Spiritually Understanding the Earth

One of the most important elements of life is understanding ourselves spiritually. One of these aspects of understanding is understanding where we are and respecting it for giving us life. This is what I like to refer to as understanding the Earth spiritually.

spiritual earth

Beautiful Earth seen from space – Can we spiritually fix the spiritual separation by many..?

From the moment we are born, many of us are conditioned that their is a massive separation between us and the Earth. In reality the two are the same, as are all things on and beyond this planet. Simply put we can not be spiritual at all if we can not understand the importance of the Earth. In a way the Earth is like our spaceship and everything on it and within it is like our large room. Every day we breath the air the earth provides, we eat it’s food, drink the water and lastly even create life here in some way everyday with our own thoughts.

Sadly due to bad conditioning and religious misunderstandings, some have gone so as to test the Earth in more ways than one. Pollution, extinction of species, cars, famine, war, clear felling and other weapons of misunderstanding have almost changed the most important aspect in life, our own lives spiritually. Is this consciousness, is this evolution, sometimes no matter how much I look at it, intelligence of the human race seems to be going back ward..?

Is it possible to go back to this full spiritual connection with the Earth and live modernly or has the human race gone too far now?

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