The Brain acts the same with Imagination

One interesting find I heard about recently is about how the brain works.. Interesting enough scientists have found that the brain produces the same area of activity of seeing something physically with the eyes as to if we close our eyes and imagine it.. This opens up many more doors to the theory of consciousness, and that all experience is inside..

If the brain cannot tell the difference between what is out there and what we see inside then does that make what we see out there as real as what we see or visual what we see inside..? Also does this also indicate that what we see inside is in effect what we see outside as well..?

Maybe we are all creating more than what we think simply by thinking it, if so this supports my theory more on thoughts creating us and our reality, mentioned in some of my earlier posts.. What do you think of this discovery and theory.. ? How the mind acts the same with internal imagination as external visual..

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