The Nine Forbidden Practices of the Occult – The Debunked Version

I have noticed a lot of Christian websites, this one as example trying to once again put the Occult practice into another yet evil form of practice. This type of thing really frustrates me because it really is leading people down the wrong path in life and is not allowing people to grow in a spiritual way. The rules and laws as they call it are in nine main areas and are things seen as not to do. This is all references from the Bible which as we all know if read contradicts itself over and over.

However this is not the normal post , this is the debunked version, giving reason and understanding into why we should really avoid such propaganda, the Occult after all is not an evil act, there is only evil people, the Occult is the study of the unknown and that is all. A search often for the inner spiritual side of ourselves.

9 forbidden practices of the occult debunked version

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The Nine Forbidden Practices of the Occult

Each one of the 9 rules below having my notes below on debunking the concept.

1) Human Sacrificesacrifice

According to what is written of human sacrifice, it is all throughout the Bible, even Jesus was sacrificed. His sacrifice was for the people in that area to pay for peoples sins, often human
sacrifice was for rain or crops during that time. It was an excepted practice at the time, however i agree killing to gods is stupid and made sense to stop. Christians often say Jesus had to die for our sins but in truth you are being fooled by yet another sacrifice offering to the Gods of the time. He did not have to die but like i said sacrifice was common. People at the time said it had to happen to pay for sins, just like people also said it had to happen to get rain or better crops.

Abortion is not a great thing and I am sure everyone can agree that it is not what anyone wants, yet  no one has the right to decide for other persons freedoms especially if the abortion is due to acts of crime etc. In the same sense using a condom could be called the same and so could bringing a kid up into famine or hardship.

Where is god there?

2) Divination – The Heart of the occult. Manipulation from demonic sources.

Divination is to see partly into the future, to forecast like the weather channel, if someone has that gift would it not be an act of god given. I mean why believe in a god if they give gifts and then one cannot use it. This is a ridiculous forbidden practice. Everything is foretasted these days, the weather, the economy, our future desires.

3) Astrology – We either trust God or the Zodiac but not both!

Well, this one makes sense because if one studies the Zodiac it helps understand the universe better which takes away control from the belief structure. This in turn is no good for the religion and any loss of control means less money for the church. The church throughout history has changed and manipulated words in the Bible to create control, whether laws, whether encouraging wars, it has been at the center of most forms of control in western culture.. That control could be looked at as evil as well.

4) Enchanter – Someone satanically endowed to produce seductive spells.

Okay, okay this one is really ridiculous really. What is marriage other than a old spell of binding, these practices obviously were not thought through. Those that think marriage and the promise is not a spell are kidding themselves. Is this an evil spell? Heck no, but it is a spell none the less. On the concept of seduction, that is up to the individual in the situation. However, yes I agree, control in this form is not good and would put in the evil category. Making someone fall in love for no reason is wrong in general.

5) Witchcraft and Witches – Includes its modern, organized counterpart, Wicca.witch

Often science was called Witchcraft and so this is another ridiculous rule. In fact it has been proven with evidence that most witches were simply herbalists that helped heal the people. The church
never liked them as they took power away from the church so that is why this rule exists.

They at the time would prefer the practitioner of basic medicine was put to death or sacrificed rather than them losing control. During the witch hunts days the church often did very evil acts that in reality are very unforgiving. In many ways it links there association to sacrifice which goes against practice one.

6) Charmer – One who manipulates objects or beings via demonic power.

Another interesting one on manipulation which has so many forms. The church often manipulated the people with fear and judgement, sometimes to the point where it would destroy other cultures in acts of war promoted by there word. The aspect of demonic power is associated to me by actions. Is sending young boys to war and die in the name of God an act of demonic power. Hard to argue with basic reasoning here. Many forms of today’s society is ran by manipulation of evil acts. Corrupt politicians, corrupt legal systems and corrupt corporations that many take for granted, in fact many call it god’s right when in reality blood and sweat was taken for these very items. If that is not demonic or evil, then I do not know what else to say. Think about it..?

7) Consulter with Familiar Spirits – One who gleans knowledge from demonic contact.

Yeah, I agree, contacting spirits is best avoided on all levels. However in some circumstances people are born and are able to see spirits so they have no control. Not to mention there are also haunted houses and places where evil resides which is not in control of the individual. On the aspect of trying to contact deliberately, well many religions do so including christianity, they may not be  evil spirits but they are consulting with spirits based on a book of people that may or may not of existed. Some spirits of contact as we know have done both good and bad deeds so one needs to be specific to the terms demonic as much as possible here.

If just complete evil then yes, it makes sense, who wants to contact evil spirits..? Contacting spirits in general whether biblical saints, should be avoided as we never know what we may encounter.

8) Wizards – Practitioners of magical arts

Back to the science aspect and the church losing control. This rule was made for that purpose, the Bible is full of Wizards and magical acts. Not to mention common Bible verses and calling on or praying on Jesus or other Deities is the form of magick conjuration for aid. This is a spell people, so please do not kid yourself.

When one says “Protect me Lord” or “Save me Jesus” they are asking for Magickal protection, a mild form of spell casting.

The church itself uses basic forms of magic for control of people everyday.


Image Above – Wizards taken from the original Dungeons and Dragons game.

9) Necromancers – Those who claim to be in contact with the dead.

Well, back on a similar note once again, Jesus was born and died like any other humans out there and yet many claim to talk to Jesus everyday. Is that an evil forbidden practice? Or have we all just got selective rules here, based on philosophy? When a loved one dies naturally, is it not okay to honor them after death and even talk to them.? If for some reason they contact us back, is that really an evil act or forbidden act. I think not and the Bible is full of similar cases, so why such a rigid rule here? I mean who deliberately tries to contact the dead? It is more a blessing, if a loved one comes to visit one last time after death which is common as seen by so many testimonies across the world?

Forcibly contacting is something i would avoid, i agree, however what if one is born that way or was unfortunate to live in a haunted house like I did in my young teens. I had no choice there similar to those born with the gift.

Okay, that is my debunking for now, let me know what you think by commenting below. There is so much more that could be said on the subject yet I do not want this post to go on forever. For more great posts like this do not forget to subscribe and keep up to date.

3 thoughts on “The Nine Forbidden Practices of the Occult – The Debunked Version

  1. Hey Tim, good to see somone who can see a bigger picture other than the baser good vs evil, I prefer a “service to self & service to others” as no action can ever truelly be biasedly good or evil, all actions comprise of a desire to service self and compolsion to service others.

    1) Christian culture should remember that the acts of prayer(a sacrificial offering of spiritual energies),Martodem(sacrificial warriors or vealots chosen to fight and die for/in the name of “god”),penance(sarifice of life energy to appease “god”),babtism and cristenings(the worst of all, offering the life and soul of an infant to “god”). these are all forms of Human sacrifice. When you consider that the christian “faith” is merely a system for the production and indoctrination of Willing self-sacrificing souls for the empowerment of a singular spiritual being, it makes far greater sense as to why christians have no desire to pursue the Occult as it only weakens their “faith”(an indoctrinated belief in a concept that is without lived or witnessed experience)as the Occult shows and affirms knowledge through active spiritual practice not “faith”.For Me there has never been a choice to “believe” or “disbelieve” only the choice to embrace that which is reality, all of reality not just what everyone else chooses to accept.

    2-9)these are all aspects of daily life for Me, most of which are used for helping other people,not for financial gain,not for a debt of graditude,not in service to a singular entity/being,not in “Penance” for misdeads. Just because I am able to and desire to grow within the chaotic order of existance physically & spiritually walking a path of my choosing and holding MYSELF in check without need of a BOOK. if you ever want to LEARN anything not taught by mankind than The Occult will provide answers where “faith” only provides subservience and NO FREE WILL.

    Having said that, there are dangers or risks when undertaking many of these practices,but the risks involved are far less than the guaranteed loss of ones lifetime and soul(the eternal essence of your being)by offering ones self to “god” through blind subservient worship.

    I choose self empowerment not self destruction
    I choose to enlightenment not ignorance
    What will you choose?……

  2. I don’t know about bashing on the Bible so bad. I realized people took out of it, found the Lesser and Greater Key of Solomon and Enochian Magick by trusting God and opening my mind to the fact someone removed shit and I live a successful Magickal life doing many things you do not recommend here like enchanting, divination, and can make very easy contact with the dead and I apply these things properly and please God and I succeed. Idk maybe don’t let the leaders of a great faith ruin your thought process as to how we act.

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