What are Ghosts to You..?

In this post I would like my readers thoughts on what they consider is a ghost, many people have different persectives and it will be interesting to here other people’s opinions.

To begin with ghosts my thoughts on what ghosts are is that they are spirits of humans after we die or during times that we astral travelling.. I have also theorised that possibly lucid dreaming is also a type of astral projection. Comment below your thoughts on ghosts..

1 thought on “What are Ghosts to You..?

  1. As you said in a different post our body is just a shell for the spirit, i think it would be quite logical for it to be death or O.B.E. then again it could also be choiceful for a person to overcumb their body and teach themselves to let the spirit leave making their options endless in the material world as far as time and boundries.

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