The Amityville Horror Haunting Explored

The Amityville house is recorded as being one of the most haunted places in history. It received large amounts of publicity and media attention. By the rumours the house was said to of been placed on a old Indian burial ground. The house was also the location of the tragic Defeo Mass Murder scene.

Later on after the murder case was closed, the house remained empty for a period of time before a new couple, Kathleen and George Lutz purchased the house at a discounted price. The deduction in value partly due to its dark history. Not long after moving in the Lutz couple had many experiences which they described as a haunting. This lead the couple after many attempts to quiet the haunting to have to vacate and sell the house on.

A book and a video was later made of there experience.

The video above can help to get to know a little more on the Amityville House, peoples testimonials and what took place there with it’s haunting.

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