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Stonehenge is one of the worlds most amazing mysteries, if you have not been there before and you live in England its is definitely worth a tour. The distance from London to Stonehenge is only 137 klms West.. What particularly makes Stonehenge significant is its history.. Some have believed it was an old 4000 year old pagan church, others believe it was for druid worshipping and others believe it was a monument erected in location near the legendary Camelot..

Structure of Stonehenge

It’s structure we know is truly amazing, if used properly it  has the ability to tell the time as well date and season.. Maybe its holiness was just this focus alone, allowing people to go to the shrine and to meditate or pray to seasons allowing great crops.?

Interested in doing a Tour to Stonehenge..

If you are interested in doing a tour to Stonehenge I recommend going there for the full day if possible allowing the many angles of sun to be seen between the rock formations.. You can always pay for a tour yourself by a guide however I think it is best to have an open mind when it comes to the understanding of this monument.. Look at it and decide for yourself what it feels like to you..

stone henge

Inner Connection when at Stonehenge

One interesting aspect many claim when visiting the Stonehenge monument is a deep calm and relaxing feeling.. Like a longing or deep connection to the earth, this possibly supports the theory that it definitely was a monument or temple used by Pagan religion to connect to the earth and the elements.. The theory as a place of Pagan worship is highly possible as it was the main religion before Christianity and was also the religion that started Christianity in the first place..

Whatever the reason is Stonehenge was most likely Pagan, it is a known wonder of the world, it is sacred to English culture and heritage, it is a remembrance of a powerful society and it is a highly magnetic spot on the earth..

Let me know if you have done a Stonehenge tour and what are your thoughts are on this monument?

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  1. I just thougth that you may like a link to the official tourism website for the Stonehenge area – there’s maps, accommodation and further information on how to get to Stonehenge on the website.

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