The Occult – Ghosts, Spirits and Demons

I was recently referred to this video on ghosts, spirits and demons. The video sums up some controversial footage that has been uncovered in the last few years.

Let me warn you now, some of this video is not for the feint of heart and so if it scares you I am just letting you know now.

Ghosts and Spirits Galore

In the footage the video directors have used many videos of ghost sightings from around the world to make a bit of a summary for our viewing. The video shows the realms of poltergeists (spirits that move things), ghosts that can be seen visually like wisps and scary noises that appear to be sounds emanating from the spirits.

Poltergeists Revealed

A common occurrence with poltergeist experience which I have been involved in as well is doors opening randomly and lights switching on and off, I can tell you it does not make you comfortable. In this video is some a good example of ghosts that move things. Whether or not all this footage of ghosts and spirits is real in this video or not I will leave that judgement up to you. Unfortunately I cannot verify all images or sequences.

All I am is a spectator as well. However I can say these occurrences do happen…


Demons on the other hand is a whole other topic which I will go into great detail on this site in future, the topic is way to big, however I can say to sum them is a Demon is an inhuman spirit, possibly ancient similar in a way the opposite to a Angel.

As opposed to Angels helping those of good, a Demon on the other hand will help those that cause harm and damage and fear. In a way a they are an inhuman spirit that feeds on negative human emotion and are extremely powerful.

The good news is they can be expelled and that they are very rare. Another name for a Demon is a Dybbuk. These types of spirits are very dangerous and mean everyone that is vulnerable to there will harm.

Plus while you are here,  if the video has an impact on you, which I am sure it will please let me know your thoughts below by commenting.

9 thoughts on “The Occult – Ghosts, Spirits and Demons

  1. That was an interesting video. However, I think it’s hard to trust any video or picture taken in our digital age. I am sure there are images/videos that are the real thing, but will be treated with skepticism regardless. Some real evidence of the paranormal will get lost in the glut of fakery.

  2. That is so true david, it is an unfortunate aspect of trick photography and special effects.. Even if it is real many will always doubt it is real unless they experience these sort of instances ourselves.. 🙂

  3. also, the demon girl in the mirror is the most
    fake looking, if this is edited, they most likely
    used the same technology used to make the movie
    “Mirrors” a simi scary horror film. (simi scary in my
    opinion) are all these in your house?!?! if so
    i see why your selling, good luck on selling it if you
    mention the ghost! ha ha

  4. i have seen some of those things in my day to day life i have gotten some what used to it but its scary if u think to long abought it my famly has always been involved in the ocult and i think most of that video was un edited but the part were the coler bleeds i think was fake i might be wrong but i dont think so

  5. I’ve been waking up from a fear I have never experienced in my life I’ve never felt fear like it
    when I wake up the fear is still with me for 20 to 30 mins it’s crazy
    and I can’t remember what the dream is about
    twice I have been woken with that same fear but someone or something has blown in my ear with their breath
    and that wakes me up straight away and the fear continues to stay with me for 20 to 30 mins
    can anybody please tell me what is going on, its very disturbing and its been happening for the past 4 to months a few times a month, id appreciate any and all comments and answers to this, sincerely Craig

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