The Universe is Mostly Empty!

I know what your thinking, the line ‘The Universe is Mostly Empty!’ I got from the documentary What the Bleep do we Know?, however it had a huge impact on me.. Basically what it is saying is all life is made up of atoms and what atoms are made of is empty space and a small amount amount of energy moving in and out.. So what does this mean to us and the occult nature of the world..?

It means understanding the energy is a key component to understanding the Occult…

The Universe Is Mostly Empty And So Are We..!

The theory, well more so a fact that everything is actually empty, made up of space and energy, confirms the theory of energy being the sole principle that is life.. No matter what the object is whether it be a table or chair or us they are all just different vibrations of energy (atoms), but not dense like we have always assumed.

If it was not for atoms reacting against each other like a magnetic charge we would all pass through whatever object we bumped up against, in fact if atoms did not make a magnetic charge pushing itself away from objects we would literally pass through the earth..

“The closest thing the energy within an atom is like is more like a thought.. Could all energy (atoms) be just thoughts..?

I hope that got you thinking..!

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