes it can figure stuff out, yet there is always elements it cannot understand. First of all it cannot fully understand life after death, astral projection, near death experiences, UFO encounters, crop circles, space, life before death, spirits, haunted houses, elements of the pyramids, what is a black hole, infinity, the soul and many many more..

black hole

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( The Milky Way Black Hole, mysterious, paranormal, spiritual..? Paranormal is everywhere! )

We all know these elements exist in some way yet science does not understand, so does that mean they are not real..? Does that mean we should stop believing, stop understanding what really is real. You know even if they did figure out what a black hole in space was made of, still no one would understand what it can do..? Unless.. they experienced it right?

Many elements of paranormal are proven now, science and research has that credit.. One is the orientation of the Earth, many believed it was flat just over 250 years ago, in fact in some places in Europe people were executed for being witches because of this belief. Most believed the world was flat and monsters lived at the edges of the world and guess what, that was 250 years ago.. Were they wrong, yes, but guess what, does that make the world less amazing..? No way i say, it makes it more real and more amazing. To think we are floating on a rock in space rotating around a ball of liquid energy called the sun.. It has to make you think, what the..?

Anyways back to my point, you want to BELIEVE, well here you have it.. Is this true, yes or no..? Life is a mystery, we travel through a limitless space where wonders are at every corner, surrounded by animals and species which share our same fate. The planet creates air we breathe mainly from trees, we eat what we call food, we sing, we celebrate life, we can create life itself. We are all connected to everything, even with the elements as far our mind can understand, nothing is impossible in space and yet many still believe that when a paranormal activity happens on earth it is nothing.. Like nothing amazing is happening everyday..
Video – Black Holes – Mysteries Of The Universe HD Documentary – Noah

You want to believe, believe this, paranormal is everywhere, what we see is our experience, do not let science judge your decision. What is happening all the time is amazing, life is amazing, in fact if something does happen that is paranormal it really should be called truth.. Because it is everything that is.. Life is amazing.. Do not stop believing as everywhere amazing things are happening.

Next time you have a paranormal experience (we all have them) do not be afraid to share. Live life to the full, in the mystery.. Enjoy..

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