Telepathy Happens all the Time for Everyone

Mind telepathy is another interesting aspect of the Occult world. Telepathy is the communication or reading of other people’s thoughts. Many may think the ability telepathy is impossible or is just a myth, yet interestingly enough we all do it a lot through out our life. How you may ask..?

First of all let me say 2 common telepathic actions and responses humans do quite commonly..

1. ) Telepathic Thinking of Someone from the past and Then they Call – This is a common one, you may be thinking about someone from your past who you have not heard from for years or maybe they were brought up in memory conversations. The thoughts create an emotional response from the past internally and then within the next few days that person calls or you see them.. Basically this is like the tuning of consciousness between you two and indicates a telepathic communication. Has this happened to you lately..?

2. ) Telepathically Hearing a Song in your head – This is a common one, when spending time with someone. You could have a song stuck in your head and then all of a sudden someone starts singing it around you. This is 100% proof of telepathy considering no one knows what song is stuck in your head, they have simply heard your thoughts and started singing…

Other common examples or signs of telepathy can be seen between two lovers, twins or mother and baby. These occurrences are happening all the time. It appears to be whenever emotional controlled thought is used telepathy seems to be possible.

In a way it’s like we are tuning into the consciousness more with thought and emotions and occasionally we pick up others frequency. It only makes sense when I think about it, we are all connected via consciousness after all..

As for trying to trigger this telepathy communication, it would make sense to sit and think of the person you wish to communicate with and attach an emotional thought to them. Maybe when doing this simple technique, ask them to call and see what happens.. You may be quite surprised when the phone calls later or you see them unexpectedly…

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