Understanding Celtic Magic

To the Celtic people Magic was a total part of life. It was as common as walking or even breathing. It was part of life, designs, art, speech and most tasks anyone would perform. In this post below i write about a better understanding of Celtic life and Magic.

To better understand Celtic Magic and there perspective is best to first to focus on how they saw magic. Basically magic was the outcome produced by thoughts, acts or rituals. Each one producing a magical outcome. Basically seen like any outcome which involves the changing of energies. A perfect example of this is creating a blessing on a crop to increase a harvest.

stone henge

Image Source – Bluestone from Pixabay

Above – Stonehenge, a Sacred Site (ruins) believed to be a massive influence on magical rituals.

Rituals being a popular form of Celtic magic was believed to open up doors to the creative mind and subconscious allowing a door of magical energy to flow through. Any Outcome was considered a magical response.

In Celtic society gods, deities and elemental’s were a part of it all as well.. Each of these elements in combination with rituals helping us connect better to the energy needed for magic..

Nature and the elements of around us are so important, including the stars and planets. Each planet representing a different meaning and emotion and also magical means. Not to mention the power and magical symbology of the moon and how it effected society as it still does today. The moon was often worshipped as it helped crops, effected women’s menstrual cycle and the connection was considered very magical.

To effectively work magic, you must believe you can cause things to happen, that you have the power within you to change life. Until you can re-program the brain to fully believe this manifestations will be hard to produce to come into being.

“Mind, Body, Spirit, Earth, Air, fire and Water.. Parts of life and Magic around us..”

In Celtic society magical balance is also a focus. Doing too much magic in which only has selfish intent is negative on a wielder and long term negative effects are likely. However within certain circumstances using magic to help overall, even if negative in some ways is considered fine as long as the overall is positive. This in turn is where a battle of emotional magical warfare is possible, between negative magic and positive to help balance the situation.

Overall understanding and looking at Celtic magic is like looking at what is around us. We live in an amazing beautiful world where endless possibilities of thought and outcomes can be produced internally and externally. Magic in many views is a way of looking at life, at thought and what outcomes can be produced by focusing that energy in the direction we want.

6 thoughts on “Understanding Celtic Magic

  1. hay whats up nothin much here just a bunch of magic anyways i’v used magic to keep cars running that if they didn’t have the magic would have broke down miles ago i especally recomend blessing your cars with brigit the celtic goddess of among other thing forge and i know that angus and aine in love magic works well peace

  2. I absolutely love magic though i’ve spent most of my time around people who would never speak to me if they found out though….. my mother calls me a natural witch and i’m only 15 years old. But i enjoy finding out, observing, examinig, and being involved in other religions.

    • That is great that you are getting interest into magic, however please be aware that this is a real force and has positive and negative outcomes. So to on the safe side and magic act, try to focus on the natures of good, creation and positive outcomes. Any forms of magic that puts people under control is considered not good magic.. An example of good magic is meditating on a crystal for healing purposes or communicating with the earth, healing magic or protection.

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