Tiwaz – Rune of Battle, Conquest and Victory

tiwazAnother rune to add to the list of magical occult symbols is Tiwaz. This rune is the rune of the norse god Tyr and its main meaning is of Victory, conquest or battle.

Image – As you can see from the image to the left the rune Tiwaz much represents a spear pointing up..

It is said for magical use, people would carve the symbol on weapons such as swords, axes or spears. It is believed that it would improve accuracy, fighting ability and increase chance of victory.

How to use Tiwaz for Magical Use?

As like with all runes, if used properly they bestow magical benefits on to the user. Using Tiwaz in jewely or in a tattoo’s is a common way of drawing its power. Commonly in Modern Usage, the Tyr rune, Tiwaz is commonly used to symbolize veneration of the god Tyr.

Poem Referencing the Rune Tiwaz in the Poetic Edda..

Winning-runes learn,
if thou longest to win,
And the runes on thy sword-hilt write,
Some on the furrow,
and some on the flat,
And twice shalt thou call on Tyr.

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