Top 5 Fears That Make It Hard to Astral Project?

If your keen to know more about astral projection you will want to know one of the key elements that prevents us from doing it. Like I have mentioned before in a previous post,  fear often plays a big part in prevention. That is why often when we all accidentally astral project or accidentally leave our body it generally happens while we are a sleep. ( There in the sleep state fear is often out of the situation. )

You see, the thing is the human mind can develop many fears over time and fear is a big preventative of many experiences in life.

Meditation being one aspect that can be hindered by fear and even self happiness being another.

You see, we all as human beings need to face up to our fears in life in order move past these blockages. It is only natural that fear can be hard aspect to confront, but like any other programming it can be reduced. This is not to say fear is not a good tool, it is and it should be respected as a tool for when we are in danger, but it is not something to hold onto daily as all it is does it create undue stress and imbalance the body.

… So if there is anything you are holding onto, a fear, a stress, something on the mind, then now is a good time to let go. This applies to whether or not you are curious about astral projection or not, a life holding onto fear or stress is a life not lived.

Now back to the subject.  The same aspects applies with learning how to astral project, we must let go of things that hold us back. Otherwise that fear or stressful thought will simply hold us like an anchor and block us on the way.

Above – In the video above, Steve G. Jones will go over the concept of fear and how to avoid its pitfalls.


For more on Astral Projection you may be interested in reading my other post on the subject and also while you are here take a moment and comment your thoughts below on the subject.

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  1. This is a thing that i have been asked about many times by friends when they are curious about astral projection. I tell them that meditation is key to finding a point of inner harmony required to allow separation from your incarnate conciousness onto the astral plane, there is nothing to be afraid of as you are merely tapping into the rest of your being and not venturing into the unknown. By that i mean that the human mind is not capable of retaining all of which is your eternal conciousness, like past life memories, awareness of your original being & comprehension of universal truth. So in essence you are actually lifting the restraints placed upon you by incarnation (being your human form), not trying to do something unnatural or taboo. While its not without risks, if you approach it with an open mind and are respectful of what/whom you may encounter you have nothing to fear. I have been capable of astral projection since i was 6 years old and while i’ve had to learn how to gather my energy back after each session it just requires you to have a strong sense of self and your focal anchor like a specific place that you feel safe, calm & comfortable at and somewhere quiet, that you won’t be interrupted while doing it. If you don’t force it to happen you will find it will come to you the moment you reach meditative calm and extend your awareness through your minds eye. Start off by observing yourself from above, slowly extending further until you no longer feel the weight of your body than your ready to venture beyond. A good exercise is to ask a friend to place a coloured cloth or item on their dinning table then project to it, then call them and see if you are right. This will help to give you confidence as the details become more in depth and the experience more controlled. This is how i was introduced to it by a family friend, it expelled any doubts that i had as a child and doubt is an adults worst flaw & the hardest thing to recondition yourself from. sceptical thought will impede you more than any fears so “open your mind”.

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